How Do I Get FaZe Rug Hair With Hairpieces?

Meet the YouTube sensation taking the internet by storm: Brian Rafat Awadis, aka the only FaZe Rug! Remember his look? His typical curly short hair on top, with #4 around the sides and back.

Let’s call it FaZe Rug hair. This dude’s got it all: his vlogs cover every aspect of life with a laugh factor. He also runs a gaming channel with videos that’ll leave your thumbs tingling with jealousy.

Remember his pranks? That’s how the guy stole most of his fans for his FaZe Clan!

If you’re new to Vlogs and YouTube, it’s high time you got acquainted with this YouTube celebrity. Buckle up as I take you through some of his unforgettable milestones that have brought us to this very moment:

  1. YouTube Subscriber Count: By mid-2023, FaZe Rug’s YouTube journey will have led him to gather an impressive fanbase of over 24 million subscribers. His rise to prominence was solidified through his association with the FaZe Clan, a widely recognized esports and entertainment organization.
  2. Viral Videos: He has produced several viral videos that garnered millions of views, helping him gain a wider audience.
  3. Collaborations: FaZe Rug has collaborated with various other YouTubers, celebrities, and members of the FaZe Clan, which has helped increase his visibility and popularity.
  4. Charitable Initiatives: Like many other YouTubers, FaZe Rug has been involved in philanthropic initiatives and used his platforms to raise awareness and funds for various causes.
  5. Merchandise: FaZe Rug has also ventured into sales. Watch his YouTube videos. You’ll frequently see him brandishing a new product in front of the camera for a few seconds. Indeed, some of his fans will buy.
  6. Social Media Following: Besides YouTube, FaZe Rug has a strong presence on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
  7. Influence and Popularity: FaZe Rug’s influence is reflected in his large and engaged fan base, which includes followers not only on YouTube but also on his other social media accounts.

If you’re up for some FaZe Rug adventures, find his official YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button. That way, you won’t miss a beat—or a prank—and be in the front row for all the freshest content as it drops. Happy watching!

FaZe Rug and His Famous FaZe Rug Tunnel!

I have no idea what spell that teen with curly Hair and a sassy side is weaving into the online world. Remember that spooky tunnel in San Diego? The tunnel is just a run-of-the-mill public drainpipe in a street park jazzed up with graffiti art. Spine-chilling sounds were heard at night, adding to the eerie vibes.

But wait for the twist: Enter FaZe Rug and his fearless squad, armed with their radio-detecting gadgets and a camera-touting remote-control car. After visiting it a few times, people started calling it “FaZe Rug Tunnel.” And you know what? The tunnel is now on IMDB!

It’s like the tunnel got a VIP upgrade, and now it’s strutting its stuff with a new name and all. Mention the “haunted tunnel,” and trust Google to serve up “FaZe Rug Tunnel” results faster than you can say abracadabra!

Let’s Dive into FaZe Rug Hairstyles!

Some fans (referred to by Faze Rug as Rugrets) know very well that FaZe Rug cares about his Hair. Want to look fantastic and pull off that iconic FaZe Rug look, complete with his unmistakable FaZe Rug Hair? A few FaZe Rug epistles were about him making haircuts. And one thing to remember is that Rug never likes fades.

Oh, let’s talk about the FaZe Rug hair game! The typical FaZe Rug hairstyle combines gaming prowess with ultimate coolness. Picture this: a slick fade on the sides that’s sharper than his gaming reflexes, giving his look that “I mean business” edge.

But wait, there’s more! It’s all about that carefree tousle—like FaZe Rug just got out of an epic gaming session, and his hair decided to join the action. It’s like the perfect combo of “I’m here to win” and “I’m too cool to care.” FaZe Rug doesn’t just conquer YouTube; he dominates the hair game with his unique and lively style!

Wanna Sport His Famous FaZe Rug Hair With Hairpieces?

If you’re craving that FaZe Rug charisma and aiming to channel some severe Rug vibes, here’s the scoop: The transformation begins at the top. Believe it or not, nailing his signature hairstyle takes you halfway to capturing his essence. So, let’s kick things off with the hair makeover:

By the way, it’s easy-peasy with the help of men’s hairpieces and wigs. New Times Hair specializes in crafting premium hairpieces that use the finest human Hair, ensuring a flawless blend that’s nothing short of perfection. If you’re ready to channel your inner FaZe Rug, these are the folks to check out!

1. FaZe Rug Hair: Short, Fading Around Sides and Back

In one of FaZe Rug’s epic vids, he spilled the beans (Rug fans better remember that) that short hair ain’t his groove. And fades? Yeah, not his thing, either. But hey, peer pressure works its magic, right? So he takes one for the team—all in the name of a good laugh.

Cue the showdown: a thrifty $10 haircut versus the high-rolling $100 haircut. Who’s in the ring? None other than Rug and his squad are ready for action.

FaZe Rug Haircut: The Worse-Rated Salon

Now, they swagger into the worst-rated salon, and surprise! It’s looking surprisingly decent. Neat chairs, primo hair gear—you’d never guess it’s the town’s worst just by looking.

Enter the hair whisperer, a middle-aged female barber. Rug (He prefers Rug to FaZe) asked: a number 3 on the sides. Easy. Not so fast.

Amid Rug’s jokes with his buddy Sherman, the hair magician strikes. Oopsie daisy! A hole appears around the left temple. Crisis mode: engage. The solution? Quick thinking. Those sides morph into a slick number 1, and Rug’s none the wiser. Oh, the sneaky maneuvers for that flawless front!

Faze Rug Haircut: What a $ 100 Haircut Can Offer

So, they were executing their grand plan with $100 haircuts on the menu. Taking their seats, the initial moments seemed relatively uneventful. Except for one thing: those haircuts were tighter than a drum. Now, Rug, we know fades aren’t your cup of tea, but this time, you must ride the fade wave till fresh hair comes crashing in.

Let’s be honest—this wasn’t some fancy-pants haircut extravaganza. No bells, no whistles. Just clean cuts. Yet, the way it was executed, you’d think it was a masterpiece personally crafted for the legendary FaZe Rug himself.

But wait, there’s more! Post-haircut, FaZe Rug was treated to a facial mask, and yeah, you heard it right, some nose hair waxing and blackhead extraction. Talk about the royal treatment! Rug was digging it, feeling like a brand-new man. It’s not just a haircut when it’s worth a hundred bucks, right?

V-Loop Hair System With a Skin Base

Keen on trying FaZe Rug’s haircut? There’s nothing fancy about the haircut itself. It’s about experiencing what he experienced. People, especially fans, like it this way. Agreed? You know what? A haircut like his is a piece of cake when wearing hairpieces, especially if you lack hair volume and length or if your hair is thinning on the top of your head for some reason.

This V-loop hair system has 100% premium human hair, with over 40 colors available. Surely one will suit you. It doesn’t go anywhere when attached with glue or tape, and the base will melt into the scalp. No one can tell you are wearing a hairpiece.

The hair is v-looped to the base and is absolutely knotless. After the attachment, your stylist will cut and style it however you like. He’ll curl it for you if you want curls like Rug’s. No worries.

2. Faze Rug Dyed His Hair Blonde

In this video, Rug has his hair dyed ombre blonde. Does he like it? I don’t know, but indeed, his fans do. He does everything for his fans. After dyeing his hair, he first went to visit his parents.

Both his parents are surprised, and so is his dog. His mom is in love with the hair color.

He can’t wait to show it off to his fans as if he got approval from his parents.

His mom’s beyond impressed and keeps referring to him as a superstar from some flick, though the exact title seems to play hide-and-seek in her memory. By the end of the video, he says this hair color reminds him of Justin Bieber.

What If Fans Always Want Rug’s Hair Dyed?

Why the concern? Well, diving into frequent hair dyeing can take a toll not only on his locks but also on his overall well-being. It’s like chasing a rainbow—new hair growth is just unstoppable. So, if you’re not up for playing hide and seek with regrowth, you’re locked into a never-ending cycle of root touchups.

But wait, there’s a clever twist in the plot: try hairpieces, the unsung heroes of long-term hair coloring plans. These hairpieces come armed with tape or glue for attachment, basically like treating your scalp to a spa day—completely harmless. Over 99% of users are living their best hair life without any allergic reactions to the base.

And that’s not all—if you’re aiming for maximum comfort and a dash of realism, lace hair systems are your golden ticket. So there you have it, the magic formula for maintaining hair that’s as stunning as healthy.

Full Swiss Lace Hair System by New Times Hair

Want to be like FaZe Rug and keep your hair dyed? Try this Swiss lace hair system by New Times Hair. The entire base is made of Swiss lace. Swiss lace is the finest lace material. When attached, it renders itself colorless against the scalp and grants the most authentic and natural look. Plus, it is the most breathable hair system, soft and comfortable.

Now, let’s talk longevity. This hair system is here for the long haul, lasting around 3 to 6 months. But remember, life’s a journey, and so is hair upkeep. Every 4 to 6 weeks, the combo of sweating and new growth might give your hairpiece a gentle nudge, causing it to loosen up and maybe even start peeling.

No worries, though! When this little shimmy happens, simply return to your trusty stylist for a touchup or get the hairpiece washed, maintained, and reattached. It’s all part of the hairpiece adventure!

3. FaZe Rug Talking About Moving to LA With a New Hairstyle

You’ve got it down pat: FaZe Rug’s ultimate go-to hairstyle. Remember? Fades? Not his thing. It features a number 4 buzz around the sides, while it’s long, curly black hair up top. And the icing on the cake? Those vibrant highlights add a touch of magic.

Now, brace yourself for the kicker. Armed with this unbeatable style, he’s journeying to LA for a rendezvous with new friends and fresh adventures. But here’s the twist: FaZe confirms that this isn’t just a fleeting fancy – it’s his all-time favorite, a look he’s likely to rock for the long haul.

Monofilament Hair System for a Lasting FaZe Rug Look

These monofilament hair systems by New Times Hair have the most robust base and are known for their long-lasting lifespan. Their strong base can easily carry high-density hair like FaZe Rug’s hair.

The base has a strong structure, with a PU perimeter that strengthens the base, and it is easy to apply tape or glue. It also has a lace front to give a super realistic-looking front hairline.


FaZe Rug is a sensation on YouTube with his charismatic vlogs and gaming prowess. His journey is a rollercoaster of fame, from viral pranks to philanthropic initiatives. His signature hairstyle, FaZe Rug hair, blending coolness with edge, has become iconic.

And if you’re eager to emulate his look, premium hairpieces by New Times Hair offer the key. These hair systems provide a realistic touch, whether short and sleek or dyed ombre blonde. So, if you’re ready to rock the FaZe Rug charm, step into his shoes with style!

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