Regardless of the benefits of plant-based nutrition, vegetarianism is still not so popular in the world. That is why the search for a partner, which shares the vegan diet, is often fraught with difficulties.

The British Vegetarian Community estimates that there are approximately 700 million vegetarians live in the world out of a total population of more than 7 billion.

But if you succeeded and found a vegetarian friend, then you should consider the places where you can have a date.

Where can you eat meals without meat, fish, and sometimes even without milk and eggs? After all, vitamins and trace elements to support strength will be needed by everyone in spring.

What can be done to make up for their lack if you can’t eat a steak or even drink a glass of milk? Is it a difficult choice? Many will object. And among them, there are many famous persons – musicians Moby, Paul McCartney, filmmaker Clint Eastwood, actress Natalie Portman, and many others.

They all prefer vegetable foods.

Vegetarian dishes are not just greens and cereals. Ukrainian vegetarian establishments prove that it is possible to prepare both a burger and a hot dog without the products of animal origin, and the most delicious dessert can be cooked without milk and eggs.


If your first date went well, it doesn’t mean that you can relax. Now you need to impress your partner even more. For this, you can go to Green. Green is a vegetarian cafe in Lviv. And this is not just a cafe but an art cafe.

Its a famous ukraine vegetarian restaurant.

Dishes are not only delicious here, but the cafe also holds various “green masterclasses.” People there are taught to prepare vegetarian meals properly. It is how to spend time interestingly and with health benefits.

Orang + Utan

OranOrang + Utan is a vegetarian sandwich bar that also serves takeaway food. Both vegetarians and meat-eaters love it because the taste of the dishes is in no way inferior to the food of animal origin.

The main dish of Orang + Utan is sandwiches. They are here in different interpretations: you can order sandwiches with tofu, falafel, suluguni cheese, seasoned with herbs, beans, fruit sauces, and vegetables in crispy ciabatta. The menu also has delicious and nutritious smoothies. And for the main dish, you can order broccoli soup.

Vegano Hooligano

Vegano Hooligano is an all-Ukrainian chain of eco-cafes that successfully operates in vegan restaurants in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, and Ivano-Frankivsk. The menu of the institution consists exclusively of dishes based on plant products, the range of which is continuously updated.

Also, the Vegano Hooligano chain has an online store, and it’s a vegan food restaurant where you can order delivery lunch, bread rolls, sweeteners, vegetarian sausage, and amusing branded T-shirts.


In Vitamin, even the interior is made of natural materials! What can we say about dishes? They are cooked without heat treatment and the addition of preservatives.

Another important reason to visit Vitamin is that the chefs prepare all dishes according to their own recipes. Therefore, they are exclusive. And by the way, don’t forget to try its crisp and extremely healthy bread rolls.

Soup Culture

This is a mono establishment that serves soup in edible glasses. And since one of the founders of Soup Culture is a vegetarian, it means that all soups are suitable for vegetarians. They use organic products: vegetables and fruits from farms, and even quite natural dyes – beets, turmeric, and tomatoes. This is healthy food in a street format, which is already loved by the people of Kyiv at various festivals. 


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