Where are the Best Places to Book a Danube River Cruise?

The Danube River is the second largest river in Europe meandering through Europe’s most popular cities. These cities hold rich histories, museums, culturally rich markets, world-class dining scenes, River Cruise and much more.

That being the case, The Danube River provides travelers with an opportunity to experience all Europe has to offer while you enjoy the luxurious itineraries offered by Danube River Cruise. One of the itineraries includes Nuremberg, which is situated on the Main-Danube Canal.

For an opportunity to explore stunning places across Europe, consider booking your Danube River cruise in any of the following convenient places. They include:

Scenic River Cruises

Danube River Cruise

 Scenic River Cruises provide in-depth river cruise tours personalized to each of their travelers. They also offer a range of cruise options for all cruise packages. Additionally, they allow travelers to explore with guided tours, port excursions, and additional activities to keep the fun going.

Besides visiting Vienna, the largest city in Austria, they also cruise to Budapest, a city boasting a unique blend of modernity and historic beauty. Favorite Itineraries featured by Scenic river cruises include:

  Budapest to Nuremberg: Explore the gems of the Danube with scenic river cruises. This 8-day package goes for $2,195 and features a private Viennese evening concert at Palais Liechtenstein as well as a tour into Regensburg Old town.

  Amsterdam to Budapest: Explore Europe’s tranquil waterways with an all-inclusive 15-day cruise along the Danube, Main, and the Rhine from magnificent Amsterdam to Budapest.

 Prague to Budapest: For $ 4,895, enjoy the nightlife in Prague as you explore the city before you embark on a 7-day Danube river cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest.

 Viking River cruises

 Viking river cruises are renowned as the largest river cruise line in the world. This cruise line offers an immersive European experience as they cruise through the Danube river.

Their Danube river cruise offer packages that last between 8 to 23 days and cruise between Budapest to Bucharest, Munich to Budapest, Passau to Budapest, Amsterdam to Budapest only to mention a few. Viking river cruises itineraries include Nuremberg; the second-largest city of the German state of Bavaria.

When it comes to accommodation Viking river cruises always impress, their ships have spacious rooms as well as hotel-style beds and luxury bathrooms, and many more. Some of their river cruises include Viking Aegir, Viking Tor, Viking Embla, and many more.

 Uniworld River Cruises

Established in 1976, Uniworld continues to gain popularity due to its luxurious and incredible style. Their ships feature a lower number of travelers compared to other cruise lines.

Additionally, their all-inclusive package ensures travelers have a lifetime experience without having to worry about unforeseen charges popping up along the trip.

Uniworld river cruises offer an 8-day trip from Budapest to Passau, Budapest to Nuremberg, Amsterdam to Nuremberg, and Vienna to Prague.

To ensure you have an amazing experience, Uniworld cruises offer shore and city excursions, personal butlers, Unlimited beverages onboard such as fine wine, spirit, beer, specialty coffee, mineral water, and much more.


Regardless of what river cruise you choose, you are bound to have a memorable experience as you explore and discover all Europe has to offer.

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