5 Enchanting Elixirs to Add to Your Skincare Routine this Halloween Season

Double double, oil and stubble, razor burn and a rash that bubbles. You had really, truly hoped that, without all the sweat and sunburns, your skin was going to do better after the summer.

Now, as the leaves start to turn, your skin does too, revealing whole new shades of red, brown, and gold. Suddenly, you’re beset with an entirely different set of seasonal skin problems, like irritation, dry patches, eczema.

Thankfully, there’s something brewing out there for every type of spot, blemish, or scar. And autumn is a great time to mix up your routine and try something new for a change.

If you’re looking for ethereally glowing skin this fall season, look no further than these five enchanting ingredients. They might sound like they belong in a boiling cauldron, but they could do spell-like wonders for your complexion.

1. Spooktacular Spot Treatments

Dark patches and spots, like those caused by melasma, tend to flare up when your skin is exposed to a lot of heat and sunlight. Many people notice that their hyperpigmentation spots get lighter as the seasons change and the weather cools down.

Still, cold, dry air — and scratching itchy skin — can lead some folks’ hyperpigmentation to get even worse in the fall.

Whatever the case may be, there are many effective ingredients on the market to make your dark spots vanish like ghosts. These include hydroquinone, tretinoin, azelaic acid, and corticosteroids — powerful medicines that can make spots fade away almost as if by magic.

All four are available as topical creams — and you can get them online almost as fast as you can say “Abracadabra.”

2. Witchy Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural remedy that has been used in folk medicines and by Native Americans for centuries. It is traditionally made from the leaves, bark, and twigs of North American witch hazel plants.

There’s nothing supernatural about the way that witch hazel works. It’s just an astringent — a chemical that can shrink tissues, and help shrink and clear oil from your pores.

Witch hazel has been used over the years to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. These include everything from burns to acne to stretch marks to all kinds of irritation and inflammation.

In some people with certain conditions, however, witch hazel can actually cause symptoms to get worse. If your skin starts to get tingly, witch hazel probably isn’t working its charm, but instead causing a minor reaction.

3. Snake Venom Peptides

Snake skin, blood, fangs, and venom are classic elements in stories of witchcraft, folklore, and spellcasting. In American folk magic, snakes are particularly well-known for causing death or harm to a practitioner’s intended victim.

Fortunately, used in skincare treatments, peptides and proteins extracted from snake venom — and their synthetic counterparts — are generally safe.

Like botox, snake venom peptides work by inhibiting muscle activity and causing muscles to contract. In anti-aging products, this makes them effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Snake venom peptides probably can’t be used to hex you, especially in their bottled form. But be careful: they can cause redness, itching, or stinging for some individuals.

4. Slimy Snail Mucin

In modern times, the term “snail trail” has a more overtly, err.… lustful … meaning. But in some old Irish and Tuscan legends, the slimy tracks left behind by snails were said to reveal crushes and predict affairs.

Snail mucin, an ingredient made from this substance, can’t exactly divine who’s crushing on you. But it can give you a dewy glow that could help attract your next lover.

Snail mucin is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines, promote healing, and hydrate the skin. It may boost collagen production, reduce irritation, and protect the skin from damage as well.

It contains trace minerals like zinc and manganese and vitamins A and E, which are all beneficial to the skin. Best of all, it’s less likely than some other products to cause side effects — besides a bit of sliminess.

5. Dragon’s Blood

Sorry to disappoint, but dragon’s blood isn’t actually made from real blood — from fire-breathing creatures or even Komodos. It’s actually just the resin oil derived from a South American tree called a dragon tree.

The bright red oil has long been used in traditional Chinese and South American medicine as a painkiller and wound healing agent.

In skincare, dragon’s blood can have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. It can help prevent and heal acne, and even reduce the appearance of associated scarring.

Dragon’s blood may also prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming on the skin. Beyond its skincare properties, dragon’s blood may also be an effective remedy for certain gastrointestinal and circulatory issues.

Eye of Newt

Just kidding! Eye of newt is one potent potion ingredient that — hopefully — won’t be showing up in any creams or serums soon. Though, with the breadth of natural medicinal ingredients making their way into modern skincare products lately, it doesn’t seem impossible.

At least for now, you’re probably safe from having to rub amphibious eyeballs on your face.

Still, there’s a world of (slightly) less icky ancient remedies that could work miracles for your skin. With research now supporting many of their benefits, it’s worth exploring even some of the funkiest sounding possibilities out there.

So break out the snail slime, tree bark, and faux lizard blood, and get your Halloween game face on.

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