Interesting Additions to Golden Triangle Tour Packages in India

Interesting Additions to Golden Triangle Tour Packages in India

Golden Triangle is one of the most popular travel routes in India. The itinerary includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, three tourist cities known for history, heritage, culture, architecture, famous monuments including the wonder of the world Taj Mahal.

The brief, hassle-free tour packs the maximum delights of India. In Delhi, not one but almost eight cities await to be explored.

Dating from the ancient days of Mahabharata to the days of British Raj, the city has three world heritage sites, interesting food trails, and other experiences.

 Golden Triangle

Agra mesmerizes all with its charms of the Mughal Empire, including the breath-taking Taj Mahal. Jaipur is a testament to Rajputana grandeur and is a World Heritage Site known for incredible architecture, culture, and heritage.

Golden Triangle Tour packages make sure that you see some of the best highlights in the country.

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From UNESCO World Heritage Sites, vibrant markets, delicious food-trails, luxury hotels and more, the itinerary is the most memorable experience of India. While the tour is complete in itself, there can always be a few interesting additions.

Take a look at the best additions to your Golden Triangle Tour.



An easy extension, Ranthambore is a short drive from Jaipur. Known for its wildlife especially the Royal Bengal Tigers, it adds to the fun of wildlife safaris to your tour.

The former hunting grounds of the royal family of Jaipur, it is now one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India, home to incredible bio-diversity including crocodiles, migratory birds and more.

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Even the wildlife resorts are relics of the days of royalty as is the majestic Ranthambore Fort.



Bharatpur is known for its Bird Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located a short drive from Agra, the natural beauty is home to several species of birds and migratory species that fly in from the far ends of the world in winters.

Siberian cranes are the favorites, while the marshlands have many other natives. Bird watching while enjoying a cycle rickshaw ride is the highlight as is a comfortable stay in the resorts.

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Considered as the holiest of Hindu cities, Varanasi is a city in India one must definitely visit in their lifetime.

After the tour of Golden Triangle, board a domestic flight or a train to get to Varanasi and experience the oldest of Indian traditions, heritage, and culture.

Old as a civilization, the city is witness to life to death. The River Ganges flows through the city and is worshipped as a Mother Goddess.

The Ganga aarti is the most mesmerizing experience of Indian rituals. Also unmissable is the local food, an early morning boat ride on the Ganges, heritage walk, temple visit, shopping and stay in the ancient town.



While India’s colorful heritage and culture are a draw for most travelers, leisure, hospitality, and relaxation are also a part of your holidays.

The tropical paradise of Goa is India’s most preferred leisure destination. Sun, sand, sea, seafood, coupled with salubrious weather, create the perfect setting.

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Portuguese heritage, water sports, nightlife, an epic line up of festivals & events, fetch top marks in enjoyment.

Well-connected airport along with hotels available in all categories and budget makes for a holiday destination to not miss!



While you have to enjoy Indian heritage & culture, Kerala tour packages give an opportunity to experience the natural bliss.

Fly into Cochin domestic airport and the God’s Own Country welcomes you to bask in the very lap of nature.

Scenic backwaters, beaches, lush hill stations, tea gardens, spice plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, colorful villages to culture, Kerala offers a tranquil and very different experience.

Houseboat stay on the backwaters, Ayurveda massages, taste of the savory food, adventure activities, and more offer a wonderful vacation.

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