Andaman Itinerary 2024 | How to Plan a Budget Trip of Andaman Itinerary?

Andaman Tour Itinerary

Andaman Itinerary, Andaman Island is located in the Bay of Bengal, and it is a group of 572 small islands from which 36 islands are the human settled island.

You cannot explore all the 36 islands on one trip, so plan a few ones which are the most famous and has some adventurous activities to perform also. Nicobar Island is the largest Island of India, and Umananda Island is the smallest island of India.

Andaman and Nicobar islands are very famous, and the entire islands are inhabitable. It is divided into two parts Andaman Island and Nicobar Island.

Andaman Itinerary is a widely famous destination and popular for tourist activities. If you plan a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands and want to know more places to visit on Andaman, you can read about the Top 10 Places to Visit in Andaman. However, if you are planning for an Andaman trip for the first time then you should always opt for Andaman Tour Packages from a trusted Andaman travel agency.

Andaman Itinerary

Why Andaman is Famous

Andaman Island is an exotic island that is famous for its honeymoon and couples trip destination. You can check out some amazing Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon Packages online. Only the Indian Navy and Air force base can be situated there.

It is a perfect place in India made for a relaxing and stress-free tour. Many the folk desire to visit the island, and Andaman is the most famous one in India all islands for tourism.

Andaman trip

Tour plans are made to have fun and to run out of hectic schedules. Andaman Itinerary is the destination where you can attain the beauty of nature, and perfect sightseeing, and not only this; you can also do many adventurous activities over there.

How to Plan Andaman Trip

Andaman is the right place to come, which re-energizes the person for his hefty daily routine again properly for a few months. Andaman Island is a peaceful and tranquil place to soothe the inner soul.

Andaman Itinerary

So if you have any plan to reach the Island to bring peace in life, please tread our post thoroughly. The reason being is, if you travel for any trip, you will first look at how much it will cost you for sure.

Some people like to travel in a guided group. You can plan a trip to Andaman with the help of the tour agency in your city. They will explain to you the complete guidance of the Andaman Trip Itinerary so that you can plan the trip properly in budget-friendly criteria. They will offer you customized tour packages for family and friends.

Nowadays, every piece of information is available online. With all this information and multiple tour website, you can self-planned your trip at the best price.

People who are newly married can plan a honeymoon to Andaman. They can enjoy the true colors of nature and romantic sunset. They can also visit other islands. For more information, you can also read Best Island in India for Honeymoon.

How to Reach Andaman Islands

For the Andaman tour plan, there are two options available for that. The first one is via cruises, and the second one is via airways.

How to Reach Andaman By Ship

Andaman Itinerary

There are three ports Kolkata, Chennai, and Visakhapatnam from there, you can sail to Andaman. Sea Route is preferable only on one condition when you have enough time. Because if you are not from these cities, it must reach there 2 or 3 days before the shipping schedule.

Journey time

It will consume approximately 2.5 days or 55 -70 hours. Mainly time depends on the location of your origin point. Now about the budget for the ship, different classes can cost you around 3000 to 12000 Rs.

Kolkata to Port Blair: Approx 66 hours (Distance -1255 km)

Chennai to Port Blair: Approx 60 hours (Distance -1190 km)

Vishakapatnam to Port Blair: Approx 56 hours (Distance -1200 km)

Andaman Itinerary

How to Reach Andaman by Flight

The airway is the most convenient way to reach Andaman. Port Blair is the near airport and the only way to get to Andaman. Direct flight available from Kolkata, Chennai, and Vishakapatnam to Andaman. It takes 2.5 hours of travel time.

It will not consume much time to reach Andaman; within a few hours, you can get here. If we talk about the airways budget, it will cost you about 8000 INR for one side.

Andaman Itinerary

Hotels in Andaman, Port Blair

Want to save money on booking at hotels? Pre-book the hotels to save money. If you book hotels offline after reaching, it will cost you much more than expected.

Booking hotels via online platforms will let you receive good discounts, and if you book a few days back, you will receive more discounts, which saves money. 

Andaman Itinerary

In the Andaman tour itinerary, reaching and hotel booking is the most important and primary thing on which you need to pay close attention.

Which is The Best Month to Visit Andaman?

Most people visit Andaman between October and May. It is the best time to stay there because it is pleasant and right for water sports and beach excursions. The roads are safe you can travel easily.

July to September time period is not recommended because of constant rain and strong wind.

Best Island in India for Honeymoon.

Andaman Island is a part of India, so Indian tourists no need a visa to travel here as it is part of India. Some places of Island are restricted to travel as they are under the protection.

How many days are sufficient for Andaman Trip?

Andaman trip

If you plan to visit Andaman, make sure to make it for 5 nights at least. As you are going to a different place and it is impossible to get every vacation, you need to spend a few days over there.

If you have more days, then you can extend it also otherwise, make your trip of at least 5 nights to explore Andaman. 

Before planning, you can read some Andaman itinerary blogs or get proper guidelines from Andaman itinerary trip advisor.

Itinerary for Andaman

Suppose you want to go to the Andaman Islands. First, you decide the budget for the Andaman trip. So you plan a trip budget-friendly. However, you can read some Andaman itinerary blog. With the help of them, you can get more information. What should we carry to Andaman?, How much does the Andaman trip cost? Etc.

If you will hire any guide or take any package, it might cost you much. So plan everything by yourself. So let’s get started:

Andaman Itinerary for 5 Nights

If you have 6 days and 5 nights plan for Andaman Trip, then we will tell you how you can plan your trip for your 5 nights:

Day 1: Port Blair

If you want to make your trip more exciting, the most important thing is to make you active and fresh for it. Port Blair is the airport, which is the only way to reach Andaman.

In Port Blair, the sightseeing of evening is so mesmerizing makes the person feel so pleasant.

After Port Blair and you can also explore some other places like can visit Corbyn’s Cove. It is at Chidiya Tapu. It is best for watching the sunset.

Day 2: Port Blair to Havelock and Radha Nagar Beach

Andaman Itinerary

On the second day, you can take the public ferry to Havelock from the Port Blair jetty. The time to Journey to Havelock is around 2 hours. Jetty is beautiful enough for sightseeing.

Bluewater with a panoramic view of the sky looks pleasant, and it is a perfect way to reach. A tired and exerted person will enjoy for sure here. This is the right place away from city chaos.

Even this is a picturesque destination where you can capture perfect clicks. On Vijay Nagar Beach, there is a Govt Resort, which you can book, and only 15 minutes drive will take you to the place.

Radha Nagar Beach

Havelock is considered the best tourist place which has beautiful beaches to enjoy. In the afternoon, you can reach Radha Nagar Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

Radha Nagar Beach has the most beautiful and amazing sunset, and you can ask the visitors and check out the reviews as they witness its beautiful sightseeing.

Don’t worry about your valuables. At the beach, you will find lockers in which you can place your valuables. You will get changing rooms also over there to change for enjoy at the beach.

Day 3: Elephant Beach

Havelock Jetty

Elephant Beach is most famous for doing some water activities. You can do snorkeling and a glass-bottom boat ride.

When it comes to reaching this beach, you can reach there by the Havelock Jetty, or you can walk through a forest to reach here.

Walkthrough the forest will take only around 30 minutes. If you want a suggestion, I would like to suggest you take the walking way.

Elephant Beach

The reason is the thrill and adventure you will face when you go to the beach via the dense forest. Here you can spend overnight with the mesmerizing view of the beach. In the evening, you can capture the view of the sky and how it is changing its color.  

Day 4: Neil and Natural Coral Bridge

Neil Island

From the jetty or by ferry, within an hour, you can reach Neil. On both sides, you can view Bharatpur and Laxmanpur Beach. These beaches are beautiful to look picturesque.

Here also you can take a view of the sunset. Even this island has its own sunset viewpoint also. Neil Island is a visit place because the main purpose is to reach Natural Coral Bridge.

This beach is full of dead corals. We were talking about sunset, right, but now it is about sunrise. If you have enough time to explore the place, you can reach Sita Nagar Beach, perfect for the sunrise view.

Day 5: Cellular Jail

Port Blair
Port BlairPort BlairPort Blair

From Neil, now you have to get back to Port Blair, and from there, you need to visit Cellular Jail.

Take the tickets of the light and sound show, which is a little emotional and narrates the story of our freedom fighters about how they fought for us and from what they have gone through for our freedom.

Day 6: Time to go home


Andaman Itinerary, Now it is the time when you have to say goodbye to the Andaman Islands. In which you can take the sightseeing view of Port Blair.

In the late afternoon, you have a flight to visit Samundrika Marine Museum and Anthropological Museum in the afternoon, and after that, take your flight and reach your home.

This is the Itinerary for Andaman for 5 nights and 6 days.

Andaman Itinerary for 7 Nights

If you have time and you want to expand your trip for 7 nights and 8 days then add a few more places to visit such as:

Day 6: Ross Island and North Bay

Ross Island

Ross Island is the one that shows the beauty of history. It is said that the island shows the past of Paris. At the earlier time, Ross Island is the one which was used to spend some luxury quality time.

From there, you can reach North Bay. This is another destination to visit on Andaman Island. The activities you can do in Havelock, you can do it in North Bay also.

 Day 7: Diglipur Beach and Little Andaman Island

Andaman Island

Diglipur Beach is best for bringing peace to mind. This beach is surrounded by the breathtaking surrounding. Kalipur Beach is also near there within 5 minutes distance.

The beach is overlooked by the saddle peak. Little Andaman Island is one of the most amazing attractions in the Andaman Islands.

When you check the major attractions of Andaman Island, White Surf Waterfall is a must-visit place, and Little Andaman Island is where the white surf waterfall is located.

This place is less crowded, and you will feel much better over here. Don’t worry about the overnight stay; Huawa Beach Resort is here, perfect for your night stay.

Day 8: Time to go Home

 trip to Andaman

Now reach Port Blair, have fun over there. Watch out for the sightseeing, and in the late afternoon, catch your flight and get back to your home.

Your decision to plan a trip to Andaman is a great one. Hill stations are common nowadays for trips that are crowded throughout the year.

I hope that our guide mentioned above helped you to plan the trip economically. We have shared our best itinerary for Andaman Island and hope that now you can make your trip much more exciting.

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