Mussoorie Tourism: Hills, Hiking, Biking, Location, Nature View.

Hey, feeling hot in the vacations of summer? Visit Mussoorie Tourism, the ultimate place to go for in the summer season. My friends (5 members) and I planned to visit Mussoorie trip to get out from this hot weather.

We planned the trip routes, so we decided to visit Dehradun first rather than going Massoorie directly. We booked tickets via the Redbus application for the 5 of us and started travel with excitement. We had a lot of fun while traveling to Dehradun. 

Mussoorie Tourism
Mussoorie Tourism

It was a little bit rush, but we covered all the places in the city within the expected time of 2 days. Now it is time we are off to Mussoorie Tourism from Dehradun. We booked a cab for 2500 INR, which is for 1 day. 

In between the travel, Mussoorie Lake came, but due to the exotic situation of bodies, it was not possible for us to visit it, so we postponed the plan, but still, we enjoyed it a lot.

Mussoorie Trip

We chatted with each other, played songs in the car, and had fun with the cold and peaceful weather full of fog. Now we reached our hotel in Mussoorie Tourism, and as the cab was booked for the entire day, so it was parked in the hotel’s parking.

The weather of Mussoorie Tourism was a little cold and soothing. The fog was in the aura, and visibility was also a little bit confusing.  We checked in the hotel, had some rest, got freshen up, and left the hotel to explore Mussoorie. The view from the hotel was fascinating to us.  

Top 6 Best places in Mussoorie.

Explore Mussoorie with a blend or mixture of Excitement, Nature, and Charm. It offers adventure and exciting things like nature walks, breathtaking historical monuments, countrysides, hills & mountains, camping, trekking, and many more. Here are some significant places you can explore in this great city. 

  • Kempty Falls 
  • Company Garden 
  • Mall Road 
  • Bhatta Falls 
  • Mussoorie Lake
  • Tibetan Buddhist Temple 

Kempty Falls 

Kempty Fall Mussoorie
Kempty Fall Mussoorie

Mussoorie trip, Kempty fall is situated between Dehradun and Mussoorie roads. The location is blessed with natural beauty. Water is falling from 40 feet in height. If you love to swim, this is the exact place to come.

Mountain cliffs surround the place. Kempty fall is at about an altitude of around 4500 feet above sea level. For a picnic also, this is the perfect match to visit. We had a lot of fun there.

The plus point to visiting Kempty fall is, there are no fee charges. Our 5 members group includes 2 girls also, so they faced a little problem with changing. But there was the facility of changing room.

Kempty Falls Mussoorie
Kempty Falls Mussoorie

They charge 10 INR for each person to change, so we set the deal at 20 INR for 5 of us. We bathed in the waterfall and had lots of fun there. The view was also so panoramic that no one could ever forget that view.

In this fun and exciting trip of kempty fall, we are all famished. So we came out, there were so many stalls of fast food. We had Maggie, and Allu ka paratha and both tasted so delicious.  

Activities to Perform in Kempty fall 

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  • The place is best as a picnic spot. 
  • Here, one can spend gala time with their friends and family by having lots of fun. 
  • If having valuables in hand, don’t take them to the waterfall. Lockers are provided to the visitors at some nominal fee, and just safe to keep them in the lockers. 
  • In the pool of the waterfall, one can enjoy it very much. 
  • Take an extra pair of clothes, as, at this time, you might face rainfall. Due to the cold weather, keep a winter upper with you to keep your body safe from getting cold.  

Company Garden 

Company garden - places to visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie trip, After visiting the kempty fall, we thought to visit the Company Garden. It was about 4 to 5 km away from kempty falls. Company Garden is a popular tourist attraction in Mussoorie Tourism, and everyone loves to visit it here.

The garden has greenery, beautiful flowers, and so mesmerizing natural way that grabs the attraction of everyone’s eyes. We clicked lots of pictures there. The Garden is so lovely; we spend the rest of the time of the day there.

The place was so peaceful; it made us feel calm and peaceful.  The Garden is eclectic enough for a perfect photoshoot as well. There was an artificial pond also situated, including a human-made waterfall in it.

It is a great property to behold the entire view of the garden. For nature lover people, it is a satisfying place to visit.

We did boating over there and had fun for just 25 INR per person. Other than this, now again, we had our snacks. We had fast food, parathas, and other things as well. You can also read Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

Things to See and Do in Company Garden

Flora and Blossoms 

It is the main attraction of the Company’s Garden, having a huge range of floras in it. The place has almost 800 types of flowers and plants in it from the late spring till the monsoon. 

Green Lawns 

Going on a Mussoorie trip with the family, this lawn is a great place to spend some quality time with the family. The lawn has a fountain in its middle, and the family can plan a picnic over there with their kids. 

Telescope View

The telescopic view in Company Garden is very much exciting. This view is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains, which are far away to visit. It costs 10 INR for each person. A great experience one can avail via this view.  

Mall Road 

 Mussoorie mall road - Mussoorie Tourism
Mussoorie mall road – Mussoorie Tourism

Now the day is ending, and there is not enough time to visit other places. So we planned to visit our Mall Road. Mall road is a kind of shopping and restaurant road where we spent some time.

It’s dinner time now, but we didn’t find any perfect vegetarian restaurant for us so we asked people for suggestions. People suggested for two restaurants; one is The Green Vegetarian and the second is Aggarwal Vegetarian.

We preferred the Aggarwal ones. The restaurant is one of the best food areas in Massorie for vegetarian food. The food was delicious there but was a little bit expensive as compared to our Jaipur city.

If you visit Mussoorie Tourism, you should try the food from that restaurant. And after having dinner, we went back to the hotel as it was such a hectic day for us after so much travelling. 

Bhatta Falls 

bhatta falls pic - places to visit in mussoorie

Mussoorie trip, In the early next morning, we visited Bhatta falls there. Natural essences surround the place. The waterfall is natural, and it is so beautiful.

There were forests all around the waterfall, having the very least artificial items around the place. The place is good for photography also.

We took lots of pictures there as remarks.  While returning from the Bhatta falls, we took the ride of ropeways. It was so fascinating for us to travel with ropeways. It added more glance to our trip.

Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie lake places to visit in mussoorie

After this, we visited Mussoorie Lake, the last spot for us to see. That lake was also peaceful and offered us a calm environment where we chatted with others for so long. Now we returned to pack our luggage for Jaipur. 

Tibetan Buddhist Temple 

Tibetan Buddhist Temple mussoorie
Tibetan Buddhist Temple mussoorie

It is an old temple located in the Happy Valley Mussoorie. The Tibetan Buddhist Temple is home to significant Tibetan Monasteries. It is a top-rated tourist attraction in the city; several people visit this temple daily. You can explore this temple without paying any money and have a memorable time.

What to keep in mind before visiting Mussoorie Tourism? 

  • Take an extra pair of shoes with you, as the shoes can be messed up because of the waterfalls. 
  • Keep extra clothes with you, in case of changing. 
  • Don’t go without making plans. I want a perfect tour, then plan the trip properly. 

Best Time To Visit in Mussoorie.

mussoorie trip for 3 days

Mussoorie trip, If you plan to visit Mussoorie, a comfortable season for you to plan the trip will be between July to September. In this season, the weather is normal and a little cold.

The weather will make you feel like you are touching the environment. Clouds were on the head, and the air was cold and calm. The atmosphere is so peaceful.

If anyone desires to feel the snowfall, December to February will be the best time. But you might face some problems such as road traffic due to heavy snowfall.

snowfall in mussoorie

If you desire to visit Mussoorie in normal weather, then April to July will be the best one. But at this time, you might feel rushed over there with tourism. You can also read Mussoorie Travel Guide.


We had a lot of fun there, and the experience cannot describe in words correctly. But one should visit Mussoorie trip as the place is mesmerizing and helps you collect life memories. 

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How to Reach: 

By Road: Mussoorie is well-connected by road. You can take a bus from your location to Mussoorie Bus Station. After reaching Mussoorie’s bus station, you can take local taxis, auto-rickshaws, and other vehicles. 

By Railway: You can take the train from your nearby Railway Station and reach Dehradun Railway Station. The Dehradun Railway Station is the nearest Railway station to Mussoorie. 

By Air: You can take the flight from your nearby Airport and reach the Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun. The Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun is the nearest Airport to Mussoorie.  


Why is Mussoorie famous for tourism?

Mussoorie is a famous destination known for its vibrant, beauty-rich culture. It is an excellent location for newlyweds, families, and friends. 

Is it OK to visit Mussoorie now?

The best time to explore Mussoorie is from April to July. This time, the weather in Mussorie became ideal. 

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