6 Surprising Foods That Keep Your Body Warmer to Lose Weight

Lack of sleep and exercise is just one of the pointed causes of unhealthy metabolism. A proper diet is also said to be effective if it keeps your body warmer to Lose Weight.

But have you already known that body temperature also plays a role in your metabolism? Yes, you read it right. As a result, Mitchelle Morgan said that as your body temperature rises, so does the pace of your metabolism.

In the same way, the lower your core body temperature is, the slower your metabolism rate will be. Does that mean that lack of sleep and exercise, as well as a healthy diet, can be neglected?

Of course, that is not the point. Indeed, here is a compilation of the six surprising foods you can consume, so that your body becomes warmer, assisting you to lose weight.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

You may think that only hot coffee can make the body warm. However, iced coffee can still do the same job. Indeed, you may get surprised if you know the fact that it is not the temperature of the water you used along with your coffee that makes your body warm to lose weight.

Instead, it is always the caffeine. It means that regardless of whether you drink iced coffee or hot coffee, the effect should be the same.

Do you wonder how such a thing becomes possible? Caffeine helps the production of fatty acids inside the body. This stimulating effect contributes to the rising body temperature.

Plus, the fatty acids that have been released are found from and distributed to the body’s fat tissues. Therefore, this also means that caffeine can help burn your fats more effectively than you could imagine.

Lean Meats

Somebody might have told you that you should avoid meat if you want to be healthy and reach your lose weight goals. However, if you know how to choose the meat you should eat, it can still help you increase your metabolism.

For example, you may be surprised that Lean Meat is a good choice to make your body warmer. You may have been asking how. But, lean Meat or lean beef and even pork tenderloin and poultry contain iron and numerous minerals, which keeps the internal body warmer.

The mentioned foods are also low in saturated fat. All its containing nutrients are helping agents to make your core body temperature rise.

Whole Grains with Complex Carbohydrates


Some people who try to lose weight omit carbohydrates in their diet. However, you cannot simply omit all the food having carbohydrates in your meals as your body needs them.

Indeed, carbohydrates are widely considered the central source of energy for the body. More surprisingly, you can freely eat foods with complex carbs as it helps your body become warmer.

Whole grains, as well as complex carbohydrates, contain fiber. Because of it, your body will require more energy to break such foods and make them pass down throughout the digestive tract.

Since it makes your body work hard to digest and absorb the remaining nutrients, internal parts of your body start heating up as well. Plus, fiber makes you full longer than usual.


There is a contrasting belief about spicy foods. One belief states that spicy foods make your body warm because it is hot. The other belief states that it does not warm the body. It cools you down instead.

Both beliefs can be true, depending on what truly concerns you. Spicy foods are naturally hot. When you consume it, your external body temperature naturally increases. However, your core body temperature decreases due to perspiration. Nevertheless, cumin works differently.

While cumin produces heat, the temperature it releases is not as hot as other spicy foods draw out. As a result, your body does not produce sweat, leading to a warmer core body temperature.

There is no wider explanation for this, however, experts are actively seeking a deeper understanding of how the body processes it.


While ginger seems to be spicy for some, its taste is not actually spicy. Indeed, there is a special taste in ginger leading many people to set it aside from their meals.

However, upon doing such a thing, you are missing the thermogenesis enhancement that the said food offers. Moreover, science also found out that aside from being a thermogenesis helping agent, it also helps lose weight by reducing the hunger sensation that you would normally feel.


According to experts, eating bananas can help get rid of the stresses you feel, both physically and emotionally. But it can also raise your core body temperature, especially if you are staying in a place with cold weather.

Indeed, bananas contain a lot of magnesium and vitamin B, which affects the way the adrenal and thyroid glands function.

You can never underestimate the role of these two glands in your body. They do not only produce hormones but also regulate the core body temperature.

Final Thoughts

Temperature is a lot more important than you can think of. It can be a predictor of your metabolism. The more interesting part is you can increase your temperature with only a small effort.

Believing in expert perspectives on Healthcanal, there are a variety of great foods that can improve your health. Thus, reducing your body mass and lose weight individual is always possible.

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