Dubai Facts: Amazing, Fun, and Interesting Facts About Dubai

Dubai has the biggest coffee museum in the world

Coffee lovers are all around the world and certainly in Dubai. If you are a big fan of this tasty beverage, Coffee Museum is a must-visit for you.  For a flavor of tradition served in a cup, you can try out the Bedouin coffee ritual.

biggest coffee museum in the world

If you have a plan to visit Dubai, you have to know these things to know before going to Dubai: The Food Scene Is Diverse And Exotic, Dubai Is The Middle East’s Theme Park Capital, Don’t Just Stick To Burj Khalifa And Burj Al Arab, Experience The Most Unexpected And Unbelievable In Dubai and many others.

It has started its journey in 1700

During the early 1700s, Dubai was nothing but just a village. As the time progressed to the 18th century it was home to only 1500 people. Long story short, now more than 3.3 million people live in Dubai.

Moreover, it witnesses Flydubai airlines booking more than anyplace in the middle east. Not to mention it is one of the most preferred tourist spots in the world.

It is progressing rapidly

Dubai’s growth is self-explanatory in the sectors of oil, gold, and infrastructure. As the wealth is growing, so is the population. The reason behind this is better growth, career opportunities, beautiful city life, and rich heritage.

No words can capture the essence of its true beauty; check the flight tickets prices to watch the mesmerizing Dubai in action.

Strictly preserves their culture

While Dubai boasts about sand, sky, and beaches, you are not allowed to reveal your body on the beaches to get that tan. So keep that bikini limited to your hotel room.

This doesn’t mean you cannot look chic check the latest fashion trends in UAE and dress accordingly. We are sure you are good to go!

You are in the desert paradise

Dubai has everything to offer that one can ask and in the middle of a desert. Literally, only around 20 min of drive you can reach in the desert.

Have a break from city life and do Flydubai airlines booking to take yourself on an Arabian adventure. That’s not all, and they have rich and vibrant life in the desert too. All you have to do is  – be there, and this city vibe will take on your senses.

Dubai is picky with tourists

Israeli passport holders are not welcomed in Dubai. But if you have been to Israel for tourist purposes and have the same reflected on your passport, there are no issues. However, this fact also has some exceptions.

Camel and horse racing are not less than sports

dubai camel

Horse racing and camel racing are the most loved activities by the localities. Camel racing is one of the treasured activities from the past. But as the petite body structure is needed for jockeys, children were getting caught in the same by illegal methods.

The Dubai government took a serious step on this and started using robots instead of jockeys.

Better career opportunities

Many positions in Dubai’s corporate field strive to include flight costs, arrange visas, and sort the renting place for the employees working there.

This is accommodating as navigating the frequently complicated and expensive Dubai real estate and formalities is not easy for foreigners from a foreign place.

Suppose you are thinking of starting a career, then why not give a chance to Dubai. Do the Flydubai airlines booking to take off the flight of your growth and prosperity.

Dubai preserves the majority of Cranes in the World

According to the statistics, Dubai supposedly had around 25% of the world’s cranes. While this figure is not an absolute one, new buildings are raised almost every day and make it more challenging for these cranes and birds to survive.

New skyscrapers are being erected every other day. The number must have slumped to less than 25%, but Dubai still has a major chunk of cranes than any other place in the world.

A crime-free place

Virtually, Dubai is the safest city in the whole middle east. The reason behind this could be – Dubai is the hub of most liberal societies across the globe.

The city is being open to its heterogeneous community, and its people likely to have a blend of Eastern and Western mindsets.

Typically, people in Dubai have above average socioeconomic status, leading to a lesser crime rate and more progression.

Displaying Wealth

It is a well-established fact people are rich in the country, and the government’s police force is equally supportive in flaunting the same.

Even the people working for the government like the police have vehicles like Lamborghini, Ferraris, and Bentleys that get counted in the super and luxury cars. You can have an idea about richness and class in the amenities that the government provides.

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