4 Best Cities for Seniors Vacationing in the US

Traveling is a personal, subjective experience. Like the appreciation of fine art or cuisine, there isn’t a one size fits all list that can represent everyone’s tastes. As you travel more often, you’ll start to determine what aspects of the experience you like and which parts you would rather avoid.

If you have spent your life building up a rich tapestry of travel memories, experiences, and preferences, then you already know which parts of traveling you want to indulge in. As we age into our golden years, particular challenges surface that may not have hampered us in our 30’s and 40’s.

It is essential to consider certain personal factors such as our physical health, ability to handle different climates and our need for care. Additionally, we ought to consider the destination — is it temperate, handicap accessible, does it have safe and efficient public transportation and accommodations?

In this post, we will explore some of the best cities for seniors to visit in the US. Buckle up, strap in and let’s start our virtual tour!

Summers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Can’t Be Beat

You might not immediately jump to Wisconsin when prompted to name a top-tier vacation spot, but Milwaukee has beautiful parks and infrastructure, a unique cultural appeal, and tasty cuisine that rivals other great American cities.

Though the winters can be really, really cold, that doesn’t prevent Milwaukee from being listed as the 4th most popular city for retirees, according to LendingTree. Summers are beautiful, and the weather is temperate, which will convince you to forgo a taxi or bus and walk!

After all, Milwaukee is rated 15th out of America’s most walkable cities. But if you must take a car, bus, or bike, don’t fear because Milwaukee was ranked the 4th best city for commuters and boasts over 105 miles of bicycle lanes.

Milwaukee city

There are ample museums, sports arenas, breweries, restaurants, and historical regions that can certainly fill up a week’s itinerary. Some notable mentions are the Harley-Davidson museum and Summerfest — a lake-front music festival that is always a contender for the largest annual music festival in the world, winning several times over the past 20 years.

Milwaukee should definitely be on your shortlist for potential vacation spots!

Denver, Colorado is One of the Most Accessible Cities

According to newmobility.com, Dever is the most wheelchair-friendly city in the United States. If you or your partner use a wheelchair, then Denver will provide you with the best accommodations, advocacy, and accessibility.

Additionally, Denver is consistently rated among the cleanest cities in the country and one of the healthiest.

Not only does Denver offer many of the accouterments of other best cities for seniors, featuring art museums, sports arenas, cultural events, and diverse cuisine, but its proximity to some of the nation’s best state and national parks make it a must-see for the more bohemian of us.

Williamsburg, VA is Perfect for History Buffs

If you love American history, there isn’t a better place to visit than Williamsburg, VA. Williamsburg is home to Colonial Williamsburg, a living history museum that replicates and preserves pre-revolution life as it was in the southern colony of Virginia.

It is one of the largest living history museums, complete with period reenactors, authentic historic food and drink, and hundreds of original and fully restored 18th-century buildings.

The city is also adjacent to historic Jamestown and the fort at Yorktown and has enough history to satisfy the hungriest of history buffs.

The City of Williamsburg has other great experiences to offer beyond its historic areas. Williamsburg is ranked #28 in the most romantic cities for boomers and older generations.

The food and bar scene is also really energetic, and that’s why Williamsburg is rated #8 in America’s most playful cities. It is also extremely safe!

Visit Portland, OR for the Best Nature-Filled City Experience

Are you an active senior living in a senior living campus? Then you may love what Portland has to offer. Portland is packed with fun nature-oriented activities like kayaking in the Willamette river, nature walks, parks, and gardens.

In addition, if you’re able to, the city is also very easy to cycle around due to its easy-to-navigate gridded streets. Outside of the city, there’s plenty of wineries for you to experience.

No matter why you visit, Portland has plenty of fun activities to do. The food is fantastic and diverse, with way too many food trucks and restaurants to choose from the brunch downtown Portland!

When you retire, you’ve earned the luxury of travel, and these American best cities for seniors should definitely be on your shortlist of destinations! There’s something for everyone in these cities, from jam-packed history to culinary experiences you won’t forget. Don’t wait; get out there and explore!

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