Get On Board: Is Buying a Home On a Residential Cruise Ship For You?

Look out, there’s a new cruise in town – the residential cruise ship. You can actually own a home on board a ship to make travel not just a vacation, but a lifestyle.

The residential cruise ship has been around since the turn of the century when The World by ResidenSea announced itself to, well, the world. This luxury at sea has been reserved for the retired and mega-wealthy until now. However, this is all set to change with newcomers to the scene Storylines, and their maiden ship, MV Narrative.

Storylines aim to make their residences available to a younger generation with prices for their inside studios starting from $350,000, although these are almost sold out. From there, prices go up all the way to $7M+ for a four-bedroom balcony penthouse. 

Who needs a four-bedroom home on a residential cruise ship? A family does. Yes, even families are buying homes onboard the residential cruise ship which comes complete with its own education department and solid WiFi for remote learning. 

Cruise Ship

Technology is driving the trend of living at sea

Internet access for remote learning is just one advancement in technology that is changing the way people study and work. The trend of remote working, or work from anywhere, is becoming more common as communications and collaboration technologies advance.

The term digital nomad has been around for a while now, referring to those location-independent people who can travel around and work from anywhere in the world provided they have a reliable internet connection. 

However, whereas digital nomads have mainly worked remotely from foreign countries, could there be a new trend of living and working at sea while your floating home continually circumnavigates the world? Storylines seem to think so.

They are tailoring the design of their ship, MV Narrative, to such a demographic to include home offices, a business center, private leasable offices, and, of course, high-speed internet. 

The pandemic is also forcing a change in lifestyle

The advancements in remote working technology are not the only factors driving people towards the idea of living on a ship. The global pandemic has forced a lot of people to reassess what they want out of life and work.

As a result, The Great Resignation phenomenon is taking place right before our eyes in the US and is predicted to occur in many other countries including the UK and Australia. 

Many people, particularly younger generations, are demanding greater flexibility and terms of employment after spending much of the previous two years working from home. Some are dissatisfied and are simply looking for a more flexible career change.

One thing is for sure, COVID has forced people to reconsider what is really important to them, and lifestyle seems to be at the core of their thinking.

Whether they have spent more time with their family, or have saved money and stress from not commuting every day, or simply enjoyed being able to take a break and walk around their neighborhood whenever they please; many do not want to return to the way it was before.

Residential Cruise

The future of work and a new way of living

It’s no secret that the way we work is changing. Companies are moving away from the traditional 9-to-5 schedules to more flexible hours, working remotely, and providing work for their employees on the go.

This shift in the workplace is also changing other aspects of our lives. More people are able to balance work and family life, enabling them to spend more time with their families while still being able to provide for themselves financially. The future of work offers a new way of living that is flexible, sustainable, and fulfilling.

Working on a residential cruise ship can also give the adventurous among us the opportunity to experience different cultures while earning money. For people who can do their job remotely, the cruising lifestyle offers a completely different way of living.  

The benefits of working on a residential cruise ship are in seeing many different cultures, enjoying exotic destinations, and spending time with like-minded people.

While the majority of citizens are content with their conventional way of living; the nuclear family in the suburbs with kids enrolled at local schools ~ there are some who yearn for a more adventurous lifestyle. 

A community of global citizens

One condo owner onboard The World residential ship quotes how the onboard community is as appealing as the travel itself. 

“The ship itself is a phenomenon but the community too is amazing; a group of people of all nationalities and age groups who all share a common passion for travel and adventure,” 

~ Anonymous resident of The World

The aforementioned Storylines also have a community of global citizens. As such, the company is attracting buyers that span generations and nationalities; yet all share a common passion for freedom to travel and living authentically as responsible citizens of the world.

Many of their buyers are passionate about not only travel but giving back to the more marginalized and vulnerable communities they visit. Like The World before them, many Storylines residents are keen philanthropists. 

Is the cruise lifestyle for you?

There are several factors to consider whether the world cruise lifestyle and living at sea is for you:

Can you afford it? 

First and foremost you will need to know whether living on a cruise is sustainable for your current financial circumstances. Even though Storylines is making the dream more affordable, there are still ongoing maintenance fees to consider.

Can you work remotely?

Touching on the last question, cruise life will be more sustainable if you can still work and earn an income while at sea. As discussed, thankfully modern residential cruise ship technologies and facilities enable this for digital nomads and remote workers.

Do you love to travel and experience different cultures?

An obvious one but especially important. To enjoy cruise life you need to truly love travel and be open to new experiences, cultures, and environments.

Can you handle being away from loved ones for lengthy periods of time?

Although new technologies allow us to easily communicate with family and friends from the other side of the world, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Many of us have realized this during the pandemic. On a positive note, being a resident means you can bring friends and family on board to join you.

We hope we have provided you with some insight into the latest trend in the travel lifestyle. Bon Voyage! 

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