The Ultimate Guide Of The Churdhar Trek | Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Churdhar Trek

Travelling is a special part of our life, and those who don’t travel don’t live a fulfilled life. Our destination is never a place but a new way to explore things, and trekking is something exciting, and there is a saying that “the best views come after the hardest climbs.” So, Let’s talk about the Churdhar trek; this is one of the fascinating treks near Shimla.

If you are one of those wanderlust persons, you will love to trek on Churdhar peak. The Location of Churdhar peak is located in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

Churdhar trek temple
Churdhar temple

It is also known as Churi-Chandani, which means “mountain in bangles of snow,” and it really is. Churdhar peak is one of those locations where you can see what heaven looks like.

Here are some points that you should know before going trekking.

Churdhar Trek Distance and Start Points:

Churdhar Trek hill
Churdhar Trek hill

To reach Churdhar peak, you can take three routes:

  • The first one starts at Chaupal, which is situated in the district of Shimla. It is the shortest route you can take with a trek distance of 7 Kms.
  • The second route is located at Haripurdhar in the Sirmaur district, and it has a trekking distance of 50 km.
  • The third most preferable route is Nohradhar, which is a 20 Km trek uphill.

Churdhar Peak Height:

Churdhar Peak Trek
Churdhar Peak Trek

Churdhar is the highest peak in the outer Himalayas in the Sirmour district at the height of 3,647 meters; 11,965 feet.

Best Time To Visit Churdhar:

Best Time To Visit Churdhar
Churdhar Trek weather

If you want to enjoy your trip to Churdhar to its fullest, you should visit there between May/ June. Else you can visit there from May to mid of November. Let me tell you about the other months.

  • April: This month, the thick snow of winter starts to melt. If you visit Churdhar this month, then you will be lucky enough to witness a heavy snow cover over the Churdhar peak.
  • May: In the end week of April, snow starts to melt; therefore, in this month, there is no snow, which makes trekking easier. Also, you can see a magical scene with the Rhododendrons in full bloom.
  • August and September: As the monsoon season to the flora of the region, you will be welcomed with a trek covered with blooming flowers and soft green grasses.
  • October: As the temperature decreases as you climb higher towards Churdhar, the skies remain clear, and you can enjoy the beauty of this landscape.
  • November: For all of you who love trekking in snow, this month is ideal for you, as the Churdhar peak is usually covered in a thick carpet of snow by this time of the year.

Nohradhar To Churdhar Trek Distance:

Churdhar Trekking
Churdhar Trekking

Nohradhar is located 7000 feet in Sirmour district, 70 km from Solan. It is situated far from the busy hustle of the famous hill station in Himachal. Locals call Nohradhar Nora one street down with 20-30 shops and some hotels.

Churdhar Trek Temperature:

Churdhar Trek Temperature
Churdhar Trek Temperature

In Churdhar, the temperature varies between 4 degrees to 35 degrees. The weather there is always pleasant, with levitating clouds, greenery in the path and a thick white snow blanket covering the top of mountains.

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Churdhar Trek Distance Form Delhi:

Churdhar Trek rest area
Churdhar Trek rest area

If you start your journey from Delhi, then first you have to Nohradhar, which is a hamlet on the Solan-Rajghat-Sangrah road.

This route is about 390 km from Delhi to Nohradhar, and from there, you have to trek 20 km uphill. This route has beautiful scenery that refreshes your mind and soul.

Churdhar Trek Distance Form Chandigarh:

Churdhar Trek height
Churdhar Trek height

If you are starting your journey from Chandigarh, it is a 130 Kms drive for you from Chandigarh to Nohradhar. Or you can get a bus from Chandigarh ISBT Sector 17.

It will take about 4.5 hrs to get there, and from there, you can start trekking and will pass through a forest of pine trees. It is truly a magical experience. And if You are Hungry, then you can see Food Tour in Chandigarh for Every Foodie.

Churdhar Trek Distance Form Shimla:

Churdhar snow trek
Churdhar snow trek

If you want to start your journey from Shimla, you can take a route via Chaupal-Saharan. Although its distance is just 7 Kms, this route is a bit tough due to the somewhat steep route initially.

From Saharan, you can find a shelter halfway where you can get some relaxing snacks and lunch. You can visit popular Places to Visit in Shimla.

Churdhar Trek Time:

Churdhar Trekking camp
Churdhar Trekking camp

The time to trek Churdhar depends on many variables, i.e., route chosen, break time, the weight of luggage, etc. So, let me tell you how much time (approx.) it will take on which route.

If you choose to trek from the Nohradhar route, it will take approximately 5-6 hrs to trek an 18km distance if you do not take too much time stopping for a break.

If you choose to trek from Shimla via Chaupal-Saharan, it will take you approximately 4-5 hrs to trek 7 km as this route has a steep starting.

If you choose to trek from Haripurdhar, it will take you approximately 13-14 hrs to cover a 50 km distance only when you try not to take long breaks during trekking.

Is It Safe To Go In March Staring To Churdhar Trekking:

Thick cover of snow mountain
A thick cover of snow mountain

Well, frankly speaking, you should avoid going to the Churdhar trek at the start of the month of March as the peak is covered in a thick layer of snow which starts to melt this month.

I recommend you go there in April as the snow has started to melt and you can enjoy the view of nature to its fullest.

At this time, the peak is covered with a thick cover of snow which has started to melt, giving a perfect view for you. Also, the sky is filled with levitating clouds which gives you a heavenly feeling, and the flora has started to grow, which leads to a green path in your way.

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Churdhar Trek Map:

Here you can see the Map of Churdhar Trek, which helps you easily reach there.

This trip will start from Delhi and approx. It is a 3 Nights/ 4 Days trip. So, travel enjoys and explores the highest peak of the outer Himalayas.

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