Moosham Castle – A Horror Story, Unternberg, Austria

Moosham Castle

Moosham Castle shares a structural resemblance with Esterháza Palace, located in Austria. Both castles feature the Baroque architectural style that originated in late Medieval times.

Standing as a combination of Romanesque and Gothic structural inspirations, Moosham Castle and Esterháza Palace have an interesting heritage to share with the world, though with different narratives. Esterháza Palace stands today as a cultural hub of Austrian history, whereas Moosham Castle is famous for its spooky folklore.

One can spot numerous castles in the county sides of Europe and Asia, over 10 thousand known castles. One of the world’s most haunted castles is Moosham castle, popularly known as “witches’ castle.

The castle, Austria, is a medieval castle in the Lungau region of Salzburg, Austria.

The goad castle is situated at the height of 1,079 meters (3,450 ft.). Presently it is privately owned and open to the public for all seven days. 

The castle dated back to the 13th century and was built by Prince Bishop of Salzburg. It has a strange past.

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100s of witches were beheaded, and it is believed that some still haunt this fortress which runs as the museum now and is open to the public even for overnight stays.

The castle has been a site of gruesome witch trials and werewolf hunts in Austrian history.

Ghost Hunters International (GHI), a spin-off series of ghost hunters, telecasted an episode on the castle,  by the name “witches castle, “Ghost hunters international the castle investigations were conducted in 2014.

Moosham Castle History

It is believed that this castle is built on a foundation of a Roman fortress, and it was first alienated in 1191.

moosham castle
Image Credit: Moosham castle

476AD to 1191AD is considered Dark Age for the castle, as there is no information on what happened.

It is known that the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg seized the castle in 1285 and stayed in the hands of Burgraves for several decades. 

At this period, numerous wars and conflicts were going on in and around the castle.

It is estimated that 45 battles were fought. Several wars soaked the ground near the castle in blood.

Witch-hunting and trials became a massive part of everyday lives in Europe and the US when mass hysteria caused by people’s irrational fear of witches living among them swept through the world. 

The castle took center stage in the Salzburg witch trials, which took place between 1675 and 1690.

the Castle
Image Credit: Moosham Castle

Over 100 people were killed during this period, and thousands were accused of witchcraft. They were imprisoned, tortured, and killed ruthlessly.

Moosham’s trials of witches were not unique.

Moosham Castle Witch Trials

Moosham castle was Austria’s largest and most infamous witch trial. The area was bounded by a fear of witches and bloodshed in 1675.

These events were horrifically violent of the classic eras. Victims were tortured and murdered through hangings. 

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One hundred thirty men and 26 women were accused and condemned of witchcraft. Most of them were beggars and homeless. 

They were a part of mass hysteria engrossed by fear of disease and plague spread by famine and post-war hygiene, and they had nobody that could vouch for their characters and whereabouts.

the castle
Image Credit: Moosham castle

Those who survived the hardships were branded and had their hands cut off. They were burnt with iron brandings, marking them as criminals for their entire lives. 

The majority of victims were men aged between 10 to 80 years old. Victims’ methods used for confession were vile, and punishments were dire. 

Moosham Castle Werewolf

The Moosham castle, Austria, has a history with werewolves. In the 1800s, many deer and cattle were found dead around the castle.

Suspected people were rounded up and taken to the castle. Some of the castle residents were tortured and killed for being werewolf.

Moosham Castle Ghosts

The current owner of the Moosham castle, Salzburg, Austria, Theresita Wilczek, states that “the room of Toni” was where the man behind all this torture lived. 

Many people feel a dark presence around them. Various voices have been recorded during EVP sessions in the castle, and some people have felt someone breathing on them.

Castle pic
Image Credit: Moosham Castle

Many have felt hands and unseen presence near them in the torture chamber.

With all the gruesome history of the castle, such activities leave none in wonder. 

Staff and visitors report being touched, banging sounds, footsteps, the door is closed and open suddenly, and spotting shadows.

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