10 Best Things to Do in Dubai on a Family Trip

Dubai, known as the City of Dreams, is a destination that offers a perfect blend of modern wonders and cultural treasures, making it an ideal choice for a family trip.

With its iconic skyline, luxurious resorts, and a plethora of attractions, Dubai has something to offer for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures, educational experiences, or simply want to relax and soak up the sun, Dubai has it all.

In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best things to do in Dubai on a family trip, ensuring an unforgettable vacation for everyone involved.

Dubai City Tour

Embark on a captivating Dubai City Tour and discover the mesmerizing sights of this dynamic metropolis. The tour showcases the city’s architectural marvels from the towering Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, to the luxurious Palm Jumeirah, home to lavish resorts.

Explore the traditional charm of the historic district of Bastakiya, visit the Dubai Museum, and wander through the vibrant spice and gold souks.

Admire the modern landmarks of Dubai Marina and enjoy a scenic drive along the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road. A Dubai City Tour promises an immersive journey through the city’s fascinating blend of tradition and innovation.

Visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of marine life at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Book Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo tickets to witness an awe-inspiring collection of aquatic creatures, including sharks, stingrays, and colorful tropical fish.

Walk through the tunnel that runs through the aquarium for an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures.

Prepare to be astounded as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, an experience brimming with awe-inspiring sights and immersive encounters.

Enjoy a Desert Safari Adventure

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the Dubai desert with a thrilling desert safari adventure. Hold on tight as you ride through the mesmerizing golden dunes in a 4×4 vehicle, experiencing the exhilarating rush of dune bashing.

Delight in the unique opportunity to ride majestic camels, glide down the sandy slopes with sandboarding, and be captivated by mesmerizing belly dancing and falconry shows.

Conclude the evening with a mouthwatering barbecue dinner, indulging in delectable flavors while gazing at the twinkling stars above the serene desert landscape. Create lasting memories on this unforgettable desert safari experience with your loved ones.

Explore the Dubai Miracle Garden

Step into a world of floral wonder at the Dubai Miracle Garden, where nature’s beauty blooms in all its glory. Admire the breathtaking displays of vibrant flowers and be amazed by the towering sculptures intricately adorned with blooms of every hue.

Let your children’s imaginations soar as they explore the enchanting Disney-themed displays and interact with the fluttering butterflies in the dedicated butterfly garden.

Don’t forget your camera to capture the magical moments amidst this floral paradise, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing allure of the Dubai Miracle Garden’s floral extravaganza.

Visit Aquaventure Waterpark

Escape the scorching Dubai heat and dive into the excitement of Aquaventure Waterpark, nestled within the legendary Atlantis, The Palm.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure with an array of thrilling water slides, lazy rivers perfect for relaxation, and a dedicated play area for young ones.

Feel the rush as you conquer record-breaking slides like the Aquaconda and summon your courage to experience the heart-pounding Leap of Faith.

With endless water-filled fun for the entire family, Aquaventure Waterpark promises an unforgettable experience that will make a splash in your memories.

Explore the Dubai Mall

Experience the ultimate shopping extravaganza at the iconic Dubai Mall, a haven for fashion enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike.

Uncover a world of wonders as you explore a vast array of stores, from luxury boutiques to global brands. Delight in the immersive Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, where marine marvels await.

Catch the latest blockbuster at the state-of-the-art cinema complex. And as the sun sets, witness the breathtaking Dubai Fountain show, where water dances to the rhythm of music and lights, creating an unforgettable spectacle against the stunning waterfront backdrop.

The Dubai Mall promises an unforgettable day of shopping, entertainment, and enchantment for the entire family.

Discover KidZania Dubai

At KidZania Dubai, the possibilities are endless as your children immerse themselves in a world of creativity and learning. Watch as their dreams come alive while they try out diverse professions like doctors, firefighters, chefs, and more.

Each role-play experience is carefully crafted to provide an authentic and educational environment, where children gain valuable life skills through hands-on activities.

With a safe and supervised setting, KidZania Dubai offers a memorable blend of entertainment and education, empowering children to explore, discover, and unleash their potential in a dynamic and exciting way.

Have fun at Dubai Parks and Resorts

Spend a day of thrilling adventures at Dubai Parks and Resorts, an entertainment complex that houses multiple theme parks.

Visit Motiongate Dubai for movie-inspired rides and attractions, LEGOLAND Dubai for family-friendly fun, and Bollywood Parks for a taste of Indian cinema and culture. Enjoy live shows, meet your favorite characters, and make unforgettable memories together.

Take a Dubai Creek

Take a traditional abra (water taxi) ride along the historic Dubai Creek and soak in the city’s old-world charm. The creek divides Dubai into the neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai, and exploring these areas allows you to experience the city’s rich heritage.

Stroll through the bustling alleys of the spice and gold souks, where you can find a wide array of aromatic spices, precious metals, and intricate jewelry. Don’t forget to visit the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort to learn about the city’s fascinating history.

Visit Dubai Opera

For a touch of culture and entertainment, catch a show at the Dubai Opera. This stunning architectural masterpiece hosts a variety of performances, including opera, ballet, concerts, and theater.

Check the schedule and book tickets in advance to enjoy a world-class production in a truly elegant and unique setting.

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