Laptop for travel: Is It Worth Buying for travelers?

As the name suggests, a convertible travel laptop is a modern-day 2 in 1 laptop that can be transformed into a tablet anytime. The device has been developed to function as a laptop and a tablet.

They are also very convent to use while traveling.

Usually, these 2 in 1 laptop come in extremely adaptable designs and sizes that are easy to carry during your journey, even straightforward to use in cars or flights. Interestingly, these devices are as flexible as a tablet and as efficient as a laptop. They are equipped with unique features such as: 


A 2 in 1 laptop has a keyboard but can be used without using it. 

Removable keyboard

The keyboard can be entirely detached from the device. Apart from these two unique features, a convertible laptop also has flexible hinges. 

If you wonder whether a convertible laptop for travel is worth your money, go through the points mentioned below to get your answer.  

The Benefits of a Convertible Laptop

Often people question the worth of these advanced laptops. However, they are completely worth your money as they come with several advantages.

Not only are they compact, lightweight, and portable, but they also have additional technical features. They are ideal for office work, browsing movies, or playing video games. 

If you are in a coffee shop, you can fold the device and turn it into a tablet. The device’s touchscreen interface allows intuitive web browsing, providing a seamless experience to all users. You can easily jump from one app to the other and perform all necessary activities using the device without hassles. However, these laptops are expensive. You can get a convertible laptop for rent if you are running short of cash

It’s compact, portable, and lightweight

Compared to regular laptops, a convertible laptop is more thin and light. Hence, they are easier to be carried from one place to another. When you buy a convertible travel laptop, you don’t have to buy a tablet separately. So you buy one device and derive the benefits of two. You can also read Top 10 Best Hi-Tech & Smart Travel Bags in India (Updated 2021

Allows convenient presentation

These travel laptops are quite impressive for their display and design. However, apart from being presentable from the outside, these laptops allow you to present documents or files conveniently to the audience.

You can keep the keyboard facing you while the screen faces the audience. Thus, you can monitor the presentation of the documents easily.

Flexible for day to day life

A convertible laptop is suitable for both work life and leisure times. Keep the keyboard attached if you are working on an important office presentation.

If you are watching movies or playing games, remove it if needed. 


By delivering two devices in one, a convertible laptop saves a lot of your money. If you cannot buy a laptop and a tablet, getting a 2in 1 laptop is a good decision. In this case, you have to pay for the laptop, but you can use a tablet too!

Keeping the advantages mentioned above, it can be said that convertible laptops are worthy of one’s money. They offer impressive features and provide flawless services both as laptops and tablets. However, make sure you take enough care of it as these are electronic gadgets. If not taken care of properly, they might malfunction and need repair. 

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