The Top 16 Honeymoon Destinations for 2024

Congratulations to the newly wedding couple! Finally, you are in the most auspicious relationship i.e. husband and wife. Surely you would have had an elegant marriage ceremony. And now it’s time to plan your honeymoon trip to the most glamorous place in the world.

A honeymoon is a one-time visit and thus needs to be incredibly momentous. Planning a high-interest honeymoon is natural but you also need to consider your budget, time limit, and weather. If you could take more leave from your job, go for a holiday for more than 10 days.

You can explore more than one destination with a good plan. Undoubtedly, the honeymoon is the most remarkable trip of your blooming life and the likelihood to love your partner in a most beautiful place.

Honeymoon is surely going to strengthen romantic vibes when you are with each other under the love sky. You could be religious, adventurous, culture lover, beach lover or dessert lover, or anything else. We have fully covered top honeymoon destinations for every couple out there. 

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, some of the destinations might not have been opened as of now but may open too soon. It’s always good to schedule your honeymoon in advance to have a better time to research the destinations to visit! 

16 incredible Honeymoon Destinations for 2022

#1 Hawaii

Hawaii is the coolest option ever if you are searching for honeymoon places in USA. The Hawaiian is the most romantic honeymoon destination with several amenities out there. Elegant and palm-lined seaside with foamy white-capped waves that persuade heavenly feeling.

There are superfluous resorts, a cool sunny atmosphere, several outdoor activities, and romantic places for couples.

#2 Fiji – Pacific Harbor

Fiji Islands is the absolute perfect place for newlywed’s couples who love to stroll in the water. Fiji has a private island surrounded by crystal clear water. You can also enjoy the heaven of luxurious hotels and a boat ride of about half an hour.

What could be more romantic than being with your soulmate in the middle of the water on islands with a perfect candlelight dinner and a couple of selfies!

#3 Maldives 

The Maldives – the name is only enough! It is the dream place for every couple to spend quality time with each other at the most heartwarming place. The Maldives honeymoon destination is known as the most elegant destination because of its heavenly glamour.

You can tour beaches, overwater bungalows, top retreats, and epicurean dinners. You can enjoy the palm tree swinging, hammock swaying, and a coconut beauty that pours romantic vibes to feel the love of each other by pulling apart all your stress. 

#4 Iceland

Iceland is a unique place for a honeymoon you could ever think of. The nature of Iceland is just astonishing! Glaciers, black gravel beaches, whales, volcanoes, and the celestial sky bring the best combination of nature.

You can stay at luxurious lodgings with all the core facilities that the culture provides. Also, you can have an audacious road journey there. You will never regret your honeymoon in Iceland. Feel the taste of Northern essence and capture it in your camera and hearts. 

#5 Italy 

Italy is the most charming country with a lot of attractive places and good to explore. Culture, food, and regional people spread the most colorful vibes of smiles and love.

You will surely fall in love with the monuments and food over there. Visit Venice, a place full of water streets, and feel the Mediterranean water with espresso and pizza.

Further, you can visit the historical monuments of Rome. You can stay at the grand lakeside villas that are just like a magical world. Italy is the most stunning honeymoon destination, you’ll never feel like leaving the country. 

#6 Greece

Santorini, Greece is a glamorous honeymoon site with several natural beauty destinations out there. The infinity pool, breathtaking sunsets, Aegean Sea look and historical landscapes will make you fall in love with it.

Santorini will allow you to feel the most stunning sunset sights at their highest peak. You can stay at an elegant resort that offers facilities of spa, hammam, outdoor fireplace, swimming pool and a personal cook for you. Greece will be the most unimaginable honeymoon destination ever! 

#7 Mauritius

Mauritius is the earth’s bliss with a perfect honeymoon location with the most romantic vibes. The green cliff, huge coconut trees, stunning waterfalls, sluggish white sand, palm trees, and sparkling oceans will make you feel your trip worth each day.

Just as we see while flipping the magazine pages, you will get to see the spectacular views of nature, rainbows, massive tortoises, and water lilies. The place has seaside hotels, clubs, bars to have a perfect feast and a party. A honeymoon destination place with mixed views and vibes to hold on to your love. 

#8 France 

Paris is the most romantic destination for a honeymoon with perfect places to hang out. The center of attraction in France is the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, The Hamlet, French Riverside, and many more which add glory to your honeymoon. The beauty of the culture is just astonishing in combination with the food there.

You can explore the well-known country for wines and sophisticated cookery in a well-developed culture. Roam in Rome hand in hand with your soulmate and have a life-loving honeymoon event. 

#9 Australia

New South Wales in Australia owns the crescent-shaped island that is listed on the World Heritage site. There is a special place for a honeymoon with an outstanding nearby location and a retreat to feel the essence of the Southern part. Being on Lord Howe Island, you will surely have the holy vibes of being in your own home. 

#10 Andaman, India 

The Andaman Islands are known as remote islands. Undoubtedly, the fact is true but Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon places have been made stunning with the development of resorts, 5-star hotels, and villas in 45 acres of land. It gives you the adventurous experience of skydiving and hiking on their sites.

In addition to that, you can explore the beaches of crystal clear water and jungles. It’s your honeymoon and thus it must be perfectly organized. The Andaman Islands have a perfect arrangement for honeymooners to make their trip a romantic one. 

#11 Peru

The holy valley in mountain Peru has an elegant space for an ideal honeymoon. It gives you the luxurious experience of adventures and a train trip to Machu Picchu.

It has an assortment of resorts and food courts to adore the natural beauty of the place. Scared Nature will make you fall in love with the peace of life and love. 

#12 Jaipur, India

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is a great destination and the center of attraction for every person. The pink beauty of Jaipur and its history is quite interesting. Jaipur holds the name for jewelry, footwear, cloth materials, sweets, and decorative items which dates back to the 16th century.

Jaipur is the perfect romantic place that reminds the romance of Kings and Queens of India. You can stay at the most elegant resort and further plan a trip to the nearby city Udaipur, the city of lakes. 

#13 East Africa 

Zanzibar, East Africa is equally beautiful as Mauritius. It is a unique honeymoon destination with the utmost peace all around. You can try various adventures out there. The resorts are surrounded by stunning beaches and glorious landscapes.

The cozy morning in the arms of your soulmate and blanket will make a perfect day to explore the beauty of East Africa. You can also add glory to your honeymoon by adding a further destination to Tanzania, wild safari, and Mt. Kilimanjaro

#14 New Zealand

New Zealand is a place filled with luxury and adventures for new couples. The Street drives through the country are heartwarming places for couples. You can enjoy the beauty of attractive flowers and the fragrance of your love. You can have the adventure activities of bungee jumping and skydiving.

Here is the luxurious hotel to have a stay with your love. You can also visit the nearby cities around New Zealand to explore its culture and food. It’s your honeymoon and a time to know your partner at a perfect place. 

#15 Indonesia 

Indonesia is a romantic landmark for newlyweds who love birds. It is the supreme honeymoon destination that gives an elegant experience of Balinese Dance, relaxing in an infinity pool, visiting historical temples, exploring the art and craft and valleys in Indonesia.

Nothing could be more beautiful than discovering a colorful place with your better half. It is a perfect honeymoon destination with 5-star resorts having a spa, swimming, gaming, musical theatre, and photography facilities. 

#16 Finland

Lapland, Finland is the top honeymoon destination to inaugurate your wedded life. The night view of star-filled skies and reindeer is the breathtaking experience you will ever have.

You can stroll in the national parks, experience the chunky sled ride with your love, dancing under the Northern lights sky, special romantic reindeer ride, ice swimming, and lakeside resort stay to start a perfect morning with a cultural resort food. Finland is the perfect land for a honeymoon trip that gives you the most memorable experience. 

In The End…

A honeymoon is a perfect getaway to start your life filled with romance. Honeymoon is the period to contribute your love and capture life’s most beautiful days in your hearts and camera. This article will surely help to choose the best honeymoon destinations in India & the Best honeymoon destination outside India. Happy life, happy journey! 

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