The Haunted Palace in Egypt: Baron Empain Palace

Baron Empain Palace

Without any question, the Baron Empain Palace is unlike any other building in Cairo. No one can see any other building like this palace in the entire Egypt.

You automatically get captivated by the design of this palace when from the very minute you keep your eyes on it.

The palace of Baron Empain is better known as Le Palais Hindu. It is The Hindu palace.

The castle, Baron Empain, is a distinctive and historic Indian mansion in the suburb northeast of Central Cairo, Egypt.

This palace got designed by Alexandre Marcel, a French architect, and Georges-Louis Claude decorated this palace. Baron Empain Palace got built between the years 1907 and 1911.

Palace of Baron Empain, The Man, His City, and His Palace

Baron Empain Palace
Baron Empain Palace

Some Roman Emperors and some of the Great Pharaohs might have built up the cities in Baron Empain. Certainly not in recent times; it gets read that a single man was building the entire town.

It was what exactly Edouard Empain, a Belgian businessman, did during the early 20th century.

He has rapidly gained a reputation for his excellent work in building rail transport systems. The company over his name has already established a presence on three continents.

One of his company’s achievements was the Paris Metro, which was built in 1897.

After this achievement, he got the title of Baron, which was bestowed on him by the King of Belgium.

His company was also active in India. When he visited India, he fell in love with Hindu architecture.

In 1906, when he returned to Egypt, he set up another company named the Cairo Electric Railway.

Baron Empain Palace entrance free
Baron Empain Palace entrance free

After setting up this company, he purchased 25 square kilometres of desert dunes from the British, who were still ruling Egypt.

He bought this place to turn it into a beautiful French-style urban oasis with luxurious Islamic-inspired buildings.

After seven years of it, he fulfilled his dream. He set up a beautiful city like no other city in the world.

Moreover, the Baron Empain Palace got built at its core with an abundance of beautiful relief work.

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It is also believed that the palace’s iconic tower can rotate once so that The Baron Empain Palace can enjoy 360-degree views of the entire city that Empain has created.

When his family started living in the palace, soon his sister fell to death from the tower window. Moreover, later, his daughter was found to have died inside the castle.

Usually, it is said that her daughter died because she committed suicide because of the physical disabilities she was wearing since her birth.

Baron Empain Palace original color
Baron Empain Palace’s original colour

After the death of the baron in the year 1929, his palace was inherited by Baron’s son and, after that, his grandson.

In the year 1957, his grandson decided to sell this palace at auction, and a group of investors bought the castle. The group of investors was from Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, they failed to maintain that palace, and it fell into disrepair. After many years, the Egyptian government repurchased it in the year 2005.

It was hoped that the authorities would repair the palace. After two months of being open to the public, the castle was closed without any explanation.

Baron Empain Palace Haunted

There is no shortage of such stories about the Baron Empain Palace. Many local taxi drivers tell you about the haunted Baron Empain Palace.

Many others will tell you that the devil worshippers go there daily to pray and indulge in orgies.

Baron Empain Palace wedding
Baron Empain Palace wedding

According to some people, the tower of the Palace lost its ability to rotate at 360 degrees after the death of the Baron’s wife.

The reason behind it is that Baron was very busy playing with the tower that he could not see her wife falling and was unable to rescue her. So her spirit has jammed the tower in the act of revenge.

Baron Empain Palace eygpt
Baron Empain Palace Eygpt

People also speak a lot about the death of his daughter. Some people say that she died because of her physical disabilities.

He treated her harshly and kept her prisoner in the basement. What do you think? Does Baron is responsible for her daughter’s death?

People do not know much about what happened to all of them and who was responsible for all this, but one thing always remains sure “This palace will continue to be haunted the place and will haunt people after 100 years”.

Baron Empain Palace Egypt

Baron Empain Palace picture
Baron Empain Palace picture

Recently, the authorities have decided to renovate and restore this palace, an incredible piece of Egypt’s history.

Nobody exactly knows when this palace is going to open to the public. There are already green gardens on the grounds of the Palace.

Even after a long time, the Baron Empain Palace is still a recent creation for Egypt. This palace is perfect for tourist attractions.

The Baron Empain Palace is a strikingly beautiful building, and there is genuinely a remarkable history behind the Palace.

Today, the palace stands empty amidst the upheavals of the Arab Spring. The castle attracts only superstition, rumour, and the camera lenses of the passing tourists.

Baron Empain Palace restoration
Baron Empain Palace restoration

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