How You Can Now Travel and See the World from The Safety of Your Home

The understanding of international travel and tourism is changing all the time, and in the information age and a time where we have fully embraced the virtual world, so too has the notion of travel and touring.

This article provides some insight as to how the virtual tour, experience and adventure, and virtual reality is changing the way we can visit the wonders of the world, both natural and manmade, and see the world.

Virtual travel and what it entails

During the pandemic, when international travel fell to all-time lows, the use of available technology became the go-to method of tourism. It had been used for years before this for marketing and advertising venues and travel, as well as for showing and selling homes and cars.

The concept is simple, and you can experience travel through a series of photos and videos. However, the virtual reality headset and augmented reality have made these even more real.

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Why this is here to stay

The reasons below show why the virtual travel craze is here to stay and is a good thing at that.

Fewer carbon emissions

Without the need to fly and then drive to the actual destinations, there is a marked reduction in the amount of carbon emissions produced.

This has been clearly evidenced during the pandemic, where the reduction in travel to work, the increased use of virtual meetings, and less international travel saw a vast reduction in carbon emissions and the improvement of air quality around the globe.

Less damage to the destination’s infrastructure

Climbing Mount Everest without leaving all that rubbish on the slopes or seeing Macchu Picchu without damaging the already decaying steps and paths to the plateau top ruins.

This is one of the chief reasons that traveling without leaving your home is now the ethical and most environmentally friendly thing to do.

A lot more affordable

Some travel experiences had been in the preserve of the rich and famous or the super adventurous. Virtual travel and tours have changed all this, and you can now visit some of the best museums and iconic architecture around the world at a fraction of the cost.

What is holding us back

The main aspect of virtual travel, events, and shows is the fact that the best way to experience 360-degree virtual reality is to use the available headsets, such as the Oculus rift. These are currently still quite pricey and quite heavy to manage for a long period.

Yes, some simpler apps are being developed, but these are still in the early phases, and thus until fully developed, the longer tours and trips may be for those who can afford the tech, but also to be accessed in segments or shorter sessions, rather than all at once.

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