Jhalana Safari Park

Jhalana safari Situated in the core of Jaipur, the safari park is a wildlife area that is popularly known for its leopards.

Set in the foothills of Aravalli hills, the Jhalana Safari Park is one primitive wilderness in itself.

Outside the park, you could see industrial areas of the Jaipur city, which might be the reason why the leopards never stepped outside of the forest and never been reported straying outside the park.

Some Point’s That help you Before visit Jhalana Sfarai Adventure Park

  • Where Is Jhalana Safari Park Located?
  • Jhalana Safari park is Famous for?
  • Opening And Closing Time Of Jhalana Safari Park?
  • Adventures Things To Do in Jhalana safari park?
  • Entry fee Of Jhalana Safari Park?
  • Is Jhalana safari park Is Safe For Visitor?
Jhalana safari park
Jhalana safari park

After the authorities initiated a program called “Jungle safari” inside the park to witness the big cats.

Jhalana safari park price
Jhalana safari park price

A few years ago, the Jhalana safari park mostly known for its bird sightings during monsoons but in recent years, the statistics for the leopard sightings become high which made it difficult for the bird lovers to get a glimpse of the birds.

Soon the bird watchers prompted the authorities to restrict the area via vehicles only.

During wintertime, you can see flamingos, cranes, egrets, dunlins, bar-headed goose and cormorants.

Merging Jhalana leopard park with the twin lake in tour short trip would correctly work like a charm. You can read also Jaipur Zoo.

Attractions Inside the Jhalana Park

Jhalana safari ticket
Jhalana safari ticket

Jungle hare, spotted deer, Hanuman langur, hedgehog, desert fox, Indian palm squirrel, porcupine, desert gerbil.

The park holds pretty good species of birds including Eurasian sparrowhawk, Indian scops owl, golden oriole, Indian Pitta, Indian eagle owl, shikra, nightjar, brown-capped pygmy woodpecker, white, brown fantail and many more.

The park also holds an excellent reptilian record that includes nine species of snakes and two monitor lizard species. You can read also Best Wildlife Experience in India.

You can get the best view from the open gypsy safari.

hyenas in Jhalana safari park
hyenas in Jhalana safari park

Best Time to Visit Jhalana Safari

During summer would be the best time and November to March is also the right weather to visit the Jhalana safari park. You can read also Best Wildlife Places in India.

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Jhalana Safari Charges

Safari DetailsNo. of PersonsIndianForeigner
Gypsy Safari
(6 Visitors+1 Driver)
(6 Visitors
+1 Driver)

Rs 4500/- Gypsy

Rs 5500/- Gypsy
Gypsy Safari
(6 Visitors
+1 Guide+1 Driver)
Rs 5500/- GypsyRs 6500/- Gypsy
jhalana forest jaipur

Jhalana Safari Timings

Opens to all Days

SeasonsMorning HourEvening Hour
Summer5:45 AM to 8:15 AM4:45 PM to 7:15 PM
Winter6:15 AM to 8:45 AM3:30 PM to 6:15 PM

Jhalana Safari Location

You change check map here Jhalana safari location

  • Book Jhalana Safari online: +91-9251767675

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