6 Things to Do in Western Australia – 2024

Western Australia is a beautiful area that is worth visiting. There are many things to do in Western Australia, so it’s best to plan and book your accommodations in advance. This way, you’ll have more time to explore everything this region offers!

Check out Perth.

Perth is a city southwest of Western Australia, covering 592 square kilometres. It is the state’s capital and largest city but has a small population compared to other Australian cities. However, while Perth may be smaller than Sydney or Melbourne, it has charm!

Perth features beautiful beaches like Cottesloe beach and Scarborough Beach, which are great for swimming or walking along the sand. There are also several parks and gardens, such as Kings Park, where you can see native Australian animals.

You can also check the things to do in Western Australians. They lived in the past at one of Perth’s museums or historical buildings, such as Elizabeth Quay (formerly known as Barrack Street Jetty) or Fremantle Prison, built over 150 years ago by convicts transported from England!

Broome Half-Day Horizontal Falls Tour

  • How to get to Broome to Horizontal Falls: The falls are a short walk from the town centre. Ask your tour guide to point out where they are, or look for a sign that says “Horizontal Falls” with an arrow pointing left.
  • What to expect: If you’re going on a clear day, the views of this natural wonder won’t disappoint. As you approach, you’ll see two reddish rock walls—the upper one is about 20 feet tall and two feet wide; the lower one is about 40 feet tall and about three feet wide—and some plants clinging to them.
  • A shallow stream runs between these rocks, which forms a natural dam and creates something like an upside-down waterfall (hence its name). You can walk along this stream bed if you like but be careful not to trip over it!
  • What to bring with you: Wear comfortable walking shoes that don’t get wet quickly (like sneakers), so they don’t become slippery when wet with spray from falling water droplets during the rainy season when tourist attractions may close temporarily due to short-term closures related to weather conditions.
  • How long does this activity last? This activity lasts approximately 1 hour, including transportation time between locations.
  • How much does it cost per person? $35 pp includes transportation between locations and lunch at a local restaurant afterwards.
places to visit in perth

See Fremantle.

Fremantle is a historic port city and one of Western Australia’s best places to visit. The city is located on the western side of Perth, near some beautiful beaches and great restaurants. If you’re looking for things to do in Western Australia Fremantle, here are five options:

  • Go for a walk along the beach at Cottesloe Beach or Swanbourne Beach. Both these beaches have pristine white sand, calm waters, and green hills as backdrops. The perfect place to relax and unwind!
  • Visit Rottnest Island for its unique wildlife, history, and local charm. This island sits just off the coast from Fremantle, and many tourists love spending their day exploring its beaches before returning by ferry at nightfall (or vice versa).
  • Take a self-guided tour through Chinatown with our guidebook app’s audio walking tour feature; this will give you insight into how Chinese immigrants have shaped Australian culture while giving you time at each stop along your way!

Drive through the Countryside

There are many scenic drives in Western Australia, but if you only have time to drive one route, make it the Great Southern Tourist Route.

The route starts in Albany and winds through some of WA’s most stunning countryside, including the wheat belt and Pilbara region. The final leg of this 6-day journey is a trip through the Swan Valley wine region before returning to Perth.

Visit Narrogin and Stay at Caravan Parks

One of the best places in Western Australia to visit is Narrogin. You can say it’s home to some of the nation’s best caravan parks and accommodation in Narrogin WA.

Here you can find everything from family-friendly locations that offer activities such as swimming pools and playgrounds to more isolated spots with beautiful views and plenty of space for walking and exploring.

You can even find pet-friendly caravan parks here if you’re bringing your furry friend along. The city has a rich history, but it’s also known for its agricultural industry—the surrounding land is used for growing wheat and barley, which makes these parks ideal places!

If you’re looking for something extra special, why not try one of Narrogin’s famous pies? They’re delicious!

Visit the Margaret River Region

The Margaret River region is a region of Western Australia known for its wineries and beaches. The area is home to many large and small wineries; some even let you stay at the vineyard if there’s an empty room.

It’s also a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy the beaches, surfers looking for waves, or cyclists seeking a challenging ride through the area’s hills.

See Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is the perfect place for any tourist to visit. The island has a beautiful beach, great for swimming and surfing. It also has native Australian animals, such as quokkas and wombats, so you can learn about them while on your trip! 

Western Australia is a great place to visit & there are many things to do in Western Australia and see, from the beautiful beaches to the rugged coastline and the fantastic wildlife. Plan the trip well beforehand and enjoy!

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