A History of the Haunted Driskill Hotel: Ghost Stories, Room 525 & 429

Driskill Hotel

Since the hotel got built, it has remained the landmark of legendary Texas hospitality. The luxurious and iconic Driskill hotel gets located on the sixth street in the heart of Austin.

The iconic hotel is available for everything the city offers its people, such as shopping, fine dining, Texas state control, opera, convention center, symphony, and Austin’s sixth street music scene.

Moreover, it gets recognized as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” The area is home to nearly 200 music venues, and many are within walking distance of the Driskill Hotel.

Driskill Hotel History

The Driskill got built as the showplace of the cattle baron in the year 1880, at the time when the Capitol and the first building of Texas University were under construction.

Driskill Hotel image

Since the hotel got built, it has remained the landmark of legendary Texas hospitality.

It was also the headquarters for swarms of Journalists and TV and radio reporters during the time of administration of Lyndon B. Johnson.

A pioneer, Jesse Lincoln Driskill, in the year 1884, in the great cattle drove to the northern railheads and purchased the half-block, which got bordered by the sixth, seventh, and Brazos streets.

The two-story porches of the hotel with Romanesque Revival columns frame the Richardsonian arched entrances.


The sons of Austin and Jasper N. Preston have designed the original cream-colored brick and the limestone building, which got completed Ames Building in Boston.

On 20 December 1886, the hotel opened up. After opening, financial problems took place within a few months, which forced me to close it.

The hotel initially had sixty steam-heated guest rooms on the second floor with four elegant suites.

Driskill Hotel photo

For the ladies and children, the Driskill had additional dining rooms. Moreover, the hotel had a large billiard room, a barbershop, and a bar for men.

The utility rooms, servants’ quarters, and the hotel’s kitchens were all in a separate building.

In 1923, the large guest rooms got remodeled and subdivided into small 125 rooms.

After five years, a 15-story annex was begun to the north and completed in the year 1930.

At that time, the eight mirrors were installed in the Maximilian Banquet Room, which was owned by Carlota, Empress of Mexico.

In the year 1970, the hotel got again closed, and it continued to change the hands during that time. The efforts got made to restore the hotel to its original grandeur.


Driskill Hotel Rooms

All the rooms and suites at the Driskill Hotel offer you modern comforts. The hotel has a total of 189 rooms.

You can relax down on the custom Driskill furnishings and get your work done t the spacious desk.

The rooms and suites have contemporary and classic artwork on the walls and luxurious bath amenities.

Driskill Hotel pics

The walls of the rooms are hand-painted detailing; spaces boast a color palette and vintage touches which honor the Texas Hill Country.

There are offers valid on reservations made between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019 in advance to stay from jan1, 2019, to 1 December 2019, at the Driskill Hotel.

The timeless charm mingles with the modern amenities in all 189 rooms. The unique rooms at the Driskill are:

• One King or one queen Bed with Balcony
• Two Queen BedsCity View
• One Queen Bed City View
• One King Bed or 1 Queen Bed
• Two Queen Beds
• Two Queen Beds with ADA Tub
• One Queen Bed Petite
The individual suits at the Driskill are:
• Cattle Baron Two-Bedroom Suite
• LBJ Suite
• Executive Suite
• Landmark Suite
• Junior Suite King
• Junior Suite Two Queens

Driskill Hotel Junior Suite

The Driskill historic Junior Suites feature timeless Texas touches with excellent sitting areas boasting a mix of comfortable chairs and sofas.

There are unique architectural elements featured in the late 1800s in some rooms.

Those elements, such as original columns, get seen throughout the Mezzanine and lobby.

This original room gets located in the interior corridor of the hotel with frosted windows for privacy. The amenities available in the junior suits are:

  • 340- 440 square feet rooms
  • One king suites include one distinct living room
  • Custom crown mouldings
  • Pillow top mattress and plush bedding
  • One king bed or two queen beds
  • Junior Suite King
  • Junior Suite Two Queens
  • Amenities available in these suits are:
  • I. Flat-screen TV
  • ii. Minibar
  • iii. Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • iv. Hairdryer
  • v. iHome Alarm clock with Bluetooth capability
  • vi. Plush robe
  • vii. Turndown service upon request
  • viii. Iron and ironing board
  • ix. Tea and coffee maker
  • x. In-room safe
  • xi. Premium bath products
  • xii. Daily newspaper upon request

Driskill Hotel Haunted

You would not think that the hotel gets haunted place when you walk into the hotel for the first time.

The Driskill Hotel is gorgeous, from the dozens of brilliantly lining the lobby to the spotless floors of marble.

The hotel also screams the bloody murder if you listen to it carefully.

Driskill Hotel Haunted Room 525

Driskill Hotel interior

It was the story of two separate occasions when a bride killed herself during her honeymoon. Both of these occurred in the bathtub of chamber 525.

The same thing had happened with both the brides precisely 20 years apart from each other.

The Driskill Hotel Austin Texas Haunted

I think about the Driskill hotel very much, especially when I get freaked out.

When you walk through the large halls on any floor of the hotel, you will notice that the walls of the rooms get lined with the creepiest paintings of all time.

This hotel seems to be one of the most haunted hotels in the USA. There is no need to put random Victorian-era pictures and portraits of the people starting on visitors.

Some people also heard the screaming sounds from room 525. I was uncomfortable all the time when I was there in the hotel.

Ghost Adventures Driskill Hotel

The crew of the Ghost Adventures travels to Seguin, TX, to investigate this hotel which is known to be very haunted by the spirit of a little girl and two brides.

These guys take a detour before the lockdown to verify the reports of the ghosts that get pushing parked cars onto the tracks of the train.

Driskill Hotel Haunted Stories

The place got built-in 1886. Since then, there have been a lot of things and talks that go down within the walls of the hotel.

Have you ever heard about the young girl who fell from the grand staircase to her death?

Moreover, have you heard about two suicide brides who killed themselves 20 years ago in the bathtub of the same room?

Driskill Hotel

Is there anyone who knows the truth about these ghost stories of the hotel?

There may be spirits all around the halls of the Driskill who are crawling out for revenge.

Three foremost legends got attached to the Driskill hotel that has caught the attention of ghost hunters.

The first legend is of a girl who died in the year 1887 after she chased her ball and fell down the grand staircase.

If you listen very carefully in the hotel halls, you can hear the giggling sound of the girl and the sound of a ball bouncing down the stairs.

The second legendary is of two brides. This tale describes the two occasions when a bride killed herself during her honeymoon.

Both of these occurred in the bathtub of room 525. The same thing had happened with both the brides precisely 20 years apart from each other.

Driskill Hotel Haunted Mirror

You can visit the Maximilian Room of the hotel if you want to see the most haunted mirrors of the US.

Driskill hotel has purchased the mirrors of Carlotta, the wife of Emperor Maximilian 1 of Mexico.

There is a haunted story behind this mirror. If you see in this mirror for a long time, you would see Carlotta’s image and many shrinking ideas of her.

Driskill Hotel images

Driskill Hotel Room 429

It is also the home of a woman who has committed suicide there. There is the spirit of a female.

Even the hotel staff had reported that they had listened to a woman crying on the floor when there was no one on the floor.

Let us visit there once and check if it is haunted or if all the stories about it are fake. Moreover, we should not miss Café & Bakery at the Driskill Hotel.

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