Highgate Cemetery Vampire Place

The Highgate cemetery vampire place is mostly known as a “magnificent seven” burial sites of London. But the graveyard soon ruined in the 20th century under the reign of Victoria. Fortunately, the cemetery saved by the Friends of Highgate Cemetery now became a tourist spot.

The cemetery has over 53000 graves with 170,000 people in it. From the famous pop artist like Patrick Caulfield to renowned philosopher Karl Marx, all are resting in the Highgate Cemetery.

Highgate cemetery is undoubtedly a place to reminisce about the people who have done right before us and to honour their achievements.

History of Highgate Cemetery

The Highgate Cemetery opened in the year 1839 which was a part of what often now called the “magnificent seven.” Due to the over-crowdedness of the graveyards, they were attached to the churches individually.

The cemetery was within the city boundary, the province then concluded that it’s necessary to allow seven large cemeteries in the area.

This concern was seen as a health hazard for the people living in the locality and disrespecting the dead. Later, the cemetery was designed by Stephen Geary who’s an architect and an entrepreneur. He is the one behind the look of the haunted graveyard.

The eastern part of the cemetery across swain lane was bought in 1854 to build the east part of the cemetery.

In the early 19th century London faced a significant issue on insufficient burial space. With the high mortality rate developed a series of severe concern, it became a hassle to bury the dead as there were not enough space.

Looking at the seriousness of the situation parliament passed a regulation on opening seven private new cemeteries in the countryside of London.

Highgate cemetery is not famous for many famous individuals being buried here, it’s famous for it is an alleged place of the Highgate vampire along with the paranormal activities.

Many paranormal investigators visited the cemetery to investigate upon the haunting and concluded the site haunted.

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Highgate Cemetery Vampire

In the year 1969, on Christmas Eve a group was walking around the cemetery’s ground to which one of the members from the group sworn to have seen a man walking past the graveyard which believed to be an apparition.

highgate cemetery vampire
highgate cemetery vampire

The name of the person one who saw the vampire was David Farrant. Most of them who wandered around exploring the cemetery didn’t see that specific spirit David talked about.

But, many claimed to have seen many other spectres in the Highgate cemetery. Some of the occurrences were of paranormal.

An individual named Sean Manchester was the second one to witness the same vampire that David came across in the Highgate cemetery.

According to him, the apparition they saw could have been of king vampire of the undead. People said that the monster was a nobleman and practised dark magic during his whole lifetime.

Hence, comes the vampire theory Earlier 1970s, it was speculated by many that, in England, there was a local group who believed to have been performing Satanism.

Soon, the satanic movement took an ardent interest in the place where the “vampire” supposedly rested, and efforts were made by many to summon him.

highgate cemetery buffy

In the end, the group would split into two groups competing with one another for who would first find and kill the alleged vampire. Although, no one has ever seen or located the creature.

The Highgate cemetery vampire haunted by the spirit of an older woman whose identity is unknown to date. No one knows why her soul wanders the grave, but many people witnessed to have seen her.

According to some, the spectre of the old lady seems to be an intelligent one. It could observe by the way she disappears.

Karl Marx Highgate Cemetery Vampire

Amongst many burials, one of the most famous graves in the Highgate cemetery was that of philosopher Karl Marx, whose statue was the place of attempted vandalizing and bombing.

highgate cemetery lucia
Karl Marxhighgate cemetery lucia

He and his political theories have always considered quite a hostile one. His hatred of political views in the 20th century fueled rage amongst many people.

Which led to attempts to destroy the structure of Karl Marx in the high gate cemetery. One of them attempted to blow up his statue but failed badly, but this incident left the figure leaning towards the left ever so slightly.

The Highgate cemetery has listed as a grade I Park by the English heritage, impressed by its relentless restoration.

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