Voodoo Doll Black Magic or Religion? Guide, Costume

Voodoo Doll- Black Magic or Religion?

While watching horror movies, you must have come across the references to voodoo magic or voodoo doll. Usually, it is known as ‘black magic.’

For many of us, it is a general belief that voodoo dolls are some dark art magic that is all about hurting someone with malicious intention, sacrificing animals, and casting spells. This is what we see or at least persuaded by those cliché stories while watching any horror movies. But little do we know about the reality of voodoo or voodoo doll.

Let us examine its history to learn more about the voodoo/voodoo doll.

The word voodoo is a mixture of 2 religions. It originated from both Christianity and African mythology.

voodoo doll history
voodoo doll history

It first came into existence when Africans were working slaves on American islands which made them convert themselves to Christianity. Hence, the term ‘voodoo’ came.

  • Louisiana voodoo is another form of unique voodoo practice in the southeastern part of the US and Louisiana. Even though the voodoo practice brought over by the West Africans, the practice was much influenced by the Spanish and French people who settled in Louisiana and southeastern of the States.
  • The last one is the Haitian voodoo in Haiti has been in effect by French people in addition to Christianity.
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Voodoo dolls are much more complicated than it seems. For starters, a voodoo doll was never made to harm anyone. It was practiced to heal people’s particular body parts by picking pins from a doll or poppet and then using them to send energies to the other being.

The voodoo doll is neither harmful nor evil but it can be made evil and dark by the person who uses it.

According to voodoo practitioners, souls are neutral and don’t have a good or bad side, but they can worsen depending on the person who uses them.

Often in Hollywood movies or even in Bollywood movies, voodoo practitioners are portrayed as a powerful being that has control over the spirits and can make them do anything, which is not true at all. It’s the opposite.

Voodoo practitioners consider themselves as the servants of the spirits, and they don’t even tell the minds to do anything. Instead, they honor the senses and make offerings and then ask.

Now, back to voodoo dolls stereotypes talks.

voodoo doll magic
voodoo doll magic

Many people across the globe have a belief in voodoo, a dark religion that is used to cause damage to the spirit. Again, it’s not true at all! Many voodoo doll practitioners are all about healing and herbalism.

However, the voodoo priests accept the fact that not all of them are powerful and will suggest taking modern medicine and a good doctor’s treatment if the particular circumstance is beyond their control.

Though to perform voodoo doll magic, the practitioner would need certain things, such as the doll should be made of fabrics and the doll should look like a human figure.

They’d need a part of the human (on whom they’d perform the magic) to attach it to the doll.

Another misconception amongst the people is animal sacrifice during the voodoo ceremony.

People believe voodoo practitioners make animal sacrifices to make spirits happy. Spirits love watching the painful death and blood of the animals.

It is mandatory to kill the animal painfully after completing voodoo magic, which is absolute bonkers!

The voodoo practitioners don’t sacrifice animals because they have a sickening fascination with blood and death.

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Guide Voodoo Doll

A guide voodoo doll is a gaming character that summons objects that helps player destroy Guide NPC upon the Wall of Flesh.

Guide voodoo doll
Guide voodoo doll

The doll always respawns after you kill it. When the player prepares the doll as an accessory,

it becomes easy for the player to kill the Guide, but only if the player throws the doll into the lava, which makes the Guide vulnerable and dies instantly.

To summon the Wall of Flesh, the Guide has to be killed, and to do that. The doll has to be destroyed in lava within the underworld.

The guide needs to be alive before demolishing the doll. Otherwise, the Wall of Flesh won’t appear.

Unlike the Guide voodoo doll, the clothier voodoo doll works like a supplement and a boss summoning object that helps the player in attacking the clothier NPC.

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