Dangerous Areas To Travel! You May Need Protection From Wildlife

Dangerous Areas To Travel

Dangerous Areas To Travel, The world can be a scary place. Albeit traveling can become an enjoyable experience, going to territories where wild animals live might become a frightening experience.

Still, you might challenge yourself by going to these areas. It’s essential to know about the places with dangerous wildlife so you can buy protection beforehand.

Dangerous Areas To Travel

Here are four dangerous regions around the world where you may need extra security. You can read also Best Wildlife Places in India.

East Africa

East Africa Dangerous Areas To Travel

Dangerous Areas To Travel, You might consider traveling to Zimbabwe or Mozambique when it’s cold in your country. The hot weather in East Africa might be ideal for getting out of the cold, biting winds.

Still, you may need to prepare yourself as you shouldn’t only worry about the hot weather in this area. You can read also Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur.

East Africa is home to a broad range of snakes. There might also be a heavy concentration of these reptiles in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

East Africa Dangerous Areas To Travel

Travel to specific areas in this region of the African continent, and you might come face-to-face with the Black Mamba. Many people consider this snake as one of the most aggressive and venomous reptiles on the planet.

The Black Mamba has a length that’s longer than the height of an average human being. It even moves quicker than many marathon runners on the planet. You can read also The Haunted Palace in Egypt: Baron Empain Palace.

It’s best not to provoke this reptile as they might attack when threatened. You’ll know when this snake feels that way if it starts to raise its head and spreads its neck-flap.

East Africa Dangerous Areas To Travel

If you want to be extra careful, you might consider bringing extra protection during your trip to East Africa. You can read also the Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

For example, you may bring a trusty airsoft gun to try and scare off these dangerous animals when they get too close for comfort.

Make sure to research the local laws regarding the bringing of airsoft guns in wildlife areas. It might not be allowed in specific nature reserves.

However, particular laws might allow you to bring an airsoft pistol in significantly perilous African wildlife habitats. You can read also the Castle of Good Hope.

Northern South America

Northern South America Dangerous Areas To Travel

Dangerous Areas To Travel, Many beautiful places await you when you visit South America. For instance, you may book one of your vacations in Brazil to visit the Surreal Brazilian Park.

Here, you’ll see sweeping images of white dunes akin to waves on a beach. But, you may not only see beautiful tourist spots in the northern areas of South America.

If you’re not vigilant, you might come across wildlife that may pose a threat to your life. You can read also the First Marijuana Restaurant in the United States.

Northern South America Dangerous Areas To Travel

For instance, treks in the rain forests along the coast of Colombia may greet you with different species of animals. This location is also home to an amphibian called the Golden Poison Dart Frog.

Don’t let its bright yellow colors fool you. One dart of its poison kills an adult human being. Furthermore, it doesn’t require a lot of poison to kill a human being. You can read also Things to do While Visiting Chicago.

The amount of poison this frog can shoot at you, like a blow dart (hence its name), is roughly the size of a pin’s head. Even if this amphibian doesn’t shoot the poison at you, touching its skin may also provide the same effect.

Northern South America Dangerous Areas To Travel

So, it might be best to wear extra layers of clothing when visiting these areas around Northern South America.

Also, wear thick gloves if you can’t satiate your curiosity in touching a Golden Poison Dart Frog. You can read also Top Visiting Places in Thailand.


Australia  Dangerous Areas To Travel

Dangerous Areas To Travel, The “Land Down Under” is the home of many species of animals. Many individuals might also equate Australia with kangaroos and wallabies. Also, you might encounter other animals such as crocodiles and great white sharks.

Additionally, you might wake up one morning to see giant spiders the size of a ceiling fan. These insects may even be on your ceiling as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Certain spider species may not pose a threat to your health or life. But, you might also encounter the Sydney Funnel-Web Spider. You can read also Mysterious Places in Australia.

This spider uses its venom as a defensive tool when provoked. So, if you see this insect in your house, it might be best not to touch or go near it. Otherwise, it might ready itself for an attack.

Another animal you need to watch out while staying in Australia is the Box Jellyfish. Many individuals label this as one of the most lethal creatures known to humankind. You can read also the Unsolved Mystery of The Taos Hum.

This jellyfish already made headlines stating it kills people with its sting. It can kill a grown person as soon as its venom penetrates the body’s bloodstream and nerves in a matter of minutes.

So, stay away from beaches and bodies of water where there are sightings of Box Jellyfishes. Check for signs in shores and coasts. You can read also the Ararat Lunatic Asylum

If you want to observe these beautiful yet deadly creatures, it might be best to do so with the right protective equipment.


India  Dangerous Areas To Travel

Dangerous Areas To Travel, India is home to a rich culture and several tourist destinations. But, you might consider wearing extra protection if you want to visit the country’s nature reserves. This South Asian country is also home to different species of venomous snakes.

For example, there’s the Indian Krait. Its venom may cause paralysis and suffocation. Albeit its poisonous bite isn’t lethal, you can still feel pain after getting bitten. You can read also Best Snow Places in India.

The length of this snake also scares many people, which might include you. It may reach an average length of 5 feet and 9 inches (175 centimeters). If this isn’t scary enough, take note that this snake also crawls inside people’s homes.

India  Dangerous Areas To Travel

Aside from snakes, India is also home to the majestic Bengal Tiger. This feline expresses its magnificence while walking around different Indian regions.

While you might become enamored by its presence, it might also become a life-threatening experience if you encounter this animal during one of your tours. You can read also the Famous Tea Garden in India.

India  Dangerous Areas To Travel

This tiger may run at speeds faster than many human beings. So, running along a straight path in an open field while this large cat is chasing spells disaster.

Ask Indian locals if there are sightings of Bengal Tigers in the area near your lodgings to help you plan for your trip. You can read also Best Things to Do In Manali.

India  Dangerous Areas To Travel

Also, tigers may not be your only problem while visiting the beautiful lands of India. There are also sightings of leopards on the prowl as these felines hunt for their prey in Indian forests.

Watch out for any findings of man-eating leopards near your lodgings, especially if there are forests nearby. Leopards find humans as easy prey since many people tend to be slow runners. You can read also Best Indian Food for Travellers.


Dangerous Areas To Travel

Dangerous Areas To Travel, The places mentioned above aren’t the only areas in the world with dangerous wildlife. Other locations for you to consider bringing extra protection may include the Sahara Desert, Death Valley, and the Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand.

Make sure you research about the animals living in the places that you might interest you for your next travel destination. Don’t get caught empty-handed when nature’s predators begin to strike.

Humans may be at the apex of the predator pyramid on this Earth, but it doesn’t mean you should travel unprepared when visiting specific regions. You can read also Top Tourist Destination in India.

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