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Spiritual Places to Travel in India in 2023

India is a center of spiritual places in the world. Many religions and spiritual thoughts live together. India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. There are many spiritual places to travel to in India.

You can’t miss any of these, and it helps you magnify your spiritual experience in India.

Why India is the Best Spiritual Destination?

All religions, like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Cristine, live together. Due to many faiths and different cultures, India is the best spiritual destination.

Spiritual Places to Travel in India

List of Spiritual Places in India

Varanasi – Culturally Vibrant City

Varanasi - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

Hindu spiritual place Varanasi is famous for River Ganga and Hindu culture. It’s one of the best positive energy places in India. Varanasi is a city of lord Shiva.

Vishwanath temple is a famous Hindu holy place in Varanasi. Many people come to Varanasi just for a dip in the Ganges. The main attractions of Varanasi are the “Varanasi Ghats,” which are world-famous.

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Rishikesh – Yoga Capital of the world

Rishikesh - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

The top positive energy place in India is Rishikesh, located on Himalayan foothills in Uttrakhand. It’s a famous spiritual place in India, known as the “Yoga Capital of the world.”

People come from around the world and learn yoga and meditation in this city. This city is also papular for adventure activities like river rafting, trekking, and Camps in Rishikesh.

During the evening, Gaga aarti is famous on Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is also renowned for Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Trimbakeshwar Temple, Shatrughan Mandir, and many other top temples in Rishikesh you can visit.

Laxman Jhula, Swarg Ashram, and Ram Jhula are the Best Places to Visit in Rishikesh. You can also read Best Luxury Camps In Rishikesh (Updated 2023)

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Haridwar - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

One of the famous holiest and Hindu spiritual places to travel in India. Haridwar is visited by thousands of people every year.

Haridwar is a very famous place to travel in north India.

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Bodhgaya - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

Bodhgaya is one of the best Spiritual places to travel in India also one of the most critical sites for Buddhism. Bodh Gaya is situated in Bihar. Lord Gautama Buddha comes here during travels to understand life.

And set under a giant fig tree and practiced meditation and achieved enlightenment. And the tree in that buddha sat famous as the bodhi tree.

Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

Vaishno Devi is set to be the holiest temple in the world. This temple is dedicated to shakti. You can follow our guide while traveling to Mata Vaishno Devi.

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Tungnath – Highest Temple of Shiva in the world

Tungnath, Uttrakhand - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

Tungnath temple is located in Auli, Uttrakhand. Auli is also known as Switzerland of India. Auli is a famous tourist destination in India. There are many famous places to visit in Auli, but the temple tungnath is different from others.

Before visiting Auli or Tungnath, you can check our Auli Itinerary, which helps you plan your Auli tour.

Tungnath temple is the highest Shiva temple in the world near Rudraprayag. This place gives you a natural spiritual feeling. The best Time to Visit Tungnath is the winter session of India, which is between November to March.

Tungnath is almost 3680 meters above sea level.

Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

Kedarnath temple is a part of the famous char Dham yatra. It is located in Uttarakhand, a beautiful place on the north side of India.

It is a thousand-year-old temple dedicated to lord shiva

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi - Spiritual Places to Travel in India

Shirdi Sai Baba temple is almost 260 km away from Mumbai in India. In Sai baba, Almost all religion believes they are treated as the god of all.

The closest city to the Shirdi is Nasik. 

Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy

One of India’s largest Vipassana meditation centers can join a ten-day free meditation course.

Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy

Vipassana is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation. Vipassana means to see things as they are. People believe it’s a method given by Gotham budda.



Kudremukh is famous for its beauty and biodiversity; It’s a popular hill station among Bangalore’s people.
This place is almost 1865 meters above sea level. You can meditate and relax your mind with their incredible natural beauty.
Kudremukh national park is a famous place to visit in kudremukh.

Tirupati Balaji

Tirupati Balaji

Plan your Tirupati journey to find yourself or connect with your soul. Tirupati is an Amazing spiritual place to visit in India. It is located in Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati is referred to as the spiritual capital of Andhra Pradesh.



Famous as Hindu pilgrimage town of Tamil Nadu. In the world, there are very few places that are enclosed by magic so that you can feel the charm of spirituality in Tiruvannamalai.

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Yumthang valley is located in North Sikkim. The valley is surrounded by snow on mountains, and it’s a fantastic natural beauty.

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Mathura is one of the top Holy Hindu cities in India. Also known as Lord Krishna’s birthplace.


Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Mandi is also known as Mandav Nagar and Sahor. It is almost 140 KM away from Shimla.
It’s a fantastic place for spirituality. You can meditate and feel relaxed.

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