Packing tips for traveling with family around the world

Spending time with your family on vacation is a wonderful way to spend quality time with them. It’s a terrific chance for everyone to get together and have some well-deserved fun.

The part that isn’t so relaxing is packing for a family vacation. It’s tempting to overthink things and overpack, leaving some smaller, more crucial items behind.

That’s why, no matter where you’re going on a family vacation, we’ve put together a list of what to bring in your suitcase for a family trip. Here are the 22 most crucial items to pack for a family vacation:


A tourist must have a passport with them when traveling abroad. Some people only realize they need a passport when they start planning a family vacation abroad. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

If you don’t already have one, start the process of obtaining one months before your trip to ensure that you have it in time. Keep in mind that your passport affects your visa and all other aspects of your trip.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got your passport; you may apply for a passport online by filling out the online application. Make sure to keep it safe while traveling out of the country.

Important documents

If you’re planning on traveling internationally, keep your passport and travel insurance beside your keys to ensure you don’t lose them. Also, if you’re traveling internationally, be sure you know if you’ll need a visa ahead of time.

It can take up to four weeks for some applications to be processed. However, if you’re remaining at home this holiday season, as many of us do, make sure everyone has correct identification. It’s impossible to predict when it will be required.


Having a certain amount of cash on you is always a good idea, whether you’re traveling within the country or abroad. You never know if all of the stores and motels you’ll visit will have a functional POS, so it’s best to be safe.

Digital and printed copies of your tickets

It’s a good idea to have a printed and digital copy of your trip tickets on your phone as well as your partner’s. This way, you’ll always have a backup if you misplace your paper tickets or your phone battery dies.



Aside from any prescription medications, having a few basic goods on hand is generally a good idea. Consider bringing a few cough drops, stomach-related medicines, pain relievers, and maybe motion sickness pills.

If someone on the family vacation catches the flu, you’ll undoubtedly pat yourself on the back.

Essentials in the carry-on

We’re not talking about critical documents, which are a given, in your carry-on, including one change of clothes, as well as your toothbrushes and toothpaste.

This way, if your checked-in baggage goes missing anywhere along the route, you’ll have a fresh T-shirt to change into until your suitcases arrive.

Face masks

If you travel to other cities, counties, states, provinces, or nations, you’ll probably run into differing restrictions about wearing face masks to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Pack extras and have at least one with you at all times during day outings to be safe. You will be able to engage in all activities that require the usage of masks in this manner.

Travel-friendly products

When traveling, choose your products carefully. Most of us have seen the Friends episode where Ross “suffers” from not one but TWO shampoo explosions while on the road.

Traveling with skincare items that have robust packaging that won’t leak is great.

First aid kit

A first aid kit may not be the first thing that comes to mind when packing for a family vacation, but it may be extremely useful. Assume you’ve developed blisters or your child has scraped their knees.

Nobody wants to walk to the local pharmacy with a limp. With a first aid kit, you can swiftly nurse yourself or your loved ones back to health and go back to enjoying your family vacation.

Off- and online entertainment

Long excursions, especially for younger children, can become tedious after a while. So grab a deck of cards, a book, and your child’s favorite bedtime story.

On the digital front, download a few movies or episodes of your favorite series, as well as perhaps a few offline smartphone games.

A compact backpack

Backpacks that may be readily folded to fit into your pocket are frequently available at sporting goods stores. This makes them ideal for packing in your luggage and taking with you on a trip to the store for souvenirs or a lengthy walk.

Refillable water bottles

It is not only the more ecologically responsible alternative, but it also saves you a significant amount of money.

Extra bag for dirty laundry

Take a light duffel bag or a plastic zip bag that you may use to store your dirty clothes in. This way, you won’t have a shameful corner in your hotel room where you’ve piled all your clothes.

You’ll also be relieved that you’ll be able to seal up all those worn socks.

Hats and sunglasses

It’s usually a good idea to have something to protect your head, depending on the season. Pack your sun hats or beanies to avoid contracting a cold in the winter or sunstroke in the summer.

Sunglasses are useful in all seasons: they filter direct sunlight in the summer and shield your eyes from the light reflected by the snow in the winter.


Don’t count on being able to purchase your preferred birth control at your destination. When traveling, you never know what kind of contraception will be available or how good it will be, so bring your usual.

If hormonal contraception is your chosen option, consider downloading an app that will remind you to take the pill at the appropriate time. You may have a schedule at home, but when abroad, things can quickly get frantic.


If you’re on a family vacation, odds are you’ll spend a lot of time outside. While spending the day at the beach, on the slopes, or trekking sounds like a lot of fun right now, getting a sunburn is not.

Trail snacks

Nothing can put a person in a bad mood faster than being hungry. Or, even worse, your child becoming irritable. To avoid anyone turning into a tiny Hulk, bring a couple of trail mix packets, a few pieces of fruit, or sandwiches.

Your kid’s favorite toy

This is something that could slip your mind in the midst of getting everything ready for your family vacation, so make a note of it on your packing list.

This way, you won’t have to rush back home to get their favorite teddy or deal with a grumpy 4-year-old who insists on sleeping without Mr. Cuddles.

Plug converter

It’s astonishing how many of us forget this when we travel internationally. Check what type of power plugs are utilized in the country you’re visiting before you leave. Alternatively, invest in a universal plug converter.

Bad weather outfits

Murphy’s laws never sleep, regardless of the weather prediction. Just in case, it’s a good idea to pack a scarf, a sweater, and an umbrella, or a light raincoat.

This is where sporting goods stores come in handy once more. They frequently stock ultra-light raincoats that can be folded down to the size of a palm, as well as warm but thin pullovers and scarves.

Inflatable neck rest

After a few hours of flight, a neck rest seems like a godsend, regardless of how you travel. Who doesn’t despise drifting off and being startled awake as their heads sway to the side? With a neck rest, you may take as many naps as you like without taking up too much room in your suitcase.

Power bank

You’re on a family vacation, therefore you’ll want to take a lot of pictures to recall you’re wonderful family vacation. However, snapping pictures, using the navigation app, and having your kids play on your phone may quickly deplete the battery.

This is why having a power bank on hand can be useful. You may still listen to music in the car and post all of your selfies this way.


You’re prepared for your overseas trip since you’ve meticulously planned, done all necessary government processes, and completed all you need! The adventure is waiting for you, ready to entertain you while also throwing some roadblocks in your path.

Accept whatever comes your way as a responsible traveler, be open to learning, make the most of the experience, and conquer the world. Just remember to bring your passport.

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