6 Most Captivating world wide gardens You Must Visit

Summers are roasting our asses like anything. Don’t you keep on daydreaming of visiting lush green botanical gardens lately? Yes, you do.

Well, gardens are not just limited to those regular vibrant flowers. They vary from indigenous plants to some rare species of blooms that only add to the scenic beauty of nature.

So, getting thoughts of visiting these beautiful strolls is something we should aim to do. When you order flowers online for people you love, don’t they just get elated? Yes, they do. That is what flowers are capable of doing to you.

Have you ever given a thought of taking your loved ones to a botanical garden that just will make a path to salvation for your soul? Yes, it is the best outdoor activity to do this Summers with your loved ones.

There are these 10 beautiful gardens that you must visit with your loved ones if you guys belong to a social class of avid flower lovers. So, let’s check out these gardens, and you get yourself a ticket booked already!

world wide gardens

#1 Brooklyn Botanical Garden, USA

This garden is built on 52 acres of land in the year 1910 and is situated in Mount Prospect Park.

Interestingly, this garden reportedly has more than 14000 species of plants spread across the garden.

It also has a water garden, which is an attractive spot for tourists. This garden had plants named after the plays of renowned author, Shakespeare.

The garden is also known for its fragrance since it specialises in virtually impaired. Note: Brooklyn garden is also known for it’s exceptional Japanese Garden.

It has a cherry garden with more than 200 saplings, which attracts many tourists every year.

#2 Gardens Of Versailles, France

This garden expands drastically, known to have been spread for over 2000 acres of land. The mapping of the garden is highly based on the pattern of classic French garden known for its features like order and symmetry. The garden also showcases flowers, sculptures, and fountains, which are dated back to the era of Louis XIV.

#3 Villa D’este Gardens, Tovoli, Italy

This garden dates back to the 16th century and falls outside Rome. It attracts a large number of tourists every year for its opulent fountains (famous for playing songs) and terrace gardens.

This garden has been used to set an example to showcase an Italian renaissance garden. The scenic beauty of this garden successfully captivates the eyes and attention of the visitors.

However, before you visit this garden, get online flower delivery to decorate your garden with some of these enticing flower species.

#4 Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands

The thought of visiting the Netherlands in the springs and not thinking of tulips is almost impossible. The tentative time period for the beautiful blooming showcase of flowers in this garden is from late March to late May. The flowers in the garden vary from tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, and crocuses. It is reported that every year, 7 million spring flowers are planted in this garden and have been the inconsistent practice from 100 Dutch flower companies.

#5 Kew Gardens, London, England

This famous garden is situated in South London. The most interesting fact about this flower is that it homes to more than 50,000 flowers.

Also, this garden holds the utmost importance for the architectural masterpiece and botanical research. The other key attractive points of this garden are that it includes a bamboo garden, princess of wales conservatory, and an arboretum.

#6 Powerscourt Estate And Gardens, Ireland

This large estate in Ireland is known for two things: 1) for its huge castle that started back in the 13th century 2) and a garden that is spread over 47 acres of land.

Every year, it attracts a good number of tourists and displays a number of exotic and mind-boggling flowers that are nothing less than a treat to the human race.

So, if you are an ardent lover of flowers and gardens, then, these gardens should be on your bucket list. There are many more gardens on our list that a person should definitely visit, but starting over with these would be a great way to explore the world of botanic.

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