Lizzie Borden House Haunted Story

You might be familiar with the Lizzie Borden story and must wonder- Is the story of Lizzie Borden house haunted real?

It’s the foremost and primary question that comes to everybody’s mind.

The infamous story behind the Lizzie Borden house haunted is that Lizzie Borden murdered her parents, Andrew Borden and Abby Borden(his 2nd wife).

Lizzie Borden House
Lizzie Borden House

The incident took place in the year 1892. But she was acquitted by a male jury in the year 1893, and the mystery behind the murder of the Bordens remained.

The event shook the whole American media and became history in the American media. Lizzie Borden charged not guilty even after so many trials.

She still had lived her life carrying the stain of her parent’s death. Ever since the murder, the house now known as the Lizzie Borden haunted house.

The question about the authenticity of Borden house haunting is still not much clear. However, we’ll find out more about it in this article.

Where is the Lizzie Borden Haunted House?

For those of you who are wondering about where is the Lizzie Borden house exactly? It is in the city of fall river, Massachusetts.

The Story of Lizzie Borden

The Lizzie Borden house is where Lizzie and her family lived together.

The property was owned by Andrew Borden who as an elite member of fall river’s high society. After Lizzie charged with the murder of her parents, she was soon acquitted by a jury.

Lizzie Borden House history

But Lizzie didn’t return to her old house; instead, she bought a new house located in the seven French streets. Lizzie named the house as Maplecroft. She lived there until her last breath.

Today, the former house she lived in, become bed and breakfast under the ownership of Martha Ginn. Martha’s grandparents bought the house in the year 1948.

Martha McGinn said that the room where Lizzie’s stepmother was killed is very popular amongst the tourists and visitors.

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Lizzie Borden House Haunted Inside Facts:

  • The maid was never enquired about the murder that took place in the Lizzie Borden house. When the body of Andrew Borden was found, they found a deep cut in his left temple.
  • That was probably made by the edge of the axe which was pounded into his head. Lizzie’s stepmother was found upstairs lying on the floor.
Lizzie Borden House images
Lizzie Borden House images

According to Lizzie’s statement, she was in the backyard of the house when she heard the noises. When she rushed inside, she saw her parent’s dead body and called her maid.

At first, the maid said to the police that she was unaware of any murder taking place. She further said that she was washing clothes on the 3rd floor but never heard any groan or thud as mentioned by Lizzie. Later, she claimed in her testimony that she did hear Lizzie’s laugh while allegedly murdering her parents.

  • lizzie borden house
    When the police reached, they saw no blood stains on either of their clothes. A newspaper article wrote that it was highly impossible for Lizzie to have killed her parents.
  • Even if we agree for a second that she killed her parents, why the police couldn’t find any traces of blood stains anywhere? It’s highly impossible for her to kill her parents back and forth at a different time, then changed her blood-stained clothes, return to the first floor and talk to the maid.

Even if we assume her to be the murderer again, considering, she would have murdered her parents without wearing any clothes. She still would have needed some time to clean herself up and dress before the neighbour’s arrival and called the cops

  • Lizzie Borden’s father was a prosperous businessman, but it was all because of his cheapskate behaviour.

According to Lizzie, her father has a lot of enemies, and she even feared for his life. She also said that her father’s discourteous nature would have him killed.

6 years after the murder, a retired sea captain claimed that he knew who the murderer was. According to him, because of Mr Borden, some sailors were imprisoned and afterwards they who sworn on taking revenge on him.

Lizzie Borden House  pictures
Lizzie Borden House pictures

But upon investigating the police found that the possibilities of murdering the borders by those sailors highly improbable.

  • The Borden sisters even set up a reward of 5000$ dollars for the murderer’s arrest. But no results could be found any further, even after countless investigations.

The reason why Lizzie Borden was arrested because the maid stated during an enquiry that she saw Lizzie burning a blue dress that has white spots on it. The police assumed it to be the dress Lizzie must have worn during the murder.

  • Even after she was acquitted of the murder, Lizzie was criticised her whole life by the public. No one in her neighbourhood would talk to her or make any eye contact. She lost her friends, and everybody seemed to avoid and isolated her.
  • After her trial, Lizzie didn’t stop living. Lizzie and her sister bought a new house with their inherited money in Fall River.
  • According to her prosecutor money was never the case as claimed by many. Lizzie already had 1000$ in her account- which was enough back in the 1800s. She also received 2% from her father per week as her pocket money. There were no debts either, so money couldn’t be the motive.
lizzie borden house inside

The fact is still unclear on the Lizzie Borden haunted house. However, the owner of the house lee Ann Wilber claims to have been hearing floor creak upstairs.

She often found doors opening and closing, a smell of a faint floral scent but it didn’t frighten her much.

In 2004, there’s this one night which she recalls it to be the scariest night of her life. She slept on the couch that night but woke up at exactly 3 AM, she then saw the chandelier’s power rising for 3 seconds, and the bulbs burst out.

Out of fear she ran outside of the house and slept in her car the entire night. Even after experiencing strange paranormal activities inside the house, Wilber lived there for nine years.

The Lizzie Borden house has attracted many visitors till date- from ghost hunters to lawyers and forensic students. And the Lizzie Borden haunted house has been attracting many, since ages.

Lizzie Borden House Haunted Image Credit: dbking– Flickr

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