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Regardless of the Winchester mystery house’s sporty appearance, this large mansion has a history. In this Winchester Mystery House article, you will know about his mansion mystery. The house is framed with mystery, tragedy, and ghosts. The estate has inspired a movie, as well, called Winchester for those of you who haven’t watched the movie yet, good for you because we are here with some chilling backdrop of the mansion that might interest you.

The Winchester mystery house has attracted people for decades thanks to its odd history and layout! The home has 161 rooms, 10,000 windows, 2000 doors, 47 fireplaces, in 9 kitchens.


Where is the Winchester Mystery House?

You can locate the house at 525 S Winchester Boulevard, north San Jose, CA.

Winchester Mystery House Halloween Tour

The Halloween tour lasts 3 hours and would give a completely different experience.

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Winchester Mystery House Haunted History

The Winchester mansion is named after its mistress. Sarah Lockwood Winchester. Her husband, William Wirt Winchester’s family, made the Winchester rifle proclaimed as ‘the gun that won the west.’

The Winchester mystery house is in San Jose, California, and the mansion’s construction began in 1886.

Several people believed that Sarah built the house out of concern. Affected by her husband’s death from tuberculosis in 1881, legends have it that Sarah brought a psychic who could communicate with the dead.

Whilst she was seemingly searching for comfort or some closure, she was given a horrific warning instead.


Using the medium, her husband told her that their misfortune (their only child died when she was only six weeks old) resulted from the blood money the family made from the Winchester rifles.

He further stated that the vindictive souls would try to find her. To defend herself, she must build a home for herself and the ghosts who have died from this ghostly weapon. 

Sarah was directed to leave her current house behind and move to the West, where she constructed the mansion for the ghosts.


However, the warning doesn’t just stop there: construction on the house can near stop. The medium said that if the construction stopped, she would die.

In 1906 a massive earthquake hit San Jose and collapsed the house’s top three stories, destroying the other four stories.

Some believe that Sarah took this as a sign from the ghosts that she was close to the end and demanded the unfinished front half of Winchester house to be boarded up.

You could see the signs of damage from the quake; they are clearly visible.

Ghost Adventures Winchester Mystery House Episode

Winchester mystery house ghost adventures and ghost brothers shot episodes in 2016 concerning the house and its paranormal activities. They did find some compelling pieces of evidence, as well.

Winchester Mystery House photos

Winchester Mystery House Secret Rooms

In Winchester mystery house new room was discovered. None had an idea about the room before its discovery.

It’s an attic space that was presumably boarded up after the home’s owner Sarah Winchester passed away in 1922.

Sarah’s worker found things like an old pump organ, a Victorian couch, a sewing machine, and paintings inside the new room.

In 1886, she bought a farmhouse in San Jose, California, and started constructing the building. She hired a group of carpenters who worked there for 38 years, day and night.


They divided shifts so that the construction could never stop. The work stopped only when Sarah died due to heart failure on September 5, 1922.

Sarah made several unique demands on her constructors, including building trap doors, skylights in the floor, secret passages, and staircases directing nowhere. Some doors open to empty walls, as well.

Winchester Mystery House Story

Some say the maze layout was intended to confuse the spirits, giving Sarah peace and a way to escape the ghosts.

She was the lone designer of this unusual home. So she might be the only one to know the truth about the house’s secrets.

When she died, one of the movers told American Weekly the house was a place where the downstairs was directed neither to the basement nor upstairs to the top.

inside view of mansion

A different theory suggests that the house’s complex architecture proclaims that Sarah was building a puzzle of encryptions moved by English philosopher Francis Bacon’s work.

A rumor hints at the house’s real meaning concealed in the ballroom, the iron gates, and the Shakespeare windows.

This theory implies that Sarah was a secret society member, such as a Rosicrucian or Freemason.

There was another theory that suggested that Sarah was simply a crazy woman. But, Winchester mystery house’s historian Janan Boehme covers a happier picture. He told the Los Angeles Times that Sarah might be trying to recap the experience by doing something they both adored.

She believes that Sarah was passionate, though odd, a philanthropist who used her family wealth to hire the San Jose community decisively. Janan further provided, seeing the hospital Sarah constructed in her late husband’s name.

front view of mansion

Sarah was fixated on the number 13. No one knows why she so much insisted upon the number 13. The house boasts 13 paned windows and 13 paneled ceilings, and 13- step stairs. Her will have 13 parts which she signed 13 times.

To date, people come from all across the globe, hoping to experience something paranormal of their own.

A hot spot for paranormal activity mostly occurs in the hallways of the third floor. The tour guides have heard footsteps and unknown voices whispering their names.

There is only one photograph of the window, which was taken secretly. Albeit she was secluded, she was never alone. She had 18 gardeners, 18 servants, and the construction group.

Every night, she would visit the séance room to communicate with the ghosts, which assessed plans for the house’s extraordinary design.

After Sarah’s death, the Winchester mystery house transformed into a tourist attraction.

Winchester Mystery House inside
Winchester Mystery House inside

However, the room counts always change upon counting the number of rooms. After five years of restorations, they came up with a total of 160 rooms. For the discounted gift card, CLICK HERE Winchester Mystery House Tickets Costco


Winchester Mystery House Tickets

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How much is the Winchester House worth?

Sarah Winchester spent an incredible amount of money, $5,500,000, on the house that became famous as the Winchester Mystery House. But, when she died, the house was only worth $5,000. That is a very big difference in value.

Who manages the Winchester house?

Walter Magnuson is the leader of the Winchester Mystery House. It is a famous place many people visit in Northern California. The house is special because it is a very old and important building. A lot of people believe it is one of the most fascinating houses in America.

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