The Mystery of the MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars, Scotland

MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars

Are you planning to visit a new place? Here we are with an adventurous and supernatural tour to MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars.

The site has many hidden stories associated with which one would not be aware. However, I am here to explain to you my experience in the area.

Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars is a Graveyard which is well-documented Poltergeist activity in the whole world. The place has become famous as the liar of the paranormal entity.

The tomb locates behind the high walls and locked gates of an area primarily known as Covenanter’s Prison.

The Graveyard is admitting to having a small soft spot for Mackenzie. It is the site for the most bloody religious persecutions of the 17th century.

Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars

MacKenzie Poltergeist  in Greyfriars
MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars

It is a graveyard that surrounds Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland. The place locates on the southern edge of the Old Town that is adjacent to George Heriots School.

People are always seen talking about this place to be haunted, and many others tell it to be adventurous.

People believe in their supernatural stories, but most of them are unfamiliar with them. Moreover, the tomb has even got the name of “Black Mausoleum due to all these.”

Mackenzie Poltergeist Injuries

Well, I went to the place to have the experience of the ghost in that area. Many people have explained their stories with people through social media.

I went through the old town streets, and the guide was telling the tales of murder that took place in the area.

bloody mackenzie head
bloody mackenzie head

I ended up with the gated off section of the tomb with one row of small mausoleums on each side and one path which moved down the middle.

A group of Presbyterians came to have the right practice of the religion, but they lost, and then 1200 were taken to the part of Greyfriars cemetery.

They died because of starvation, and Lord Advocate George.
Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars had practiced the violent methods, and it gave him the name “Bloody Mackenzie.”

Mackenzie Poltergeist Attacks

MacKenzie Poltergeist  in Greyfriars facts
MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars facts

It is the short story of two boys which I came to know from my guide. He explained to me the time of 2004 of the two teenage boys.

They cut down the head off of the corpse of Mackenzie. They used the skull as the soccer ball.

Moreover, now the area has been cursed. Since that time, the
Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars has been responsible for more than 500 attacks on the people.

Many have been receiving bruises and scratches. Many others have even passed out because of fear and assaults. Also, people say that someone has watched them.


Bloody Mackenzie Poltergeist

It was all because of crimes that George Mackenzie committed as he wanted to enforce his religion to other people.

People had significant opposition to this practice by King Charles II. He appointed an advocate George Mackenzie to make people accept the faith.

Moreover, thus it leads to a violent war in the 17th century. Many people were sent to prison to Greyfriars Kirkyard.

Many died due to starvation, and these practices got the advocate named as Bloody Mackenzie.

Ghost Hunters Mackenzie Poltergeist

MacKenzie Poltergeist  in Greyfriars photos
MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars photos

I have witnessed many people who got under the mysterious stories happenings, many have even emerged inside the prison, and others have developed scratches, burns, and broken bones.

It led to long-dead prisoners and violent oppressors. In the daytime, the lace is much beauty to have a good experience, but few could bear the situation during night time. Many even lost their lives.

Mackenzie Poltergeist Exorcist

My guide explained the tale of the year 200. An exorcist and the minister, Colin Grant, performed the exorcism ceremony in the graveyard.

MacKenzie Poltergeist  images
MacKenzie Poltergeist images

Moreover, the guide explained that he overcame surrounded by many tormented souls and the evil spirits who were trying to break through the mortal realm.

Moreover, then the exorcist left the place quickly in fear. He explained that evil was much power to overcome. However, after a few weeks, Colin met with a sudden heart attack death.

Mackenzie Poltergeist Most Haunted

Because of the snatchers, dogs, violent ghosts, the place has turned to be the most haunted graveyard in the world.

Due to the ghost practices at the site during the night time, the area has become to attract most of the people.

greyfriars kirkyard
greyfriars kirkyard

Well, I must advise you to visit the place and have experience as others. It led to having a stream of ghost hunters at the site.

Well, many ghost stories revealed that the area has the most aggressive and paranormal practices.

People experienced injuries and scratches when they went to the place during nighttime. Well, many others ran away because of fear. However, the site is quite adventurous to visit once.

Mackenzie Poltergeist Mystery

It is the restless spirit of George MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars. It has become the infamous figure in history who has engaged in merciless oppression of the religious minorities.

It is one among the most famous and malevolent poltergeists of Scotland.

The ghost of an advocate come to bruising, bite, and cuts on the people who come in contact with him.

Many other people believe in having a strange experience of sensation. They believe someone is spying and following them through the whole trip.

greyfriars bobby
greyfriars bobby

Many visitors even feel afraid of going to the place once again. There is news of several death reports at the site.

Some of them die because of fear, while others run away as Colin Grant did after his exorcist practice with the ghost. He ran from the area to save his life from death.

However, the place is best for those who are researching ghost stories like me. They can visit and have new experiences and know their tales to tell everyone.

Ghost Tours is the best experience at that haunted place. I must say you should make at least one visit to the area.  

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