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There are two categories of nutrients that you need. One is macronutrients, which include proteins and vitamins. The other is micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals. Most of us focus on the former.

However, micros are harder to obtain because of the number of essential ones for the body. Although they are needed in very small quantities, they are the primary cause of nutritional deficiencies.

TrueBasics multivitamins provide you with carefully calculated combinations of these nutrients so that you can obtain your daily required intake without any hassles.

Nutrient Foods

So, how do you know if you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency? Let’s take a look at the most common symptoms:

#1. Compromised Immunity

If you fall sick too often, then you may want to turn your attention to your diet. The deficiency of nutrients like zinc and vitamin C can compromise your immune health significantly.

Your body is unable to maintain steady production of the pathogen-fighting cells. They are also more susceptible to damage caused by free radicals. The result of this is that you become more vulnerable to a host of health issues.

#2. Brittle Nails and Hair


Biotin is one of the most important micronutrients for hair and nail health. When the levels of micronutrients in the body deteriorate, important processes like keratin production might be affected. This is the structural protein of your skin, nail, and hair.

As a result, you will notice that hair begins to break easily. Your nails also begin to appear very scaly and brittle. When you suffer from a nutritional deficiency, the signs are most easily visible on your skin, nails, and hair.

 #3. Chronic Fatigue

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for various metabolic functions in the body. From maintaining hormonal balance to ensuring faster recovery of your cells and tissues, you need the right amount of these micronutrients to facilitate them.

When the micronutrient intake is not adequate, you will experience chronic fatigue because these processes are not optimal. Even the production of ATP or the energy units of the body can be compromised.

In the case of specific deficiencies like iron, fatigue is the first sign. This is because the oxygen transportation in the body is not at its best. As a result, you begin to feel exhausted even after a few minutes of physical activity.

#4. Poor Digestive Health

Digestion depends upon a range of biochemical reactions within the body. The secretion of digestive enzymes and hormones in turn depends upon adequate consumption of micronutrients.

It is also important to note that certain minerals can only be absorbed by the body in the presence of other nutrients. For example, in order to absorb calcium adequately, you need a healthy intake of Vitamin D3.

Therefore, your digestive health can be affected if you do not consume micronutrients adequately. It can also reduce the efficacy of the nutrients that you include in your regular diet.

#5. Hair Loss

When you see many strands of your hair falling out each time you brush your hair, you may be experiencing some nutritional deficiency. The strength of the hair is dependent on the health of each hair follicle and the tenacity of each strand.

Minerals like iron are responsible for DNA synthesis. When you have a lower iron intake, hair growth may even stop altogether.

Zinc on the other hand is necessary for protein synthesis which boosts hair growth and strength. Other micronutrients that are necessary for hair health are Vitamin B3 and biotin.

With adequate micronutrient consumption, you can also reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases like alopecia which causes severe hair loss.

#6. Slow Wound Healing

As mentioned above, immunity is compromised with poor nutrition. Your immune system is responding to any wound or injury with inflammation. This triggers other processes like blood clots and cell regeneration to heal the wound quickly.

When you have a lower intake of minerals, especially zinc, you will notice that wounds take a lot of time to heal. This is because the cell turnover is compromised. So, just the formation of the scab may take several days.

This is dangerous as the wounds may become infected easily, leading to other unwanted complications. There are many other signs of vitamin and mineral deficiency. You may not be able to focus on tasks for long periods of time. Your skin also begins to look dull and pale.

If you notice any anomaly in your regular functions, always consult your doctor immediately. Even though you are aware of the common symptoms, do not consume any multivitamin supplement without expert assistance.

You must take into account the chances of chronic, underlying health issues, allergies, and other factors before you use a supplement. With TrueBasics, you have access to a panel of experts online. You may clarify any doubts that you have about the ingredients used and the composition of each supplement before placing your orders.

That way, you only get exactly what your body needs to become the healthiest version of itself.

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