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Darjeeling travel blog Darjeeling! After hearing this name ‘Darjeeling’ what first comes into your mind? Please tell us through the comment section. If you ask what I think, then I will say about Darjeeling Tea.

Yes! Darjeeling tea is the tastiest tea in the world. Darjeeling is one of the biggest exporters of tea as well.

Not only in the case of tea, but Darjeeling is also famous due to its tourist spots, mountains, snowfalls and many other things which I will discuss below.

Darjeeling Hill Travel Blog

Friends today, I am going to give a spotlight on my Darjeeling travel blog or share my experiences. You can read also Cheap Holiday Destinations in India

So, friends if you are really curious to know about Darjeeling and want to know details about my travel routes and experiences, then please stay with me till the end.

Here I am going to discuss all mine Darjeeling travel blogs. So, let’s unlock a strange trip of my life to the kingdom of mystery that means Darjeeling. You can read also Best Food in Gangtok Trip.

Introduction of Darjeeling

Darjeeling is well known as ‘Tea district.’ This is actually present in West Bengal. After Kashmir, if any place in the earth heaven is present, then that would be Darjeeling travel blog.

Tea district Darjeeling l Travel Blog

Darjeeling is one of the attractive places in India. Not only Indian or Bengalis but also a vast number of Bhutani, Nepali, and Bangladeshi come to visit that place.

It is one of the most attractive places in India. You can read also Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in India.

Not only for being the trader of tasty tea, but Darjeeling is also very famous due to the visiting places like Madhuban Park, Surya Sen Park, Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Darjeeling Ropeway so and so.

MMT Hotels [CPS] IN

My Traveling Plan to go Darjeeling Travel Blog

One day this summer, my Friend Gupta and I were discussing the dangerously hot summer. That all most kill us. You can Read also Best Family Holiday Destinations in India.

So, if we make a plan to go somewhere, to get relief from it. It was the summer vacation, so not any holiday application is required.

Tea district Darjeeling l Travel Blog

Then, Gupta said about Kashmir, But, I firmly refuse that because of the critical conditions of Kashmir. So, at that time, the name of Darjeeling came into my mind. Darjeeling can give an excellent feeling at the time of Summer.

So, we decided to visit Darjeeling. Gupta and I call several friends to join with us to visit Darjeeling. Yes! My friends become thrilled as they almost become boars in this summer vacation. You can read also the Most Attractive Places in India.

Lastly, three friends, namely Ritu, Aryan, and Afrin, joined with us to visit Darjeeling. But it was a totally unknown place, so I had not any plan on how to manage the trip. Then, Ritu said his cousin’s brother stays in Kolkata.

If we request him, then he may join us. That’s it we made a call to Ritu’s cousin brother ‘Dev’ he agreed with us. And, our plane to visit Darjeeling travel blog becomes foolproof.

We were very excited to visit Darjeeling. Actually, we are going from Jaipur. So, we need to take the Railway of the busway to reach Kolkata.

I discuss with my tour group which route would be best they told me about the Railway.  You can read also Places to Visit in August in India.

Railway Darjeeling l Travel Blog

So we booked tickets to Mumbai, then from Mumbai to Kolkata. After that day or moment came to take the railway. You can read also Places For Couples In Jaipur.   

We bag packed a lot of essential products and dresses with some crucial medicines as well. We already booked the ticket of Kolkata-Mumbai express.

We mainly booked a sleeping, reservation coach. After reaching Mumbai station, we enter into the train on that same day. After two days, we reached Kolkata.

The Main Journey Starts from Here Darjeeling Travel Blog

After Reaching Kolkata we met Ritu’s cousin, brother Dev, who already booked flight tickets for us for Bagdogra. As we already sent our Passport to him. You can read also Places to Visit in India.

The reason behind the booking flight is that there was not running any train from Kolkata to Darjeeling. Leave it! That day after a long journey, we rest in the house of Dev.

Very next day at 4 pm we took the flight. It was quite exciting and pretty much a good feeling for us. You can read also Andaman Itinerary.

After a journey of three hours, we reached Bagdogra airport, which was the central airport of Darjeeling travel blog.

oyo hotel Darjeeling l Travel Blog

Dev Already booked the hotel ticket by the OYO hotel app. After reaching Bagdogra, we booked a cab to our hotel, namely, Summit Grace Hotel. Our hotel was 39.7 km away from Bagdogra Airport.

So, cab demanded huge money from us it was about 955 rs. But the hotel’s room was not so much costly it was about 450 rs per day. You can read also Best Family Holiday Destinations in India.

The hotel was pretty good. The sight scene of the hotel spellbound us. The beauty you can not imagine without going there actually. If you really want to know the real beauty of Darjeeling and actively evaluate it, then you should visit Darjeeling.

Afrin was more excited at night by watching such an impressive snowfall. We rest in the hotel for that day, as we were going to start our journey on the very next day. You can read also Best Indian Food for Travellers.

moutains Darjeeling l Travel Blog

Nextday Was really very impressive for us. As we saw the rising sun on such a Snowing day. The beauty was really spellbound to us.

Dev was all set to start the journey, he booked a private car for us. The private car actually took the price according to the distance of km.

It was about 6 rs/km. But the driver was Bengali and Dev also was Bengali, so Dev able to reduce the price at about 5 rs/km. You can read also Best Family Holiday Destinations in India.

We Started the Journey Darjeeling Travel Blog

Firstly we took the private car and got a ride for the Coronation bridge, it was about 37 km away from Bagdogra and two km away from our hotel, namely Summit Grace Hotel. So, it was easy to reach this destination.

summit grace hotel Darjeeling

The bridge was such lovely. If was white in color. This white color will really spellbind you as it has a historical heritage. A small river named Tisty which actually has a little amount of water running under it.

After that, we got a ride to Surya Sen Park, which was 40 km away from Bagdogra but 5 km away from my hotel namely, Summit Grace Hotel. You can read also Best Islands in India for Honeymoon.

So, we visited there. The entry fees of that park were 15 rs/ individual at that time. We saw such as the immense beauty of Surya Sen Park. Dev and Me start the video shooting.

darjeeling Surya- Sen Park

Personally, I was thrilled and excited after watching the beauty of Surya Sen Park. According to Dev Surya Sen was the king of that Place, so this park is dedicated to his name.

After watching such a beautiful place, we got a ride to visit Madhuban Park. It was quite similar to Surya Sen Park. You can read also Top Tourist Destination in India.

But the most important thing that should be denotated here that I was spellbound by the taste of Tea in that park.

Dev told me that is Darjeeling tea, I heard about the feeling of Darjeeling tea, but I got to know that day why it is soo famous all over the world. You can read also Best Travel Tips to Asia.

Yes, it should be noted that there were not any entry fees in Madhuban Park. In the park we took a taste of some desert and some mountain fast food, that was very delicious.

Darjeeling Madhuban Park

After Madhuban Park we went to visit ISKON Temple, it was pretty exciting for us. Ritu was really very excited after watching such a spellbound sight scene of Iskon Temple.

She told me to stay some time at the ISKON temple. We obey her and stay there some time. It was at about 10 km away from my hotel Summit Grace Hotel, so we quickly encounter that place.

We started the video shooting at that place. But, video shooting in the inner side of the temple was strictly prohibited. You can read also Best Places to Visit in Dehradun.

After ISKON Temple, we went to Umrao Sing Boat Club. At the club, we enjoyed a lot. It was about 15 km away from the hotel. We took the ticket to enter the club, it was about 150rs/individual.

ISKON Temple

We decided then the boat, I mainly accompanied by Afrin in the vessel and ridden a long way. Ritu fears water, so she didn’t become the part of such Boat riding. She encouraged us from the ground. It was quite an incredible feeling for us.

After Visiting the Umrao Sing Boat club, our journey for that day was ended. We returned to the hotel and rests at night. We were pretty much tired of that journey.

So, we sleep in the hotel and take only pure vegetable fruits at night. You can read also Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh Itinerary

At very next day we took the journey of City center, we already booked a hotel in the City Center through OYO Hotels. The name of the hotel was the Orbit hotel. There the price was quite high it was about 550rs/day.

Summit Grace Hotel Darjeeling

We checked out of the hotel by paying all kinds of bills. After that took the train from Bagdogra to City Center station, the train ticket was about 45rs/ individual. In the train, we enjoyed the sight view.

Sightview was very interesting. You may see the floating clouds in front of you. We bought several home decorating things from the howker on the train.

I was standing in front of the gate, so I really felt out the scenic beauty of nature, which actually spellbound me. You can read also Places to Visit in Auli, Uttrakhand.

Darjeeling travel blog

Ritu joined with me, and we were talking about the beauty of Darjeeling. On the way by doing that kind of conversation we reached to City Center.

After reaching the Citycenter, we booked a cab to reach the hotel, namely the Orbit hotel. It was about 5 km away from the city center rail station. You can read also Places to Visit in Kasol.  

You will not belive the beauty of that railway station, all the furniture or instruments that you say made up of wood. These instruments really attract us until our cab has arrived.
After Reaching the hotel, we rest in the rooms.

tea garden Darjeeling travel blog

We order Darjeeling tea there, the smell of the brew really spellbound us. We didn’t go out that day. It was pretty cold in the City center. So, we had to use our wool cloth there. you can read also Best Family Holiday Destinations in India.

In the Very Next Day, We Continued the Trip Darjeeling Travel Blog

At first, we went to watch out for the toy train. .I mainly didn’t watch out any toy train in my life, only read the name toy train. So, I was pretty much excited to watch Toy Train.

For that, we needed to go to the Darjeeling Himalaya railway station. It is mainly a station of a toy train, far away 20 km from City Center. We watched the toy train there. The train only contained 3-4 Wagon.

tea garden Darjeeling travel blog

Afrin was pretty excited to take a ride to that toy train, so we decided to take a trip and rode for 5 km with that train the station where we left it was Nincha What I remember.

After leaving the train, we rode another toy train to back that station where we previously ride. It was an excellent feeling for me. You can read also Adventure Sports in Chopta.

That, we went to Tiger Hill, we had not time to spend on tiger hill as it was almost evening. So, we decided to come to Tiger Hill again in the early morning the next day. As it was only 5 km away from City Center.

Darjeeling Tiger Hill

We came back to the tiger hill the next day in the early morning. It was a pretty incredible experience for me. As I encounter the first ray of the sun across the tiger hill.

It was a fascinating thing for me, So, if you visit Darjeeling then you must go to Tiger Hill. A lot of people from various parts of India visits Darjeeling mainly for encountering the golden beauty of Tiger Hill.

After Tiger Hill, we went to visit Batasia Hill. Batasia hill is one of the most important visiting places in Darjeeling. You can read also Best Indian Food for Travellers.  

It attracts a lot of visitors due to its appearance. You will able to get the beauty of Batasia if you visit there.

Batasia Hill darjeeling

This place is surrounded by pine trees and snow healing on the site you may encounter. It is not far from our hotel, at about 5 km far from Batasia Hill.

It is a Time of quiet interest and adventure as well. As next, we went to visit Darjeeling Ropeway. It was about 3 km far from the City center.

This ropeway was running on the way of tea gardens actually. You can read also  Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

So, we decided to ride those ropeways. The price was high at about 350rs/ individual because it was a very long ropeway at about 2 km. We rode it and enjoyed it much.

 darjeeling travel blog

At that time, we able to watch out the scenic beauty of a tea garden with the floating cloud as well. So, it was a very interesting experience for me.

Darjeeling Tea gardens, If you visit Darjeeling and don’t visit the tea garden, then it is your mistake that you miss out to encounter the beauty of such tea gardens.

I visited tea gardens with Ritu and Dev. You can read also Jaipur Travel Guide.

All members of my team were tired; they were resting in the hotel, so we visited there. Really a very rich filling. I got to watch out many local women who were working at those gardens. There was a factory in Tea nearby.

 darjeeling travel blog

We visited there and bought ten packets of tea, each package was about 450 rs/ 500 Grams. Though it was costly but, believe me, the taste and smell, you will forget everything.

After that, we visited Nightingale Park, with Darjeeling rock garden which was quite near to each other. You can read also Things to Do in Patnitop.

In the Rock garden, we used to visit a hotel where typical mountain foods were available. There, we eat fish fry and curry with chicken.

Darjeelingb Madhuban Park-pic

The taste of such foods was really very tasty. I heard about Bengal spice but tasted that day. Dev told me that if you really want to eat spicy food, then you should go to Kolkata to get the super taste of foods. you can read also Places to Visit in Darjeeling.


Friends This was all about the experience to visit the Darjeeling travel blog. I felt that I come to Heaven. I spellbound explicitly by the beauty of Darjeeling.

There were a lot of places nearby that I didn’t include, you will get to know after arriving there. You can read also Best Camping in Chopta, Uttarakhand.

Darjeelingn Surya Sen Park-pic

There have such places like Sandakophu trek, Teesta river, National park also spellbound you. I hope you like this article, friends. If you like, then please share this with your friends.

Friends If you have any queries related to this article, then don’t forget to share your thought via comments. Stay tuned for the next update.

Till then, Goodbye. Thanks for reading. You can read also Recommendations for Traveling to India.

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  1. Amazing images! And your post is very informative. Last month I visited Darjeeling with my family. It is a very beautiful and calm place its apt for refreshing your mind away from the city chaos. Overall it’s a perfect destination for holiday.


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