Fun Activities to add to your Australia Travel Plans

Australia travel plans are the best where tourists and visitors can have a fun and enjoyable time. It features numerous enthralling and exciting activities, games, and sports that can appeal to almost all travelers.

In addition to that, it remains in close association with nature, offering mesmerizing landscapes and sceneries. Overall, the beauty of the environment and the enthusiasm of the sports can captivate people of all age groups, leaving them with a memorable experience of the country.

In this article, let us deliberate on Australia Travel plans with a few fun activities and must-do for all visitors and travelers who come to Australia.

Attend the Sporting Events

Australia is renowned for its diverse sporting events taking place throughout the year. They get organized across the country’s different states. Some of the games ensue on a significant scale.

On the other hand, the remaining happen on a smaller level. Overall, the activities fascinate and charm numerous people. They are not just from within the country but also tourists from abroad.

For that reason, most individuals recommend attending at least one of the notable sporting events in Australia. Australia Travel plans include various sports that remain spread across different and distinct categories.

Australia Sporting events

They encompass horse racing, golf, tennis, car racing, bicycling, yacht racing, cricket, etc. That is why the events can appeal to diverse individuals, irrespective of the specific field in which they hold interest.

A few famous sporting events of Australia include but do not remain limited to the AFL Grand Final, Tennis Australian Open, Bledisloe Cup, Horse Racing Melbourne Cup, etc. Additionally, the State of Origin, NRL Grand Final, Tour Down Under, City to Surf, and Australian Masters attract thousands of people.

A highly noteworthy event in Australia is the Arafura Games. It entails the organization of multiple sports where athletes having disabilities compete as able-bodied individuals in the same program.

Check the Gorgeous Beaches

As a country surrounded by the ocean on all sides, Australia travel plans also include numerous beaches of the highest quality. It is in terms of looks, beauty, and enjoyment for the tourists.

On top of that, Australian beaches are more than just swimming, tanning, and relaxing. They offer multiple water sports and beach activities that make for an enjoyable time. It stands true, irrespective of the age and gender of the person.

According to the country’s citizens, the most enthralling beach in Australia is Whitehaven Beach. Located in Whitsundays, it features clear waters and white sands with spectacular beauty. In addition to that, it allows visitors to enjoy themselves during ocean rafting or a helicopter or seaplane ride.

Other prominent beaches of Australia entail Cable Beach, Burleigh Heads, Noosa Main Beach, Kangaroo Island, Wineglass Bay, etc. They have their unique characteristic beauty that captivates the visitors.

The most famous sports consist of scuba diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, etc. Moreover, some people enjoy the tranquil and calm walk across the shores or playing in the sparkling ocean water.

Nowadays, several cabins and abodes have gotten set up near the beaches. They allow the people to relax whenever they desire or taste the local delicacies.

Go to Horse Race

Australia organizes several domestic and international horse racing events that attract multiple people of all nationalities. The most prestigious among the several organized per year is the Melbourne Cup.

It entails a race over a 3200-meter track where horses three years old or more can participate. The participants and winners can obtain appealing rewards. On the other hand, the audience can bet on the horse they think would win the cup.

There are three other notable horse races according to the racing calendar of Australia. They consist of the Caulfield Cup, the Golden Slipper organized, and the WX Cox Plate.

Explore Australia’s Famous Landmarks

Australia Travel plans also include numerous prominent and diverse landmarks. They range from mountains and deserts to national parks and rainforests. Overall, they allow for a satisfying experience in Australia.

An iconic landmark of Australia is the Uluru or Ayers Rock. Also called the heart of the country, it is a World Heritage Site that offers a mesmerizing view. It seemingly changes color with specific times of the day and year.

For instance, it takes on a red glow during sunset and sunrise. Additionally, the rock is sacred to the Anangu people.

Another notable natural landmark of Australia that all tourists know about is the Great Barrier Reef. The collection of 900 islands and 3000 distinct reefs offers a breathtaking view. Furthermore, it is home to numerous indigenous marine animals like sharks, giant clams, dugongs, etc.

Under the mountain category, Mount Kosciuszko is an exceedingly famous landmark in Australia. Irrespective of being the highest peak in the country, it allows people to reach the top through a leisurely and fun walk.

Among the man-made landmarks, the most prominent one is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The steel arch bridge, serving as an architectural marvel and the country’s cultural symbol, makes for an alluring view.

Visit the Snowy Mountains


Jindabyne is a famous location in Australia, surrounded by majestic mountains, mesmerizing lakes, and enthralling scenery. The place allows its visitors to remain in close association with nature and its elements.

Jindabyne, situated south of New South Wales, serves as the hotspot of diverse activities. Snowboarding, biking, hiking, and skiing are some of the most famous sports. Other than that, horse riding is another attractive sport.

The experience of the place gets even more enhanced owing to the high quality of each Jindabyne accommodation. The rest places and lodgings cater perfectly to their visitors, guaranteeing a pleasant and comfortable time.


Thredbo is a renowned ski resort and village located in the Snowy Mountains of Australia’s New South Wales. Situated within the Kosciuszko National Park, the place offers numerous things for an enjoyable time and experience.

The various activities in Thredbo include chairlift rides, biking, hiking, archery, tennis, etc. On top of that, they can enjoy, work out, or relax in the leisure center present there.

Australia travel plans offer numerous amenities and facilities like swimming pools, gyms, squash and basketball court, etc.

Furthermore, the tourists can visit the Thredbo village, which offers high-quality places where they can stay, eat, and enjoy themselves.

Have Fun

Excited travelers probably have great ideas about the best outdoor adventures in Australia. Swimming, cruising, and touring natural landmarks, amusement parks, museums, and historical places in the country can make their travel experience truly worthwhile. But that’s not all.

Traveling in Australia should be full of fun and unforgettable experiences. Everybody who visits the country deserves a break from their busy lives.

After a whole day of outdoor recreation, tourists shouldn’t miss hanging out with friends in a cocktail bar in Melbourne during the night to unwind and make new friends. As people say, a good drink can spark a good conversation and build connections.

In addition, tourists don’t have to follow their itinerary strictly. They can explore the area with the help of locals and authorities. Australians are naturally friendly and helpful; they can provide clear directions and are willing to take tourists to the most fascinating and mysterious places in the country.


The best travel plans are well-thought. Knowing the essential things to bring, the best places to go, and the activities to try in Australia can make a traveler’s life easier.

But sometimes, making impulsive decisions to try something new can become the most memorable event in any travel adventure.

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