Ancient Ram Inn

Ancient ram inn is considered to be the most haunted places in Britain. Located in Wotton-under-edge, England. The area was a pub and a grade II listed building.

The ancient ram inn is a hotel that has been owned by many since 1145. Currently, it’s under the ownership of John Humphries. This hotel considered as England’s most haunted hotel.

The bishop’s room in the hotel is known to be the most haunted and people witnessed to have seen several other spectres in the bishop’s room over the years in the ancient ram inn.

Ancient Ram Inn History

The ancient ram inn built in the year 1145, on an old heathens burial ground. The hotel first put on use was for slaves, masons, and workers that were constructing the st. Mary’s church across the street from the inn.

Ancient Ram inn
Ancient Ram inn

People also believed that the tunnel was used by many bandits to escape their conviction.  The land became an inn during the 19th century before the property bought by the present owner John Humphries. The hotel is now a private residence.

Ghosts of Ancient Ram Inn

The most haunted rooms in the whole inn is that of the bishop Inn. The place is on the first floor of the house.

People always refused to sleep in that room or to spend their night, those who dared to sleep, ended up leaving the room at midnight.

They say that the bishop’s ghost along with two monks and two nuns are haunting the room on a regular basis.

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Many have sighted different ghosts inside the room and not just only the bishop. People have seen the ghost of a woman hanging from the ceiling the ghost of cavalier shows itself frequently prior to walking through the walls.

There is evidence that devil worship took place at the property, there was a ritual sacrifice of a human child. Inside the inn, in the men’s kitchen, a grave was exhumed and found the remains of a woman and a child.

Ancient Inn  haunted rooms
Ancient Inn haunted rooms

There were knives alongside their bodies, after studying the artifacts and the bodies by the Bristol museum it concluded that they had killed in ritual sacrifice.

A man and his son who took a visit to the ancient ram inn came out screaming from the kitchen area after they calmed down they told that they have seen a ghostly woman rising out of the floor.

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Ancient Ram Inn Witch

The Ancient ram Inn “witch “ is one of the well-known stories told by the legends. The witch allegedly burned at stake. The burning movement took place in the 1500s against those who didn’t follow government-sanctioned Christianity.

ancient ram inn ghost adventures
ancient ram inn ghost adventures

Many believe the witch ’s spirit haunts one of the rooms of Ancient ram Inn as she did stay there for a short period before she killed. It is now called “the witch’s room” where many have reported to have seen the apparition of a woman and a black cat.

John Ancient Ram Inn

John Humphries bought the inn in 1968 and experienced paranormal activities ever since. He suffered the haunting on the very first day of his moving to the new house. He claimed that he was dragged out of his bed by a demonic force that seized his arm and grabbed him out of his bed.

John Humphries is 80 years old now and still protecting the property even after experiencing deadly paranormal activities. The house cost him almost everything, his wife and three daughters left the haunted building, but he was persistent about his stay.

John has found many pieces of evidence inside the house regarding rituals sacrifice and devil worship. He discovered skeletons of children under the staircase, within the skulls broken daggers were found, which according to him were used in sacrificing ceremony and split it so that it shall become useless and none else can use it any further.

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