6 Best molecular gastronomy food Destinations That Nourish The Stomach As Well As The Soul

When traveling, we aim to discover a new culture, to visit interesting sites but also to please your stomach by discovering the best food Destinations or molecular gastronomy.

Some destinations have earned a worldwide reputation for their gastronomy. Let your inner Foodie have fun and be inspired by reading our selection of the best cuisines in the world, and who knows. You might find your next gourmet destination there.

1. Multiple Moroccan Dishes in Place of Jemma-El-Fna

Molecular gastronomy - JEMMA-EL-FNA

Marrakech is after all one of the capitals of world gastronomy. The sweet pastries made from almonds and the panoply of substantial sweet/savory dishes with sometimes surprising tastes will give you intense pleasure.

The average price of a meal in Morocco is approximately 6 $ and 8-10 $ for a well-stocked plate in the heart of the mythical place of Jemma-El-Fna. You can taste meat kebabs, soups, salads and the famous couscous and tagines made with meat and vegetables in a very festive atmosphere.

2. Diversity Of Indian Flavors Between Agra & Bangalore

indian gastronomy food

India is a country of contrasts and this is also reflected in its gastronomy. The majority of dishes offered in India are based on vegetables, lambs, or chicken. It is extremely rare to have beef or pork in a typical Indian dish. The cost of living in India is quite low, which allows tourists to taste several dishes without breaking the bank!

Who says Indian gastronomy says chicken with Curry or Tandori, Samosas which can contain meat, potatoes, onions, or even Malai Kofta, a sweet vegetarian dish with cream and tomatoes sprinkled with hazelnuts. The dishes are served there automatically with Naan bread and rice as an accompaniment. For drinks, we advise you to try Masala Chai, a hot drink made from a mixture of black tea, spices, and succulent aromas.

With an average budget, the price of lunch is 7 $ per person, enough to redo your spicy recipe book.

3. Famous Italian Pizza At The Foot Of Vesuvius


In Italy, pizza is an art with a capital. It is in Naples, the birthplace of Pizza that traditional pizza is tasted in all its forms. Whether for a Marguerita or seafood, the ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh and tasty.

An average pizza in one of the best Neapolitan addresses will be served for the modest sum of 3 $. The price of a full breakfast is 15 $ in a neighborhood restaurant in southern Italy. Prices are higher in the north of the country.

But if after 3 days of stuffing yourself with pizza, you decide to change the diet, the famous salad made with Mozzarella and fried seafood cones will satisfy you just as much, and this in Naples as in Florence.

4. Freshness Of Greek Salads In Front Of The Pantheon

gastronomy PANTHEON

Who says Greece, says mythology, ruins of the Pantheon, philosophy … but also Feta, olives, yoghurt with honey or cucumber, and freshness guaranteed!

Greek dishes tend to make everyone agree with basic and tasty recipes. As a starter, try a Khoriatiki or a Tzatziki, the famous thick yogurts with a touch of cucumber and olive oil. If there is always room for the main dish, try the famous Moussaka, minced meat gratin, potato, and eggplant, or the Greek sandwich, which no longer needs to be presented.

It takes a minimum of 8 $ for lunch in the land of Zeus, and we get a lot for our money!

5. Japanese Balances Cuisine In The Footsteps of Meiji’s

Japan is the country of sushi… but not only!

Osaka is considered the open kitchen of the world with its hundreds of restaurants where Japanese culinary heritage triumphs. Whether for a Ramen tasting, noodle soup emblem of the country in the rising sun or Onigeris, rice cakes that accompany with ease all dishes, everyone will find their pleasure.

Japanese people love to eat out, so restaurants are affordable with an average price of 7$ for a full meal!

6. Typical Peruvian Dishes In Front Of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Peruvian cuisine has risen to the top 6 of the best cuisines in the world in 2019 thanks to its diverse offer of dishes based on fish or vegetables and its openness to the world which allows it to innovate constantly. You can feel Andean, Asian influences, and impressive fusions with each bite, a true culinary journey.

In Peru, we eat Empanadas, slippers filled with meat or cheese. But also, Ceviche, a national dish based on raw fish marinated in lime, red onions, and chili peppers. Papa a la huancaina, a starter made with potatoes with a creamy sauce, lettuce, olives, and hard-boiled eggs is a delight to taste absolutely.

The price of an average restaurant in Peru is 15 $.

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