Jaipur Zoo | What to See, Timings, Entry Fee, Location, View Animals.

Jaipur Zoological Garden is the best zoo in Jaipur, Pink City, Rajasthan. It is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world. Zoo visitors can see wild animals like tigers, lions, deer, bears, monkeys, and many types of birds and reptiles. There is also a big green garden here. Jaipur Zoo also organises educational programs and activities for children to learn about wildlife conservation. Below, we have shared more information about Jaipur Zoo. 

Jaipur Zoo Information: 

Timings 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Sun-Sat)
Tuesday Closed 
Address Museum Rd, Ram Niwas Garden, Kailash Puri, Bagh, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Contact number 0141 282 2863
Hours need to visit2 to 3 Hours 
Best timeOctober to March 
Things to doExploring, Videography, Photography and learning 
How to reachBy Bus,taxi, or an auto-rickshaw 
Estimate ticket prices30 Rs. – 200 Rs. 

Ticket Price of Jaipur Zoo: 

Category Price
Adults (Indian)INR 60/-
Children (Indian, 5 -12 years)INR 30/-
Foreigners $5 (Around INR 400)
Entry for vehiclesBike: INR 15/- Cars: INR 50/- Or Buses: INR 200/-
Camera FeeCamera: INR 50/- Or Video Camera: INR 100/-

Facilities Available At Jaipur Zoo:

  • Restroom
  • Seating Area
  • Information Board
  • Parking Facilities
  • Food stalls outside Zoo
  • Museum
  • Food court
  • Shops
  • Drinking water
  • Battery power vehicles
  • Zoo Education Centre
  • Picnic Spots
  • First aid
  • Ticket counters

Jaipur Zoo History:

In 1867, the Maharaja of Jaipur used the Jaipur Zoo for a private animal collection. This included tigers, leopards, and many types of birds, which were given as gifts to the royal family of Jaipur. In 1963, this animal collection was publicly opened and became Jaipur Zoo. 

Best Time To Visit Jaipur Zoo:

The best time to visit Jaipur Zoo is during the winter months, from October to March. At this time, the weather in Jaipur has become comfortable and perfect for exploring the city and its attractions. Morning is the best time to visit Zoological Park Jaipur because the animals are more active, and the crowd is smaller. 

panther in jaipur zoo
Chidiya Ghar Images

Places to visit near Jaipur Zoo:

Jaipur offers a variety of tourist attractions that attract many people from different cities and states. Below are some of the famous tourist attractions that you can visit if you are in Jaipur: 

  • Albert Hall Museum
  • Galtaji Temple
  • Central Park (Ram Niwas Garden)
  • Naharagarh Fort

How to Reach Jaipur Zoo:

  • By Air: You have to take a flight from your nearby location to Jaipur International Airport, and from there, you can take a taxi, an auto rickshaw or a local bus to reach the Jaipur Zoo. 
  • By Train: You have to take a train from your location to the Jaipur junction, and from there, you can take a taxi, rickshaw, or a local bus to reach the Jaipur Zoo. 
  • By Bus: You must take a bus from your location to the Jaipur bus stand in Sindhi Camp. From there, you can take a taxi or auto rickshaw to the Jaipur Zoo. 
Deer in jaipur zoo
Chidiya Ghar photos

Jaipur Zoo: Major Attractions:  

Below are some of the attractions of the Jaipur Zoo that attract several tourists and locals. These attractions are perfect and attract people to visit the zoo.     

  • Tiger Safari
  • Beer Rescue Center
  • Reptile House
  • Aviary
  • Elephant Joy Ride
  • Butterfly Park
  • White Tiger Enclosure
  • Nocturnal Animal House
  • Lake and Boating
  • Giraffe and Zebra enclosures 

Jaipur Zoo’s Animals List:

Animal List Bird List Reptiles List
LionPeacockIndian rock python
Tiger EmuIndian cobra
LeopardPelican King Cobra
Black PantherOwl Rat Snake
Fox ParrotCommon Krait
Hyena DuckRusell’s Viper
Jackal White Ibis Indian garden lizard
Indian CivetGuinea HenBengal monitor lizard 
WolfTeeterGecko Lizards
BaboonPink Flamingo Mugger crocodile
Black Beer CraneGhariyal 
MonkeyVulture Indian star tortoise
Wild BoarPheasant Red-eared slider Turtle
Himalayan Bear Painted and White StorkIndian flap shell Turtle
Sambar, Hog, Chital, Barking DeerCockatooIndian chameleon
Gharial and Crocodile BudgerigarSkins
Indian Python Goose A Gama lizards 

Things To Know Before Visiting Jaipur Zoo:

Below are some of the important things to know before visiting the Jaipur Zoo; this information is beneficial when you visit the Jaipur Zoo always keeps in your mind:

  • Timings: The Jaipur Zoo visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Entry fees: We mention the entry fees above. You can check the table to get information. 
  • Dress code: Always wear simple clothes and shoes. 
  • Prohibited items: Don’t carry plastic bags, pets, or harmful/sharp objects inside the zoo. 

Top Hotels Near Jaipur Zoo:

  • Lords Plaza Jaipur
  • Hotel Jai Singh Palace
  • Jaipur The Lodge B and B
  • Hotel golden heritage
  • Hotel Heritage heights
  • Hotel sukhvilas Jaipur
  • Hotel tourist in Jaipur City centre
  • At home in the lodge
  • Jaipur Hotel New – A Heritage Hotel
  • Hotel Apex intercontinental
  • Pink elephant haveli jaipur


Jaipur Zoo to Nahargarh distance.

The zoo is almost 15 km from Nahargarh Fort and takes approximately 38 minutes to reach there.

How many animals are there in the Zoo Jaipur?

There are over 300 animals in the Zoo.

What kind of animals can I see at the Jaipur Zoo?

You can see various animals at the Zoo, including tigers, lions, leopards, bears, elephants, and more.

Can I take pictures of the animals?

Yes, you can take pictures of the animals at the Zoo.

How much does it cost to enter the Jaipur Zoo?

The Jaipur Zoo entry fee for the Zoo is Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 25 for children.

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