6 Foodie Destination That Are the Heaven for Travelers

Travelling can mean different things for different people. For some, it means discovering the mesmerizing beauty around the globe, or for others, it is a foodie destination, while for others, luxury travel experiences are all about trying extravagant facilities. Then there is another group of vacationers that gallivants the world in search of decadent delicacies and electrifying drinks. 

If you are also part of the camp of foodie travelers and want to have the best gourmet vacations possible, these culinary wonderlands need to be on your bucket list. 

Flavourful foodie destination for a gastronome’s bespoke luxury holidays. 


Foodie Destinations

Anyone who likes spicy food is familiar with the flavour of chicken tandoori and butter chicken, two wildly famous Indian delicacies. But if you want to taste the authentic burst of spices and punch of tanginess associated with Indian food, you need to travel down to India

India is known to be rich in culture, as evident from its colourful festivals, native dresses and dances. Likewise, the fare in the south Asian country is packed with versatile flavours. Be it sweet, sour, salty, spicy, or anything in between, a plate with authentic Indian food will give you a touch of it all. 

Concisely put, if you are looking for a food haven to treat your taste palate, India is the ultimate foodie destination for you!


The birthplace of pizza, Italy, has had a vibrant history in terms of gastronomic discoveries. Culinary masterpieces such as lasagne, gnocchi, ravioli, risotto, spaghetti carbonara, and tiramisu, among many others, have an Italian origin.

Considering the smorgasbord of food items that came from Michelangelo’s home country, it’s safe to say that a trip to Italy will excite a foodie’s taste buds like none other. 

Begin your culinary excursion In Tuscany with truffle hunting and wine tasting, then move on to Rome to explore heart-warming food traditions, followed by a tour of Sicily’s streets to indulge in scrumptious street food. And if you want to devour the juiciest, most flavoursome steak, stop in Florentine to have the best piece of meat of your life. 

With all that said, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to following your nose in Italy. Whether you go to Friuli for wine and stop in Milan for exquisite hors d’oeuvres first or visit Bologna for its to-die-for cheese is completely up to you.

Besides, it will not make much difference as long as you tick off all the famous-for-food regions in Italy during your trip. 


Food destinations

Japan is undoubtedly one of the most prominent foodie destinations when it comes to gourmet vacations. The astounding diversity of food available in the Land of the Rising Sun is unmatched, making the East Asian country a must-visit for foodies. 

To begin with, savour the Japanese delicacies, sushi, and sashimi. Next, try tempuras, Kare-Raisu (flavoured curry and rice), Okonomiyaki (a savoury pancake), Shabu-shabu (the Japanese version of a hot pot), Miso soup and Yakitori (Japanese skewers). 

The best part about eating your way through Japan is that you can eat at Michelin-star restaurants or devour delicious street food. In short, you can experience the food scene in Japan on the streets or in high-end restaurants.

Plan your bespoke luxury holidays to the Land of The Rising Sun and have an unforgettable time. 


Home to the city of love, France is known for its loaves of bread and pastries. However, the French food scene has a lot more to offer than just sumptuous baked treats. 

One of the most traditional dishes in France is Soupe à l’oignon, a rich soup made of onions and mushrooms topped with cheese. Another savoury feast of French origin popular in many parts of the world is Coq au vin, which loosely translates to roast in wine.

As implied from the name, Coq-au-vin is a meaty dish with braised chicken doused in wine and a shot of brandy. 

Aside from these time-tested French delicacies, ratatouille, chocolate soufflé, Flamich (puff pastry filled with cheese, meat and vegetables), Bœuf bourguignon (beef cooked in red wine), Confit de canard (slow-cooked duck flavoured with spices) and the wildly popular Tarte Tatin are all divine French dishes. 

If you are someone who lives for luxury travel experiences, France is one foodie destination to be on your gourmet bucket list. 

South Korea

If you want to try some hard-core East Asian flavours, South Korea will have a lot to offer for you. 

From the classic ramen and simmering hot barbecue straight from the grill to Ddukbokki (spicy rice cake), Bibimbap (mixed rice), Sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew), and Tteokbokki (spicy rice and fish cakes in chilli sauce) are all South Korean specialties worth trying. And, of course, kimchi will be a constant with all the dishes you eat in Korea.


Although Chile is not on top of most people’s bucket lists, it is a divine retreat for nature lovers and foodies. The South American country is full of scenic views and eateries serving delectable local dishes. 

Chileans are big on protein, which is why most meals have red or lean meat or seafood. Some popular meat-based dishes in the country are corn and beef Shepherd’s pie (pastel del choclo), whole roast grilled lamb (Cordero al Palo), and meat and veggie stew. 

 Besides the meaty madness, Chile has incredible snacks to offer, such as fried and baked empanadas, Sopaipillas (fried bread), among many others. Oh, and let’s not forget the sweets!

Chile is known to be the birthplace of Dulce de leche or sweet milk caramel, so it’s safe to say that the South American country has endless treats for those with a massive sweet tooth! From Swiss rolls to Napolean-style pastries, you will find a wide variety of mouth-watering desserts in Chile. 

To sum it up, savoury foods, sweet dishes, and delicious wines- have it all on your trip to this land of flavours.   

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