Magnetic Hill Leh Ladakh India Mysterious Story

What is Magnetic Hill in Ladakh?

Magnetic hill has always have been of the most mysterious places to visit in India, at least for once. No doubt, Leh, Ladakh is the most attractive place to visit, but it gained much attraction ever since people found out about the magnetic hill or ‘gravity hill’.

Most of you might not know the Leh to hill distance. Gravity Hill is located about 30kms away from Leh, Ladakh. While traveling from this particular site if you pay attention, you’d learn that the road is going uphill.

Enterprise Many GEOs

After switching off the engine of the vehicle, let it stand in a neutral mode you will see the car is starting to move upwards. As if, someone is pulling the car ahead and it can go up to 20 KM per hour without letting the vehicle be driven by someone. Conundrum much?

Magnetic hill
Magnetic hill

The magnetic force of the hill of Ladakh is so strong that even aircraft double their altitude so that they won’t have to face the magnetic force on themselves.

Even tourist drivers turn off their engines to the tourists experience how the vehicle is moving upward on its own.

Those who don’t have a clue about the magnetic hill of Ladakh pass through the gravity hill without batting an eye.

But those who do know about the hill would kill their engines to confirm whether the sayings were real or just some bonkers. But for the locals out there, the entire site of the magnetic hill is supernatural.

If you’d go and ask any local, every one of them has a different story to tell. According to the people, the area of the magnetic hill of Ladakh was a pathway to heaven.

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Magnetic Hill Explained

As per laymen’s language, the hill is explained as an optical illusion in neuroscience. When you go to this place, you fall for the illusion.

You see things that are not even there. You look at things that are entirely different than they are. Out of many fantasies, the magnetic hill is one of them, meaning; a slight downhill rise makes an illusion of an uphill slope.

Magnetic hill leh
Magnetic hill Leh

The route of the road with the slant of the background creates the illusion of an uphill slope and cars are drifting against gravity.

We could also say that the illusion in the hill is there mostly, because of the obstructed horizon. You can’t judge the slope face without a horizon. It is difficult as there’s no evident proof to it.

Many magnetic hills are wrongly characterized all over. Many roads give the illusion of the road being uphill while the slope is downhill.

The next time you visit Leh, Ladakh does visit the magnetic hill to be amazed not by the fact that your vehicle is drifting uphill on its own but by the tricks your mind is playing on you which is letting you see things that are entirely contrary than the reality.

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  1. Nice article, have you heard about the magnetic pole in Mauritius (the island) ? Many say there’s a great magnetic and energy vortex on the island… never saw a car moving by itself though.


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