Essential Survival Gear for Winter Hiking

Another year has gone quickly and the days have been getting shorter. While it may be highly enjoyable winter hiking during the summer months, don’t let the onset of the cold stop you. Planned correctly, hiking in the winter should go just as smoothly.

It’s always wise to let people know in which direction you are heading and much better if you can make the excursion as part of a group.

Feeling alone if something happens is never a great feeling and simply having someone there will ease your mind. You may feel safer in the knowledge that if you and your friends don’t return as scheduled, the alarm will be raised.

Yet, is there any way you can improve your chances of returning home safely to hike another day? Read on, and winter hiking should become as easy as a stroll in the park.


Keeping Hydrated

Whether you are thirsty from all the winter hiking being done or some issue has befallen you, it’s essential that you bring wazoo survival gear on your trip.

Carrying a water bottle with you is the most popular way, but you may not wish to carry too many. Added weight in your bag can be of major discomfort, whether you intend to stay out for quite some time or not.

Water bottles designed for outdoor purposes should be the design that you choose, as regular bottles may see the water inside freeze depending on how cold it is.

If you are unfortunate to run out, hopefully, there may be a lake or river nearby in which you can refill your bottle. In this case, it’s handy to have a water filter so the water can be purified easily.

See the Light

Maybe the trip has turned out to be harder and longer than expected or you may have lost your way. Whether you decide to stay put or not once the evening closes in and the skies become dark, you will need a source of light. 

A good quality torch for any type of trip is essential as even if your phone has a torch, you may have to use it quite sparingly. Using this function will drain your battery quite quickly and this can be dangerous if you need it later to call for assistance.

Don’t forget to bring a spare set of batteries. If you are winter hiking with friends, ensure each has a torch. When winter hiking alone, consider bringing an extra torch also in case of slips or falls, which have the potential to damage a torch, leaving you without a source of light, possibly stuck in the wilderness.

Be Prepared for Anything

While some swear by the old saying “it will never happen to me” you just never know. It’s good to have tools on hand in case you suffer some misfortune.

Many see the survival blade as the essential winter hiking companion capable of a variety of uses. Yet others now rely on a multi-tool, because of the different components altogether in one handy set. 

While a camping knives is included in the multi-tool, they are often seen as bulky to carry. The blade may not be as strong as on a survival blade so you may need to consider what to bring.

A multi-tool will simply put more options at your disposal. If you find it hard to choose and are happy to lug them around, maybe bring both!

Staying Warm

From your head to your toes, it’s essential to be dressed properly for these hiking excursions. The weather may be cold when you set off, but there’s always the potential for it to get even worse.

Simply by wearing the right clothing, you have instantly boosted your chances of completing a winter hike, no matter what the conditions.

There are numerous items available on the market these days that can give peace of mind as you set off. A good set of warm boots which can also keep your feet safe is vital as you spend hours or more winter hiking around. Bring extra layers of clothes just in case of extreme cold or if you wish to change after getting wet for whatever reason.

Guide for winter hiking tips

-Dress in layers to stay warm, starting with a base layer of synthetic or wool fabrics that will wick away sweat and moisture.

-Top your base layer with an insulating layer of fleece or down.

-Wear a waterproof and breathable outer shell to protect against wind, snow, and rain.

-Make sure your boots are well insulated and waterproof to protect your feet from the cold and wet.

-Bring along plenty of food and water, and take breaks often to refuel and warm up.

-Be prepared for emergencies by carrying a first-aid kit, a flashlight, and extra batteries.

Best Product for winter hiking


While many may not be as keen to go hiking in the winter, it is an enjoyable pastime not to be discarded simply because of the cold. Basic steps can be taken to ensure it’s just as much fun as it should be, with minimal risk.

While it may appear to be common sense, many tend to overlook water as a key part of a successful winter hiking venture. Simply by bringing a torch you could be saving yourself from hours of frustration.

Being organized and able to deal with anything will make the unexpected easy to handle if it so occurs. And of course, by keeping warm, you can focus your energy on doing other things.

So, enjoy, and stay safe.

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