Produce Engaging Content for travel lovers: Best travel slideshow maker

Travel slideshow maker functions as essential content presentation tools for businesses to travel. Travel Slideshow maker used for businesses to make significant sales pitches or even to present online content interestingly.

When it comes to consuming content online, most people these days prefer to go through travel short videos, animated infographics and pictures for travel that convey the message in a short time.

People have shorter attention spans, and reading through long articles can seem tedious. Movies and videos work best because they can hold the attention of viewers better and more efficiently than paragraphs of written data.

However, producing video content is time-consuming, expensive and may not always be possible depending on the type of content one wants to present. In such cases, images tied together along with some readable content in the form of presentations work as great educational material.

Get Professional with InVideo’s Full Range of Video and Slideshow Features


InVideo is becoming one of the preferred youtube video editors because of its value for money and the range of features that it has to offer to its users. It works as a SaaS priced at $20 per month for ten publishing/reselling ten videos. 

Their professional and business plans priced at $4 and $15 a month respectively are quite reasonable given the number of features that it has to offer. These plans can be signed up for annually as well.

They also offer a free version that will have their watermark on the videos or slideshows you publish. Priced reasonably, InVideo has a more extensive user base even as people sign up for it for personal use and not just limit themselves to corporate and business uses. 

It’s all online!

Not all computers are capable of handling heavy software and processing of larger movies and slideshow projects. Online editing has made this process much simpler with a wider variety of templates and presets available on the cloud. 

Seamless Integration

To eliminate an additional task involving downloading and uploading, InVideo has done away with this process by offering seamless integration onto other apps. It includes YouTube, JW Player, Brightcove and Akamai. 

Blog posts to video in no time

One of the many attractive and useful features that InVideo has to offer is the option to convert a blog post into a video. If you are a blogger trying to make a switch to a video-based platform or have been on this platform for long but want to add some variety, this feature comes in handy.

Overall, InVideo aims at providing a full package for any online multimedia editing and publishing or content. Most media companies, well-known publishing brands and content creators, seek out such platforms and tools which InVideo successfully addresses. Video as a content form will continue to grow and improve, and software such as these help you realize the full potential of creativity. 

One of the primary things that most people look for in new software is the user interface and ease of navigation. Keeping these factors in mind, here is an additional list of easy-to-use photo slideshow maker that also function as excellent video editing tools.

IceCream Slideshow Maker

A popular choice as a slideshow maker, IceCream is best known and recommended for its intuitive interface and straightforward controls. It makes any user navigate the software without feeling lost. It offers several advanced action options that help you generate the kind of high-quality slideshows and videos that one would like to create. 

IceCream is capable of supporting multiple photo file formats that include jpg, jpeg, png and tiff. It also enables you to add audio to your projects which can be imported in mp3, wav or WMA format. 

While these are famous slideshow makers available for professional use, we have a look at how InVideo competes as one of the most popular slideshows and online video editors out there which helps in creating the best professional videos for your content. 

Some of the noticeable features of IceCream include a wide range of customizations that it offers in setting offset and fade values, controlling the duration for each of the photos etc. It comes with in-built 26 transition effects and a preview option that lets you apply the effects and see them before you publish. IceCream has considered the need and importance of social media for promoting content and thus enables you to upload your presentation to YouTube directly. For social media influencers and content creators online, this is especially helpful. 

Movavi Slideshow and Movie Maker

First launched in 2004, Movavi is a well-known software for creating professional quality slideshows and videos. It comes with in-built media tools that allow users to implement various advanced actions and enhancements on their slides. It also has its photo editing tools.

Movavi offers a seven day trial for its first-time users and users can later purchase a lifetime license through a discount code. Having an intuitive interface, it does not take long for beginners to pick up editing skills on Movavi. Movavi has a set of pre-loaded transition effects and templates which can be directly applied to the projects. Other notable features include scalable video tuning and native recording. The latter can be used to record voice audio files. 

This software needs to be downloaded and does not support online editing. 


For MacBook users, the iMovie works as a perfect free in-built video editor and slideshow maker. iMovie should not entirely be dismissed as an application for amateurs. If used efficiently, you can create some fantastic slideshow presentations and videos strung up from images. While the overall interface is easy to use, some good detailed tutorials can help you exploit iMovie’s features to its full potential. 

iMovie also offers a mobile version and functions similarly, making video editing easier when you’re on the go, travelling and would like to post something for your social media accounts. 

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