Top Rated Goa Destinations You Should Include in Your Travelling Bucket List!

On the West Coast of India, Goa is one of the most delightful states. This former Portuguese colony is endowed with a wide variety of attractions. Goa Destinations include miles of golden sands, palm-fringed beaches, mosaics of cultural heritage, lush green countryside, churches, temples, etc. There are also some magnificent hotels in Goa where you can have an enjoyable stay.

While a tropical climate prevails across all seasons, it remains a major tourist attraction across the year. Most importantly, it is a treasure trove of music, culture, dance, and other art forms.

So you can thoroughly enjoy this place during the local festivals and celebrations. The city’s vibrancy attains its pinnacle, especially during the Goa Carnival’s annual festival.

Some of the must-visit Goa destinations

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Built in 1605 AD, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is situated in Old Goa. It is now home to the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. This is the only church in Goa with no plasters on the exteriors.

When you visit the Basilica, you will come across a modern art gallery containing paintings that vividly depict Biblical scenes.

2. Arambol Beach

If “Picture-Postcard” had a visual representation, it would surely be Arambol Beach. This beach is strikingly beautiful, highly serene, and has a peaceful ambience. And while you climb up the hill, you’ll find a pool with soft yellow clay that is said to have incredible healing properties.

3. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is renowned for its soft sand, palm trees, and rocky formation over white sand. Located around 18kms from Panaji, many visitors visit this beach daily. And a weekly flea market draws plenty of tourists every Wednesday.

4. Reis Magos Church

The tiny hamlet of Reis Magos lies large on the banks of River Mandovi. It is home to two of the most famous landmarks of Goa Destinations – the Reis Magos Church and the Reis Magos Fort. Also, the unique fest of the Three Wise Men is held here. IN

5. Safa Masjid at Ponda

Sultan of Bijapur Ibrahim Adil Shah, built the Safa Masjid in 1560. This mosque hosted a relatively extensive complex of fountains and gardens, of which only the ruins remain.

However, the rectangular prayer hall of the mosque rests in all its grandeur. Major festivals like Eid-Ul-Zoha and Eid-Ul-Fitr are widely celebrated at this mosque with great pomp.

To Conclude

If you plan a short getaway trip or a honeymoon, then make sure the Goa Destinations. You will find some attractive stays surrounded by lush greenery and soothing languidness.

Since the destination is crowded with tourists throughout the year, you must make and confirm your hotel booking. This will not only ensure you a comfortable stay but will also help you enjoy your trip.

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