Wonders of India that everyone should explore

India is a place of wonders; This country has millions of stories, cultures, festivals and whatnot. Maybe, this is the reason we feel like exploring more, while we can unfold the secrets of Indian culture

The mythological remains as well as the scientific accomplishments, remain in India, transforming into the most attractive venues to visit. The uniqueness of the Indian subcontinent offers delights for all kinds of people, India is a spiritual country. If you are out to explore something in India, be it snow, or ruins you will find it. 

Some city life becomes too much when the inner self calls for a break, and you have different moods sometimes you want to go beside the sea and sometimes look through historical India.

But your expedition will never start if you do not have the right information. Hence from this article, you will be able to gather five of the seven wonders of India

Let’s look into these 5 names and see how many you know and how many you visited. 

Wonders of India Everybody Wants to Visit

Taj Mahal wonders of india

Without surprising you much the first name is Taj Mahal like everyone else will tell you. So, as you should know Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.

It was made by Shah Jahan, for Mumtaz Mahal, his wife, later turning into both of their tombs. Funny, isn’t it? 

The magnificent monument is engraved with art through and wrapped with beautiful marble. This places undoubtedly becomes one of the most visited places by millions of people throughout the world.

This monument does have a pertaining significance from when it was made. All the 2000 workers lost their hands so that they can’t repeat this design. 

When you visit, make sure that you book the best time for a tour, by talking to your guide. It will make sure that you are being able to witness the ‘spectacle of love’ at the best time possible. 

Gateway of India

This was built by George Wittet, a British architect, back in 1911. The gateway of India is one of the seven wonders of India and is an Indo-Saracenic monument.

The gateway is made with basalt yellow rocks and concrete, which attracts a massive number of tourists to stop by. This being located in a prime location in Mumbai has attracted many. 

 Well, let me add that it is very near to the Taj hotel and is located on the banks of the Arabian Sea. Here you can enjoy sports like riding water scooters and if you are lucky and it’s raining you will see the mesmerizing Mumbai. The city will shine for you and you will in the midst of one of the best hotels, and a cultural monument. 

But, if you want to reach here you have to be very careful and take anti-virus protections as you will be entering the busiest airport in India.

Sanchi Stupa wonders of india

The Sanchi Stupa was built during Asoka’s reign, as a significant Buddhist monument. This is another one of the attractions of Madhya Pradesh that tourists flock in to see.

If you want to experience the full extent of monuments, then you must see this one, as it takes you through the stories of Indians. The Sanchi Stupa is made out of exciting carvings, designs, and images. 

Let me take you through the stories of Ashoka when he had transformed into a tyrant king. Instead, he was becoming hungry for power, and set out on expeditions, to conquer new land.

But something changed after the war of Kalinga when he saw the bloodshed and the lives lost for nothing but power. 

From that moment on, he gave himself to the Buddhist teachings and started finding new meaning to life. This in India is a historic event, as Asoka often is called the Indian Alexander. The only difference being Alexandra died a natural death when he was young, but Asoka transformed. That is known as the turning point for him. 

Later he focused more on passing on the Buddhist teachings. He sent his son and daughter to far lands to convey the Buddhist teachings.

Moreover, to inform people that peace can be the answer to all worldly sorrow. That is when he built these monuments as a symbol of peace and sanctity. 

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The sculptures, murals, and paintings from the 2nd century BCE and 480 CE are best depicted in the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

This is a place that talks a lot about the history of India and shows strong religious figurines. It is known to present paintings that are expressive and depict emotions through form, gesture, and pose. 

These glorious and historic caves are dedicated to three religions- Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Additionally, this place is more important because we will be able to see the era that has moved past us long back.

It is located in Maharashtra at the Aurangabad district. Ajanta is 100 km from Ellora Caves that are dated almost as old as the Ajanta caves. 

The religious Buddist art in those caves is said to be one of the masterpieces of the same. The caves were constructed in two halves, the first one began around the 2nd century BCE. However, the second started 400-650 CE as per old records while the new ones say 460-480 CE. 

They were supposedly lost during most of the Mughal reign until someone accidentally discovered them. The British Officer was out with his hunting team to hunt down tigers. That is when he found these caves, the rugged northern wall of the river Waghur, inside a u-shaped forge. 

Khajuraho Monuments

The Khajuraho group of temples depicted the unity among the Hindus and Jains and was built between 950 to 1050 AD. The Candela dynasty, as historians have discovered, had made a total of 85 temples that was spread over 20 square km. From that now only 25 survive and are located over a land of over six square km. 

Among the ones that survived the one called Kandariya Mahadeva has a mix of minute details and sculptures, that symbolises the Indian ancient art. 

The Khajuraho temples are situated at Madhya Pradesh in the Chhatarpur district. This place can be very easily reached from New Delhi, as it is just 620 km for a long drive. There are many ways to reach Khajuraho, two among them are taking a flight or by train.

The civil aerodrome of Khajuraho is 3 km from the city and the station is 6 km from the entrance of the Khajuraho temples. 

These temples could only avoid the Mughals from destroying as they were isolated and remotely placed. Over the long period of time forests and vegetation had overgrown that hid the temples.

While in the 1830s, a British surveyor was guided by a local Hindu, after which it again came in public. These buildings are famous for their erotic sculptures and symbolize the nagara-style architecture.    


I hope that this blog helped you recognise some of the wonders of India, and next time you are visiting one among this. In case you have difficulty understanding English, you can find Malayalam travel blogs here. I would love to go to Sanchi Stupa, let me know in the comments where you will be visiting next.  

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