Backpacking in New York: 5 Traveller Tips

There’s no best time to visit New York; anytime is the best time. But, if you are season-oriented, visit New York on your favorite season. Consider the temperatures and whether you are comfortable with them. Travel New York in backpacking; surely your wallet won’t be easily drained.


Set a Budget

You have to set yourself limitations when traveling. Setting a budget helps you avoid ruining the fun of your trip. Research all the places you want to visit, foods you want to try on, and other activities you want to do in New York. 

You have saved up your hard-earned money for New York. Do not feel guilty for splurging yourself with this trip. Thus, make the most out of it. 

What to Pack for New York?

The first rule in backpacking: pack light. It is best to bring a carry-on bag to help you move around quickly and save airline baggage fees! You do not have to bring plenty of outfits; you can find a laundry service in New York to swing by when you run out of clothes.

What’s important is you bring comfortable sneakers. We guarantee you will walk around more than you think. 

Where to Stay in New York?

If you are thinking of booking a hotel, skip that thought. Staying at hostels or shared Airbnb places when backpacking in New York is the best option. It does not only help you save money, but it introduces you to people from around the world who are also exploring New York.

It adds fun and excitement to your trip. We can recommend you to look for a place around Penn Station. It would be better to do research to check which neighborhood has a convenient laundry service available.

After all, you have to take your laundry to them, choose the one closest to your hostel so you can just drop them off. 

Eat at the Cheap

Food is one of the most significant expenses in traveling. Luckily, New York has several food carts, dollar-slice shops, ethnic eateries, and fast food chains where you can grab a bite without paying much. 

If you are a fan of oysters, there’s a place to indulge. Jeffery’s Grocery offers a dollar’s worth of happy hours. So, if you are in New York, grab the chance! 

Roaming Around New York

This is the most challenging tip for backpacking travelers in New York. You have to brief yourself that your New York trip will be full of walks. Do not deceive yourself.

Those blocks in Manhattan are longer than it looks on the map. Moreover, taking a taxi or cab in New York is quite expensive. Thus, other than walking, you can take buses or the subway to cost-efficiently travel the city.

Final Takeaway

There are several ways to save money while exploring a city that never sleeps. We hope you get to experience every aspect of New York, music, art, fashion, social movements, and other things that interest you. 

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