Shettihalli Church

Located 2 km from Shettihalli, Karnataka; the Shettihalli church is one of the ancient wonder of India by the French missionaries from the 1860s.

It is the finest structure of gothic architecture, and by finest I mean magnificent. However, after the Hemavati Dam & Reservoir constructed in 1960, the Shettihali Rosary church was abandoned due to the reservoir’s consistent flooding.


Since then, people flew from all across the states and different countries to view this magnificent half-submerged church, especially during monsoons.

Shettihalli Church History

French missionaries built the Shettihalli church in 1860. This gothic designed church was constructed on the picturesque banks of Hemavati River in Hassan and served the wealthy Britishers as a religious worship center. The Gothic style inspired structure does give Shettihalli church haunted vibes.

Shettihalli church
Shettihalli church

Soon after, the government decided to build the Hemavathi River and Gorur dam just so the flowing river could become useful in the better way.

The 1960 dam construction led to massive flooding of the Hemavati reservoir; resulting in flooding the church. Since then the church half submerges in water every monsoon leaving only the top portion of it to be visible, making it a rare sight.

Facts about Rosary Church Shettihalli

  • It is pretty evident now that I have stated the fact the church being half-submerged in the water; but once the water subsides, the Shettihalli church can be seen as a whole in its full magnificence.
  • The vicinity around the church is a significant shooting spot for shooting regional movies & serials.
  • Even after the consistent flooding of the reservoir over the past 25 years, the church stands tall
  • For those who are photography, lovers would love this place. When the dark sky reflects on the Shettihalli church through the Hemavati River on the background of the church, it creates the most amazing panoramic view.
  • For bird lovers and nature enthusiasts, this place would steal your eyes with its breathtaking surroundings.

Shettihali church distance from Bangalore is approximately 205 km, 123 km from Mysore and 22 km from Hassan.

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How to Reach Shettihalli Church Hassan

By road: Shettihalli church Hassan distance from Bangalore is 200km, and you can always choose to access through roads. Buses are also available which will drop you at the Shattihalli rosary church.

By train: Trains are available every day from Yashwantpur railway station to Hassan, Karnataka. Hassan to Shettihalli church distance is approximately 40 km.

Shettihalli church images
Shettihalli church images

Best Time to Visit

Though, there’s no specific time to visit the magnificent Shettihalli rosary church. However, the church has a different charm to it when watched half-drowned in the water during monsoons.

Nearby attractions

  • Belur and Halebid are some of the historical sites to visit in Karnataka.
  • Shravanabelagola: the town is famous for its gigantic statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali. The most significant pilgrimage destination considered for the Jain followers.

The vast majority uses Hassan as their break-point for visiting the beautiful temples at Belur and Halebid. Though, I would highly suggest you stay a little longer at Hassan to visit the Shettihali church.

Shettihalli Church Image Credit: Bikash R Das – Wikimedia Commons

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