Surfing Vacations & Planning A Surfing Trip in 2024

Surfing – the word might have been hi-jacked by people who like to sit in front of a computer all day, every day, “surfing the web” for bargains and information, not forgetting the gossip.

However, for thousands of people, the word surfing still means the same as it always has the thrill of riding the swells, catching the waves, being at one with nature, and just having the most exciting time imaginable.

If you are planning to book cheap air tickets, visit the Delta Airlines Flight site to save your hard money. No wonder surfers like nothing better than to book a full-blown surfing vacation or even a surf trip for the day where they know they’re going to find the very best waves they can to challenge their abilities, and their nerves. 

Surfing Vacations

Surfing Vacations
Surfing Vacations

There are three types of Surfing that plan surfing vacations each year.

#1 Surfer Dudes

The first bunch, are the real hardcore surfer, often traveling alone to find the biggest and the best surfing waves possible. These surfing enthusiasts will often go to faraway remote places and are much more interested in the surfing waves’ quality and size than they are in the other facilities available on their surf trip.

#2 Family Surfer Dudes

Often the above surfer plus ten years or so, dedicated surfers who now have the next generation of surfing in tow. They have to book a surfing trip with the right balance between excellent waves and other stuff for the less than enthusiastic members of their family to enjoy while they’re out to sea.

Some beaches have it all, great surfing plus lots of activities to entertain the rest of the family sounds like a perfect family surfing vacation location.

#3 Beginner Surfer Dudes

Those who have just been bitten by the surfing bug and want to book a surf trip to practice their newfound passion, maybe take a few surfing lessons while they’re at it.

Beginner surfers have a much more extensive choice of surfing vacation place, ‘cos there are plenty of places with waves which are suitable for beginners. It’s when you get to the top group that you have to go out of your way to find a surfing vacation for real adrenalin junky surfers.

Planning A Surfing Trip

So once you’ve established which group you belong to anyway, you need to make sure that you find the ideal place for your surf trip, according to your abilities, your needs, and your companions. Just bear this in mind though, there are not any guarantees.

You can visit the most popular surfing destinations in the world with high hopes of catching the big one, and when you get there, it could be as calm as a millpond.

No matter how much information you check out on the internet about different surfing destinations, the best time of year for perfect surf, wind data, swells, surf spots, etc., etc., it’s still largely down to pot luck.

Sometimes the ocean is fantastic, and occasionally surf is okay, sometimes it’s not worth getting out your surfboard.

Just remember this – a surfing vacation is still a vacation, even if the surf sucks. Hey, it is not the end of the world, you’re not at work right, you’re on vacation, you’ve got the beach, you’ve got the time to relax to look upon high waves as a bonus for a great surfing vacation (now maybe I’d better duck before some of the real hardcore surfers throw something in this direction – ouch!).

Packing For Your Surf Trip

It’s no good saving all year and booking the surfing vacation of a lifetime if you don’t have the right gear with you when you arrive in surfers paradise and are left stranded on the beach for most of the time.

This list of stuff is essential for your surf trip, not necessarily for when you strap your surfboard to the roof on “Woody” and head 10 minutes to the beach, but if you’ve booked the surfing vacation of your dreams you’re going to’ need much more than the ticket, passport, money. 


a minimum of one, take two to get on the safe side, just just in case one gets busted. You would possibly have different surfboards for various surfing conditions. Some surfers do one know.

Don’t forget to book your surfboard on the plane if your surfing vacation involves a plane journey. The worth depends totally on the airline and, therefore, the destination but remember that it’ll cost anywhere from $25-$200. Some airlines charge for every surfboard, some airlines charge for every surf bag.

Check it out before you book your plane tickets.

Surf Wax

 don’t go on your surfing vacation without surf wax, enough for yourself plus a bit extra in case your mates have forgotten theirs.

Ding repair kit

 a few running ding repairs might be essential so that you can keep on surfing on your surf vacation. Come on, and it won’t take up much luggage space, so don’t forget it.

Board leash and Spare Fins

This sort of stuff is easily replaceable on your surfing vacation, but take them with you ‘cos you might not be able to source any in some of the remotest surfing destinations.


Think realistically about what you’re going to need to wear while you’re surfing. Will you need a wet suit? What about booties? If you’re surfing trip is to a coral reef, then think about it.

  1. Sunscreen – don’t cut short your time on the surf by not protecting yourself appropriately from the sun.
  2. Visa – check out whether you need a visa to enter the country where you’ve booked your surf trip if you need a visa and you don’t have one you’ll be going straight back home – ouch!
  3. Tickets, passport, money – yes, don’t forget the obvious stuff for your surf vacation too! Okay, so you might not need all of this stuff if you’re going to a place with plenty of surf stores and surf schools, but then again, you just might. Kinda’ depends on where you’re going!

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