Poveglia Island Ghost Adventures

In the Poveglia Island, Ghost Adventures team investigated the haunting in the island.

Under the most illegal places around the world, comes the Poveglia Island. Located in the off coastal region of northern Italy near Venice.

Where most people usually plan their romantic trips in a city like Venice, making a trip to visit a haunted island doesn’t fit with the plan very well usually.

poveglia island ghost adventures
poveglia island ghost adventures

Still, there are some curious souls out in the woods who wants to visit the infamous Poveglia island.

Despite being an illegal place to visit people still consider the Poveglia island ghost adventures to be one cool destination to visit.

Poveglia Island Ghost Adventures History

The Poveglia Island sits right between Venice and Lido in the south lagoon which was once hit by black plague victims.

The island was a quarantine island and served those who suspected of consuming the bacteria. The island was a refugee and a dumping ground and an exile for the affected victims.

In the 4th century, families consisting of children, men and women fled to this small island from the vicious invaders who destroyed their homeland.

poveglia island ghost images
poveglia island ghost images

The island’s size made it secure, and the chances of any intruders troubling the island were less.

This small community lived in peace for centuries without having to worry about the taxes and laws of the mainland.

However, by the 14th century, their population started to dwindle and once again the island abandoned.

Then comes the era which was one of those horrific times in the history of Venice.

In 1348 a disease called bubonic plague also known as the “black plague” came to the city of Venice and Poveglia for the first time, making the whole colony quarantine.

Poveglia Island photo
Poveglia Island photo

The disease was spreading uncontrollably in the city, seeing this Venice banished almost all of its symptoms baring victims. 

The dead and those who were too sick to function burned on huge pyres in the center of Poveglia island.

Around 10,000 of Venice citizens died of this deadly plague. In 1638, the black plague once again dragged the whole Venice city under its robe.

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The island holds not only such a horrific incident in its history but also accountable for some deep secrets.

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Povegelia Island’s Mental Asylum

A mental hospital built on the Poeveglia island in the year 1922, resulted in torturing more patients there.

Poveglia lslan
Poveglia lslan

Because of the island’s isolation and privacy offered by it made it easier for the disreputable scientists and doctors to do experiments on their patients in whatever way that pleases them.

Soon, reports started circulating the city on the abuses and ghastly tests on their patients.

Legends tell a story of a crazy doctor who worked on the island’s mental asylum in the 20th century. His cruel experiments when told shook everybody to date.

According to him to treat a mentally disturbed patient, lobotomies were the only effective treatment and cure for mental illness, so he performed lobotomies regardless of patient’s will.

poveglia island mental hospital
poveglia island mental hospital

The procedures were outrageous and painful.

Some say he used chisels and hammers to drill with no anesthesia on the patients.

He had some particular patients whom he considered unique and took to the asylum’s bell tower for his darkest experiments and whatever happened there with those poor souls, their screams still can hear across the island.

Eventually, karma got him! The doctor went mental and threw himself from the hospital’s bell tower.

Even though the bell from the tower removed decades ago, locals claim to have been hearing the bell ring every night, if you listen to it carefully.

poveglia island mental hospital images
poveglia island mental hospital images

After the hospital was shut down entirely in 1968, the island sold twice. And both of them couldn’t stand being there for long.

They claimed the atmosphere of being heavy and vitiated. The haunting that reported earlier continued to succeed.

Hence, the island is now completely abandoned but the island is up for sale again, but no one has come forward to buy this land yet.

Human Bones Still Can be Found on The Island’s Shore

There were more than 100,000 dead bodies that had to burn in giant pyres. On Povegelia island which is the reason why their bones continue to wash up on the island’s shore.

This fact is enough to give you or any potential visitor the chills.

The Spirit of Abused Patients

With a history like that it’s shouldn’t be of any doubt that all the abused and tortured spirits wouldn’t join the souls of black plague victims.

Many visitors, as well as the illegal visitors, reported distressing paranormal experiences.

Poveglia Island pics
Poveglia Island pics

They also claimed seeing shadows on the wall moving with them. Psychics who have paid the island a visit stated that there’s a presence of malignant energy.

The presence of such malignant and angry spirits clinging there frightened the psychics in such a way that most of them have never sworn to have come back to the Poveglia Island.

Scream of the Dead

poveglia island ghost
poveglia island ghost

Many still believe that the spirits of the dead in the Poveglia island ghost adventures are still trapped there.

From the massive incursion of the plague victims who died on the island to those who were tortured barbarically at the asylum, there’s a sense of sadness and agony that continues to permeate to date.

People say you can still hear them scream across Povegelia Island.


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