Dehradun Travel Guide in 3 Days and 2 Nights

Hey friends, today I am here with my new experience to discuss with you. My Dehradun Travel Guide/blog can be very interesting for you guys. In this travel blog, I am going to share my Dehradun Travel experience with you.

So, guys stay with me till the end of the blog as I am going to share my personal traveling experience with you. Let you know all about my travel guide to Dehradun.

Introducing Dehradun

Mussoorie Travel Guide

Dehradun is a most beautiful site due to its speckled pictures, lovable landscapes, temples for worship, and little picnic spots. There is all over natural beauty in Dehradun.

The place is an ideal and beautiful spot for people that love to take a risk and enjoy their lives. The adventure spots provided by Dehradun are paragliding, skiing, river rafting, and angling. You can read also Places to Visit in Rishikesh

One tour in Dehradun can offer a real moment to the tourist for which they are hoping. The exceptional view can take your breath away. I visited Dehradun last month with my four friends, and our trip was fantastic. 

My Dehradun Travel Guide

Mussoorie Travel Guide

My Dehradun Trip started with our Bus Journey from Delhi. I visited Dehradun with my four college friends. We were total five, and we started our journey from Delhi.

The tour gets started at 7 A.M morning on the 12th of august last year. We planned to choose the bus for traveling because it is reliable and comfortable. You can read also Temples in Rishikesh.

The time required to reach Dehradun from Delhi is 5 hours and 10 minutes. So, accordingly, we reached the place by noon. You can read also places to visit in Auli.

Our traveling was very enjoyable, and we all danced, ate chips and made everyone enjoy the bus. The duration of the trip was three days and two nights.

Mussoorie Travel Guide

So, we carried every food item and unique needed things with us. Dehradun can also get reached through train or personal cars. However, the joy felt through bus traveling can never get handled through other vehicles. 

After reaching Dehradun, we all decided to book a cab. Dehradun consists of many taxi servicing app, and we booked a cab with online services. The app gets considered for its best service. You can read also Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

Omio Many Geos

They try to provide accessible experiences to you so that you don’t get to bother for any problem. So, we booked a taxi through the online process, and the booth was swift.

However, you can also book offline by calling them through their content number available on the website; they are available 24*7.

However, due to the massive crowd and rush, our cab got late, and it reached one hour later. You can read also Places to Visit in Dehradun.

Mussoorie Travel Guide

As the cab reached our station, we jumped into the car and asked the driver to take us to our hotel. The cab driver was very kind and calm.

He apologized for the late service and promised us to provide the best service until our trip gets over. Then the cab driver took us to the hotel, and it takes up to 30 minutes to reach the hotel that we booked. You can read also Top Hill Stations in India.

After reaching the hotel, we all took our luggage out of the car. Then we checked in the hotel. We booked the Red Fox Hotel to stay, and we made an online booking before reaching Dehradun because in these timings, the crowd is large and the hotel gets booked.

It is difficult to get a hotel after reaching Dehradun, and we prefer not to take any risk and want to be careful on every point because it was our first trip to Dehradun. You can read also Mussoorie Travel Guide.

Oyorooms [CPS] IN

The hotel was fantastic at the side view, and the services provided by the hotel surprised us. When we checked in the hotel, we got the keys to our rooms, and we went to our room immediately.

Finally, we were in our rooms, and then we relaxed for at least one hour. The place was uniquely decided and decorated. The bathrooms were also spotless and washed.  You can read also Mussoorie Tourism: Best Mussoorie Trip.

Then all of us started getting ready with a fresh shower. We were all very excited and then after getting ready we went to the hotel restaurant area.

Due to the long traveling, we felt hungry. So, we decided to order food, and we ordered egg omelet, noodles, sandwiches, and tea. The service provided by the hotel was very unusual. You can read also Places to Visit in Chopta

The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Food tour in Chandigarh

The way they were treating was unexpected, and they offered us every possible comfort they could give us. We were happy with the civil service. Then the food got served in a beautiful way.

The way they placed the menu on the plates was unique. Then the food items were well-placed on our tables, and then we begin our first meal in Dehradun. You can read also Sahastradhara Dehradun.

The food was very delicious, and we were delighted with the taste. It was hot and completely fresh. They complementary provided coffee to us.

Best food in gangtok

We were feeling thrilled and joyful. The tea got us in another zone because of the cold weather. Then our hunger got well-satisfied, and then we decided to begin our trip. 

We went out of the hotel, and our cab driver was already waiting. We asked him to show us all the places in Dehradun that are well-considered as unique spots for enjoyment and adventure. You can read also Darjeeling Travel Blog.

The driver gets us introduced to many places in the cab before visiting any of them. Then he told us to decide where we will prefer to go first. So, the first place get determined by us was-

Mindrolling Monastery


Dehradun Travel Guide, We chose this place first because we want to begin our trip through blessings. Thus, the area is famous for its calmness and spirituality of the Tibetans people. The site is one of the major monasteries.

Tibetan Buddhist Temple

We went to the monastery after traveling 10 minutes from the hotel. The site is beautiful because of its incredible owing beauty of the gardens. We went inside the shrine and saw a giant statue of Lord Buddha.

It was the best view that could ever get expected. The monastery consists of various shrine rooms, murals, and art forms. We spent about an hour in the shrine. Then I decided to visit another place.


Lacchiwalla Dehradun Travel Guide

Dehradun Travel Guide Then, the next place we visited was Lachhiwala. The site is famous as a picnic spot.  When we reached the situation, the crowd we found was well-unexpected.

Then we went out of the home, and the driver went to the parking area. We then decided to eat something. We take Maggie boxes, and Maggie was very surprising. You can read also Best Places to Stay in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

There we took many pictures of ourselves with a lovely view. The images are still with me and make me remember the trip’s memories.

Lacchiwalla Dehradun Travel Guide

Then we got tired and went to the hotel to sleep because the night was falling. Then the next day rose, and we freshen up ourselves again with the new shower. Then we got ready to visit more places in Dehradun.

After that, we took our breakfast, including egg omelet with tea. Then we all settled for attending the next place. So, then after 30 minutes, we reached the spot for trekking. You can read also Har Ki Dun Trek – Trekking in Uttarakhand.


 Dehradun Travel Guide

Dehradun Travel Guide, The first place visited on the second day was Pachwad region. As we all love enjoyed adventure traveling, so we decided to do trekking first. It is the favorite thing experienced by every one of you.

So, we started our trekking, and it was fun to do trekking in the Pachhwadun region. Then via Pachwad, we followed our trekking to Bhadraj temple. You can read also Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh.

The temple is magnificent. Then we went back to our cab and decided to rest and feel the view. So, the next place decided was-

Assan Barrage

Assan Barrage Dehradun Travel Guide

Dehradun Travel Guide, We reached that place after some period of 40 minutes from the trekking area. When we reach that place, we find the beauty of heaven in the Assan Barrage. We sat on one side of the spot and enjoyed the unique view.

The site is rich with the natural beauty of water. The place is paradise due to flying birds, and the lake views the artificial heaven to us. You can read also Jaipur Travel Guide.

Shopping Time

paltan bazaar Dehradun Travel Guide

The next, we decided to visit was the paltan bazaar because that was the shopping time for us. We got crazy because we were going to buy the maximum we can. As we toured the place, we saw a great rush of people.

The bazaar is the most famous place to shop in Dehradun. We shopped a lot in the market as we buy footwear, shawls, traditional things and bangles. You can read also Things to Do In Manali.

After that, we decided to get back to the hotel as we got exhausted. The last day of our trip begins, and we woke up early that day so that we could enjoy the rest of the places with the proper time. We started our day with the first place-

Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park  Dehradun Travel Guide

Dehradun Travel Guide, We went to place Rajaji National Park because we all are animal lovers. The location is home to many of the animals like tiger, leopards, cheetah, barking deer, Sambar deer, wild boar, Jackal, Hyena, Jungle Cat, Civets, King Cobra, Sloth Bears, hog deer, and many others.

We took many pictures and played with small animals. We even provided food to many animals. The animals are very loving in nature. You can read also Darjeeling Travel Blog.

They do not harm anyone unless they give more comfort to you. It will help if you visit the place whenever you visit Dehradun. 


Sahastradhara Dehradun

Dehradun Travel Guide, Our next destination was Sahastradhara Dehradun. We were amazed after visiting the site. The site is mesmerizing, and it feels like heaven. The place consists of ecstatic beauty.

As we toured the place during monsoons, so the place is charming during the rainy season. The view of the waterfall can never get out of our minds. Even, we enjoyed the ropeway ride with waterfall.

We explored the place for around 3 hours. So, it would be best if you planned accordingly because this place is fascinating. The waterfall made us feel relaxed and fresh with its showering droplets around the area.

Fun Valley

Fun Valley Dehradun Travel Guide

Dehradun Travel Guide, The last destination of our trip was Fun Valley. The placed made entirely for fun and entertainment. We went to the fun valley and changed our clothes with those provided by fun valley services.

We got cherished with the show because it is a spot to enjoy with water in a different form of the game. We went from one water spot to another. We clicked pictures and even danced. You can read also Har Ki Dun Trek – Trekking in Uttarakhand.

After that we get back to the bathrooms and then after getting ready, we ate some food items, and all were very tasty. The day was well-spent with my friends.

It would be best if you visited the fun valley when you visit Dehradun because the sight is very joyful with friends and families. Children like to play with water so that they will enjoy the place without any doubt. You can read also Mussoorie Tourism: Best Mussoorie Trip.

Fun Valley Dehradun Travel Guide

After all this, we went back to the hotel to check out with our luggage. We went to our rooms and packed our bags. All our bags got kept by the hotel services. Then we checked out of the hotel by thanking them for special treatment that they offered us. 

We reach the bus stand through the cab, and it was a fantastic experience with the cab driver. After this whole thing, we got our bus, and we get back to homes after five-hour traveling. You can read also Mata Vaishno Devi Travel Guide.

How to Reach

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Dehradun Travel Guide, You can reach Dehradun by train, bus, or air, whichever you like it. The nearest railway station to Dehradun is well connected to all major cities in the country.

You can best visit Dehradun by train, air, or bus from Delhi. There are many domestic regular flights are scheduled from Delhi to Dehradun.

There is even a fix schedule of regular buses from Delhi to Dehradun. so, you can prefer according to the way to reach Dehradun of your choice. You can read also Places to Visit in Chopta. 

Best Time to Visit

Mussoorie Travel Guide

• The best time and season to visit Dehradun is from March to June. It is the time in which most of the people visit the place due to its pleasant weather. The weather is clear and very adventurous.

The site is delightful. The temperature of Dehradun is around 35 degrees Celsius. The light cotton clothes get required, and the pleasant summer gets enjoyed with lovely weather.

• The next time to visit the Dehradun is from July to September. The spot looks lavishly green and beautiful because of the sudden rains. Dehradun looks like it is inviting you and so you must use the opportunity to enjoy and calm your soul.

Thus, the opportunity is used by us. We all are monsoon lovers, and then we decided to get a break by enjoying in Dehradun trip. We all carried important things like umbrellas, raincoats and some winter wears.

So, we can easily enjoy the weather without getting into any problem. You can read also Best Places to Stay in Chopta.

Mussoorie Travel Guide

• Thus, the last time to visit is October to February. It is time during which the weather becomes dramatically cool and is not easy to handle. The temperature in Dehradun decrease deep down to 3 degrees Celsius. Due to extreme weather, snowfall enters in nearby hill stations.

The view of Dehradun becomes unpredictable and unexpected. The sight view is fantastic. You can read also Things to do in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

You must carry winters clothes with yourself if you are winter and snow lovers. We haven’t chosen these timings because all five of us can’t tolerate high winter conditions. 


Dehradun Travel Guide, The well-planned trip was excellent, and we enjoyed it a lot. You must try this location because you will get a fresh feel from your monotonous life.

The experience gets incredible with friends and family, so take them as well. So, go and enjoy it.

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