9 Best Places In The World To Visit In 2024

Wanderlust revolves around exploring the natural marvels and satisfying the traveler within you.

Every globetrotter out there embarks upon the journey towards lush-green destinations now and then.

You are likely to traverse the isolated island regions and top-notch biodiversity if you’re a travel head. However, it might be quite daunting to settle with the right place to explore. 

Here are the top places to transverse at least once in your lifetime to enthrall the soul. 

List of Best Places In The World To Visit

Best Places In The World To Visit

Rome, Italy 

One of the best places in the world to visit exploring the historic regions is all about living a real-life story through the ruins and monuments. Rome in Italy is one of the best destinations to explore in 2022.

It offers some bewildering historical marvels like the Pantheon, Vatican City, and Colosseum. Along with this, you can explore the off-beat roman highways and go for a hiking spree amidst the rocky mountain regions. 

And our guide can be the best friend for your Rome tour where you can get information about the best hotel to visit, food, prices, best time to visit Rome and more.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Here is the perfect destination for the architecture buffs all over the globe.

Machu Picchu offers the chance to gaze at the attractive stonework and intricate buildings. Also, the breathtaking sunsets in the region are something that you must not miss out on.

From the tranquillity of Inca Trails to the beauty of mountain cities like Cusco, you must explore it all. Along with this, try out the delicacies like Papa Rellena & Parihuela for the ultimate gratification.

All you need to do is load your luggage on a reliable roof rack and embark upon the roads.

Aruba, South America 

If there is one creative region that you must explore, then that is Aruba in South America. It lies amidst the water bodies and is a Caribbean holiday destination.

Along with the turquoise waters, you can gaze at the stunning art pieces by famous local artists by the street side. Once you explore the markets and architecture, it’s time to dwell upon the beaches in the country.

Make sure to traverse Eagle beach, Butterfly farms, and Palm islands

Costa Rica

If you’re a beach lover who likes to explore the biodiversity of a place, then you must cover up the premises of Costa Rica.

The country lies between the Caribbean sea and the pacific ocean, which leads to a moderating climate and enthralling landscapes.

You must plan a trip to the Caribbean waters and observe the red-eyed frogs in the forests. Also, try to explore popular attractions like Monteverde forests, Arenal Volcano, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

Maui, Hawaii 

Another region to cover up at least once in your lifetime is Maui in Hawaii.

The country offers a wide range of opportunities and provides the perfect blend of nature. You might spend a day amidst the turquoise waters in the beach resort of Wailea. Or, maybe traverse through the antiquities of rainforests in West Hawaiian mountains.

With the mouth-watering seafood and stunning beach sceneries, you are likely to achieve the utmost gratification. 

Montreal, Canada 

Here is the city in Canada that appears more like France than french cities themselves.

With the cobblestone streets and bustling crowds all around, you are likely to feel mesmerized here.

It provides you with the perfect blend of technology in North America and the history of Europe.

Grab your favourite bagels at the famous market areas like Atwater Market and the Jean-Talon Market. Further, cover up the popular attractions in the region like Jardin Botanique, and Notre-Dame Basilica. 

London, England 

Every globetrotter must explore the British regions and start with the antiquities of London.

It offers the right blend of modernity and tradition with attractive theatres and stunning attractions.

Make sure to walk by the Tower of London and traverse through Buckingham Palace.

Also you can do many Unique things to do in London.

You might develop an insight into the British culture with famous museums like the British Museum and the Wallace collection. In the end, cover up the tranquil atmosphere of St. James Park and The Regent Garden.

Manhattan, New York

Here’s the island city on the premises of the US that satiates every tourist out there. You can explore the incredible museums and try out the regional delicacies that are likely to satiate your tummy.

The place also has perfect natural attractions like Central Park and Paley park.

Along with this, don’t miss out on the nightlife of manhattan with ecstatic nightclubs and starry skies. From the natural vibes of the Greenwich village to the modern aesthetics of the empire state building, you must cover them all. 

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Created as a Hindu temple, the city of Angkor Wat is spiritual in its whole extent. By the end of the 12th century, the city transformed into Buddhist regions and boasts top-notch serenity.

Make sure to explore the temples in the region and achieve the beauty of the mountains.

Also, you might explore the natural attractions and attain the ultimate tranquillity. Some natural spots to traverse are Archaeological Park and The Royal Palace.

Other places that you might cover up are Preah Vihear, Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap, and Silver Pagoda. 

Bottom Line

Travel freaks wish to tick off all the places in their bucket list as early as possible. However, it takes quite a lot of introspection to prepare the bucket list.

Not only will it help you feel empowered, but it also instills more knowledge. Make sure to explore the backwaters of Costa Rica and dwell upon the landscapes of Aruba.

Along with this, Cambodia’s spiritual vibes are something you shouldn’t miss out on. 

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