Thinking of Relocating to the South? Here Are Cities Worth Checking Out

No matter where you are, there’s so much to love about the south. There’s the charm, great weather, and ever better food, plus mix all that with the famous hospitality and it’s a hard combination to beat.

If you’re someone who’s also fallen in love with the south, you might also be curious about a few cities to relocate to. If that’s the case, keep reading and you’ll be sure to find a place that’s just right for you. You can check Vacations Made Easy when planning your vacation trip.

Asheville, North Carolina


For the nature lovers among us, it’s going to be hard to beat what Asheville can offer. It’s nestled between the Great Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains. Not only will they make for obviously great hikes but also beautiful views while strolling through its lively downtown.

While in the downtown area, besides the stunning views, you’ll also discover a safe, comfortable community brimming with art installations and unforgettable restaurants. Choosing a hotel near restaurants in Asheville ensures you’re always just a short walk away from a meal you’ll love, no matter what time of day you’re looking to eat.

With the beautiful weather, you’re sure to be able to find a wonderful place outside to enjoy a meal you won’t forget.

Birmingham, Alabama

If you’ve always felt Roll Tide in your heart, give in and move to Alabama. Birmingham is a great city if you love craft breweries and friendly folks. Don’t think the benefits of Birmingham end at a craft beer however.

That’s just the start of things. After all, it is the largest city in the state and packed with a lifetime’s worth of amazing sights to see.

From motorsports to more traditional art, there’s a museum for everyone to love. If history is something that’s important to you, you’ll be happy to learn that the Birmingham of yesterday is preserved and lives on in examples such as the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark and the Alabama Theatre.

If this sounds like the place for you, thankfully there’s plenty of Birmingham homes for sale so you’ll be able to grab the right one for you and never look back.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Known by the locals simply as Winston, you might recognize this city’s name from the cigarette brands that are named after it.

While smoking has declined in popularity, don’t think the city is suffering because of it. In fact, many former cigarette factories are being, or have been, converted into apartments and lofts.

Having it ranked as the 46th best city to live in the United States shows that there’s no way in which the area is slowing down.

Today, it’s better known for its colleges. The University of North Carolina School of the Arts itself is known to be one of the best film schools in the world. That is only one example of the strong culture of the city.

Other must-sees include Old Salem Museums & Gardens and Reynolda House Museum of American Art if having strong cultural ties is important when picking your next city.

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