River Rafting – Avail a Thrilling Experience!

River Rafting is a very adventurous and thrilling activity. The activity includes many difficulty levels. River Rafting in Leh is a very famous activity in Leh which everyone loves to do.

Whenever the season comes for River Rafting, people use to gather at the place in a very high range. No doubt in its thrilling nature, it also soothes up the mind by connecting the person with nature.

There are huge hills with dense forest at the side of the river which makes the person feel nature as well. Make sure that before you will do River Rafting; keep the safety measures in mind.

River Rafting In leh

The huge and speedy waves can take the person into risk also. Many of the folks do not take the ride as they think that it is risky but there is nothing likes so. It is a safe, enjoyable and enthusiastic ride which everyone loves to take.

This is a very safe ride which is to be done under the safety measures of professionals. So take the splashes of cold water and feel the calm and beautiful nature. There are many places in India where River Rafting is to be done.

River rafting in Leh Ladakh is very famous due to the sightseeing of surrounding. The place gets a huge gathering of tourist for rafting.

River Rafting in Leh

River Rafting In Gujarat

In Leh, the river rafting is awesome. The climate, peaceful and dense forest with a graceful view of the sky with river rafting offers an ultimate feeling to the person.

Do you want to know where the river rafting gets done in Leh? If yes stay tuned with the further mentioned details.  

Indus River Rafting

Indus River Rafting is known as Singhe Kababs. This river flows from North West to Southern East Ladakh. Best River rafting in Leh is near the Kailash Mountain in Tibet, the river is originated.

In winter times, the river gets frozen but at the time of June to August, the flow is very high and adventurous. This river is best for the adventure activity river rafting.

River Rafting in Leh cost easy to be made by the budget-friendly people also so don’t worry about the budget as well.

Routes on Indus Valley for River Rafting

River Rafting In leh

Phey – Nimo Route

This rafting route starts from Phey village which is about 12 km away from Leh and ends up the rafting at the meeting point of Zanskar and Indus at Nimo.

Nimo is about 36 km away from Leh. The scenic beauty of this route is very mesmerizing as it gives thrill with the soothing feeling of nature also.

Upshi – Kharu Route

This is not so difficult route to cover for river rafting. Upshi is 90 km from Leh and rafting starts from there. It ends up at South to Manali at Kharu. This route is good for those who are beginners at river rafting as the route is easy to follow.

River Rafting In Gujarat

Saspol – Khaltsey

If you really want to explore river rafting, this route is the best one to follow up. On this route, there are lots of challenges one has to face like as high waves and it is a very long way rafting till Khaltsey which is about 90 km away from Leh. You can read also Places to Visit in Rishikesh.

Zanskar River Rafting

Zanskar River Rafting is another river rafting place to gain a thrilling and adventurous experience. Zanskar place is famous for frozen Chadar trek.

This river flows in summer and monsoon season. The river flows very speedily and boosts up the rafting experience as well. 

Routes on Zanskar for River Rafting

River Rafting In Leh

Tsogsti – Sangam

If you are a beginner and going for river rafting at Zanskar then you should pick up the route of Tsogsti to Sangam.

This whole route only takes 1 hour and will give you a great experience at your first time without creating any problem. This is a calm and soothing route made for the first time individuals only.

Choklamsar – Phay

It is also a simple and easy river rafting way which covers 1.5 hours. The route of this lane is also as like the mentioned above ones.

Schorpochay to Sangam

River Rafting In Gujarat

It is a good way to experience the love of nature with the adventure of rafting as well. This offers memorable rafting of 2.5 hours.

Sangam – Alchi

This route is also a great way for rafting. It takes around 2.5 hours rafting which is full of thrills and adventures. The route will show the scenic beauty of mountains with the dense beautiful forests.

Chilling – Sangam

If you have done river rafting and want to get into it more then choose Chilling to Sangam way. This is a perfect route for those rafters who have a good experience in river rafting.

River Rafting In Leh

The endless and fascinating landscape with a panoramic view of skies makes the experience much better. Along with this, the river also has very huge waves and leads to bring some challenges for the rafters to face. You can read also Adventure Sports in Jaipur.

Tips for River Rafting

  • The primary thing to keep in mind is that to river rafting in Leh season should be summers and monsoon.
  • Don’t forget to wear a life jacket.
  • Keep safety measures.
  • Aware of swimming techniques.
  • Make the grip with paddles.

River Rafting in Leh price is not so much as no one can afford it. So never miss the chance in doing this adventurous activity when you get chance ever.  

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